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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I haven't been a major follower of this thread, I checked out your Royal Rumble and enjoyed it. I'm going to try and get into it from now on. So here is a review for RAW. Bare with me as I don't know much about your major feuds.

RAW Review
Opening Promo:
Great start to the show, definitely. Eric seemed in full character and played his part perfectly. He brings out Trips and Angle. I think both men should have spoke rather than stand there silently. Bischoff introduces the Special Referee and it is none other than Rob Van Dam. I certainly wasn't expecting that. Nice choice. RVD was in character and I look forward to see what part he plays in the main event.

Gregory Helms vs Eugene: When I read the match title I was simply expecting Helms to walk over Eugene in a total squash match but nice to see Eugene get some momentum with two stunners and some other moves in there aswell. In the end Gregory Helms picks up the victory as expected. As I said before, I don't know much about what's going on in your thread but I hope you plan on giving Helms a push as he has so much potential.

Grisham/Cena Backstage: This was a strange one. I don't really know what you are doing with Cena at this point so this promo was abit of a mystery. With the ability Cena has on the mic, you'd expect him to atleast say a couple of lines. Also, Cena doesn't normally get angry like that, he normally just lets it walk over him and pretend like nothing has happened. So yeah, I'm not too sure where this one is going.

WGTT/Kenny/Bischoff Backstage: I sense a Benjamin/Haas match at Mania which would be a fantastic match to read. Anyway, the promo was good. Haas and Benjamin bitch for a while before Eric Bischoff tells them like it is. Then we have Kenny come in and tells Shelton how Spirit Squad are the real greatest tag team. I'm not sure where you will go with this as you now have alot of possibilities. Should be interesting.

Victoria vs Ashley: Total squash as can be expected. Glad to see you putting Victoria over as the dominant diva here. The match ends with the Widows Peak which is a fabulous finisher. I can only presume that we are in the middle of a program between Victoria and the Womens Champion, Trish Stratus.

Maria/John Cena BackstageOne word. FABULOUS! That is one awesome piece of writing, seriously. I am not a fan of Cena's but I have to say that I enjoyed this alot. Cena seemed pretty much in character and Maria was her same stupid self. She gives Cena the steel chair which I thought was a good touch. Cena smacks the chair off a car, which again is a very nice touch.

WGTT vs Cade and Murdoch: Good, well summarised tag team match here. The finish was sort of expected with some mis-communication causing C+M to get the victory. I liked how it happened though with Haas being pushed into Benjamin and then losing the match as Shelton was just too late. The aftermath pretty much confirms a Shelton/Charlie match at some point soon and most likely Mania. I liked it.

JBL Video Package: Nice little video package here. JBL was in character throughout and I loved the part with Funaki at the start. In the end JBL notices Matt Hardy and then storms away. He then tells us how bad Ric Flair is and what he will do on SmackDown. Seems good and I like what you are doing here, I'll be sure to check out SmackDown then.

Trips/Bischoff Backstage: Another good backstage skit. I can see a Trips/RVD feud starting tonight. Triple H seemed in character for the length of the promo and Eric Bischoff didn't say too much but he was in character too. Anyway, I see Triple H blaming RVD for his loss later on and then starting a feud with Trips/RVD for Mania.

Carlito's Cabana: I have to hand it to you, that was fantastic. Carlito was in perfect character and was his good old self. Edge was well in character too. I hope you don't just have Edge come out after the WWE Title match at Mania though as that would just be too predictable. It would be good if you did something different like have Edge attack Kurt Angle early on at Mania and take the belt. Although it wouldn't be like Edge to then have to defend against Triple H later on in the night.

WWE Championship: HOLY SHIT! What a freaking match. The length was great for a TV summarised match and I can't tell you how much better that would have been written in full on a PPV. However it was still well and truly fantastic. As expected Angle retains the belt. There was some sick bumps throughout the match and RVD seemed to keep it even and not show favouriteism. The aftermath was good, but expected, with Triple H attacking RVD and then hitting the pedigree. That pretty much confirms a Triple H/RVD match at Mania.

Overall: That was an amazing show and I wished I payed more attention to this. You are an amazing promo writer and match writer which really showed throughout the show. I am really looking forward to your next shows and eventually, WrestleMania. Out of 10 I'll give you a 9.5. Once again, well done.
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