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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend's Raw Feedback:

I started a review yesterday but what do you know, I lost it! So I'm gonna go over it again, and well enough talk, here ya go.

I liked the opening promo for the most part as Bischoff was in character but once RVD came out, the ending of it seemed rushed and a disaster really. It seems like it just ended out of nowhere to be honest. I know RVD is bland and all on the mic but he could have maybe said just a little bit more.

No surprise to see Helms pick up the win over Eugene and I can see Helms possibly being in a match at WrestleMania, but most likely at this point that's looking to be Money in the Bank. It'd be a nice spot for him but I still think he might need a few more wins as I don't consider Eugene a "big" win.

I liked this promo. It's been done before and I want to say I've seen it done before with Cena but I'm not sure. Either way, it was great for what it was worth and shows you just how serious Cena is about getting back at Michaels.

Hmmm, I liked this next promo too until Spirit Squad came in. A SS/WGTT feud doesn't really intrigue me that much really. Hopefully this doesn't lead into a Benjamin/Haas feud as that has been overdone, but recently it hasn't been. I even did it at my first WM back in my old thread, haha!

Once again, another predictable match finish to see Victoria pick up the win and the ending makes me wonder. I'm thinking we get Trish vs. Victoria at WrestleMania and I think we might see a Mickie heel turn held off until WrestleMania. That'd be a good night to do it if that's the plan.

Best promo of the night. Cena's intensity followed by the ending was great and it's kinda reminding me of his current feud with Orton. Where it's becoming "personal" and all this crap. But um, I couldn't help but laugh when Maria handed Cena the chair and played the guessing game. The way she said it, I could picture her doing it.

Cade and Murdoch get a huge win but mainly, this was of course to continue the Benjamin/Haas storyline. I guess it's going to be a singles match and hopefully you can do something different than all the others. The ending was certainly different to the match, as I can't remember having ever seen anything like that during a match.

Ooo, another nice promo. Reminds me of my Christian segment I did a few months back with the interviewing superstars backstage. Haha. This has the potential to be a nice fued with two great mic workers as I don't think it'll be the prettiest match in the ring but certainly, it should tell a great story between these two vets of the ring.

Decent promo. Both were in character but I don't know why, I didn't like it. Maybe it was too short? I'm not sure but there was just something about it. Triple H alluded to his history with RVD and maybe had he alluded a bit more, it would have gave it a bit more time.

Carlito's Cabana was fun but a few things bothered me. First off the constant dubya' dubye e words bothered me. I saw it a few times and I can't see Carlito saying it like that. Some words were out of place in there but Edge's little outrage and temper tantrum he always throws sounded about right. As for the Stephanie comment, I don't know if that would have made the air!

LONG main event and really, I think it was longer than 20 minutes if you factor in the commercials, as you did take two in between the match. Those are normally 4 a piece, so really it was probably 27-30 minutes long which sounds right considering there was only four matches. Um...no surprise to see Angle retain. Pretty much but all confirms from the ending of the match a RVD/HHH feud heading into 'Mania which I have no problem with and it as hinted at earlier in the night with the Helmsley/Bischoff promo they had earlier.

Overall, I saw a few spelling and grammar mistakes. The main thing was the matches were predictable. Triple H put up a huge fight but I never did think Hunter was gonna beat Angle. As for the others, I knew the winners before they started! But that's ok as sometimes, shows are predictable in order to advance storylines. I'm looking forward to your next show.
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