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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Review:

Nice opening segment with Bradshaw trashing Flair. You managed (and continue to) capture the character of JBL quite well and he transitions from arrogant asshole to angry superstar rather smoothly. The insulting of Flair’s title reigns struck a bit close to home and tight walked the line between reality and “shooting” while the talk about Flair’s robes reeked of JBL talking out of his ass; solid job. Hardy coming to attempt to beat down JBL continues the feud and was an acceptable to way to continue the feud until Flair is ready to get involved.

Good work continuing to showcase the impressive tag team division as best as possible. No real shocker to see London and Kendrick pick up the victory since I expect them to be division cornerstones; but the attack by MNM afterward was well done. Nothing overly complicated but effective enough to get some heat on the match with only another episode before the pay-per-view.

The Mr. Kennedy promo was quite a bit confusing. Is he supposed to be quirky or a little slow?? Something definitely didn’t click there with his character.

Not quite a squash - a competitive match but the result was never in doubt. Kid Kash continues to be pushed as a dominant champion. Kash’s promo afterward was a bit generic but it got the message across. Glad to see him getting a bit of air time as well, instead of the top tier guys (Batista, JBL, Orton, etc).

Another solidly in character promo, this time from Randy Orton, joining alongside the opening JBL segment. Orton blackmailing Teddy Long for a title match is a nice way to give him something to do at No Way Out and is definitely an intriguing angle heading into the event. I would assume that Orton is staying put and will shimmy himself into that Mania main event against Batista - but you never know … well, you know, but I don’t.

Loved the segment with Lashley and Heyman. Paul E. just plays the perfect snake, who’s obviously out for himself, but makes a hell of a lot of sense. I expect this to continue until Lashley eventually snaps and crushes Taker, but I’m loving it so far.

Solid enough match but I would’ve liked to see Matt Hardy come off a little more dominant here since he’s heading into a match with a borderline main event superstar in JBL and is facing a nobody quite frankly, but it seems as if OJ might end up being a more important part of the show; No harm, no foul.

Regal = Awesome. Wasn’t a huge fan of the segment (outside of the awesomeness that is William Regal); it was decent for what it was but I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘em. You seem to be really interested in building up a strong tag team division. In my estimation, this match at NWO between the two teams out of the hunt will go a long way in establishing that. 15+ minutes plz.

Kennedy really shouldn’t be going for the cheap pop if he’s going to remain a heel. Something to mull over. Great match up here between Kennedy and Mysterio. I figured that KK wouldn’t win two matches over Mysterio in a row, especially since he seems to be headed into a US Title program with Booker at Mania. The aftermath was solid as well, and leads to believe we may get ourselves a triple threat match for the championship at the PPV.

This segment between Long and Bischoff came off a lot like the segment I did in my thread between Coachman and Stephanie before my No Way Out PPV. Same security break up, same ebb and flow, same bullet points and the same result. Not sure if that’s where the inspiration came from but it was eerily similar.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the contract signing. Batista isn’t known as a spectacular mic worker and Taker’s character doesn’t allow much mobility for promos but you definitely handled this well. Deacon Dave’s intensity fit well with the circumstances arising from last week; might’ve liked to see him go after Taker in retaliation though. Solid closing segment to cap off a solid show.

No Way Out card looks solid and this show did a good job of pushing that, as well as setting up the WrestleMania card a bit. Good job.

for the week of September 28th


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