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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw; February 6th, 2006; Atlanta, Georgia

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

Instead of being greeted by the obligatory commentary, we are greeted by something else as the pyrotechnics finally die down…

***I’m Back*** Boos fill the arena, as the General Manger of Monday Night Raw, Eric Bishoff strolls out onto the stage clad in his familiar black suit, carrying a microphone and notepad in his hand. He stops and waits, as a dozen or so security guards follow him down the ramp.

Jim Ross:
The announcement was made last week, folks, by this man right here in Eric Bischoff. Tonight, in that very ring, we’re gonna see a rematch from the Royal Rumble, as Kurt Angle defends the WWE Championship against Triple H! But as for who’s gonna referee the thing…

Jonathan Coachman: Mister Bischoff did the right thing in giving Triple H his rematch after he was screwed at the Royal Rumble. It was one brutal match at the Rumble though where Angle retained, so I don’t blame the referees for not wanting a piece of this. But who could it be?

Bischoff steps into the ring, accompanied by some of the security guards, whilst telling the others to spread out on the outside. Bischoff grabs his microphone.

Eric Bischoff:
As you all know, tonight we will see the rematch from the Royal Rumble … as Kurt Angle and Triple H battle it out for the WWE Championship.

Incredible pop from the fans, but Bischoff hardly notices.

Eric Bischoff:
Now, in the interest of fairness, I removed Kurt Angle from the arena last week, because … quite frankly … Angle is a loose cannon, and I don’t need people like that on my show.

Heat, whilst Bischoff just smirks.

Eric Bischoff:
But … but, he is the WWE Champion, for now at least, and so I acted in the interest of his own personal safety. It was clear to me that Kurt had one thing on his mind last week, and that was to do some damage to Triple H. If Kurt had gone looking for Hunter during the show, we all know the outcome would have been brutal, and quite frankly I don’t want my two biggest stars putting each other out of action one week before the rematch of the year!

Mixed reaction, though most of the fans would have loved a brawl.

Eric Bischoff:
So you can all thank me for the fact that you’re gonna get to see the biggest match of the year … TWO … right here tonight! You can thank me for keeping Kurt and Hunter from tearing one another apart last week … ‘cause they can do it all tonight in this (Points down at the canvas) ring right here!

Another massive pop, with the crowd seemingly unable to wait for the huge match.

Eric Bischoff:
I’m sure you’re all aware though, that last week we ran into some trouble in trying to make this huge rematch happen. It seems I had too much respect for the damn officials who work for this company, ‘cause I couldn’t find a … single … one to referee this match tonight!

Boos from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff:
Some people … some people even had the nerve to suggest that I should officiate it MYSELF tonight! Since when did it become the responsibility of the General Manager to step into the same ring as two lunatics like Triple H and Kurt Angle?

More heat, and a slight “Asshole” chant.

Eric Bischoff:
So y’know what? I took someone else’s advice, and I decided to search across the entire WWE roster … even that dump SmackDown! for … One, someone signed to this company still … Two, someone stupid enough … and Three, someone with no history whatsoever with either Triple H or Kurt Angle, in order to maintain impartiality.

Bischoff smirks and begins the rifle through his notepad.

Eric Bischoff:
See, I know exactly what you’re all thinking. You’re all thinking that I went and got some waste of air, some usual piece of garbage like a Hall Of Famer or a WWE veteran. That’s what you’re all thinking isn’t it?

More boos, as Bischoff simply shakes his head, staring at his notepad.

Eric Bischoff:
(Smirking) But … Mick Foley was ‘sadly’ unavailable.

Huge heat for the mockery of Foley and the announcement.

Eric Bischoff:
(Turning the page) Let’s see, I thought about asking Mick’s boyfriend too … but what kind of General Manager would I be … no, what kind of HUMAN BEING would I be if I let a pathetic, sadistic piece of filth like Terry Funk into my damn arena, let alone referee a WWE title match?

More heat, as Bischoff denounces another legend.

Eric Bischoff:
(Flicking through pages) Dusty Rhodes … Ricky Steamboat … Jimmy Snuka … Sergeant Slaughter … I thought about them all, ‘cause quite frankly, who’s gonna care if Hunter or Kurt injures any of their RETIRED asses?

You suck” chants begin, but Bischoff pockets his notepad calmly.

Eric Bischoff:
But that’s exactly what you were all expecting. I know that. You were thinking that Mick Foley would end up referring the match … you thought that I would (Air quotes) forget about all of his history with Triple H. Let me tell you now … Monday Night Raw is not predictable and neither is Eric Bischoff!!!

Bischoff is working the crowd nicely now.

Eric Bischoff:
So … in the interest of fairness … I’ve chosen a … Raw superstar with no history with either man … a Raw superstar with the complete lack of intelligence to officiate such a match … and an (Air quote) extreme history. But, before I introduce this individual, would Kurt Angle and Triple please come to the ring?!!!

The security guards brace themselves, as this was clearly what they were intended for, as …

***Time To Play The Game*** The crowd rises to their feet to jeer the arrival of the ten-time World Champion, Triple H, who marches out, wearing a vest of his wrestling attire.

Jim Ross:
This is the man, folks, who was defeated at the Royal Rumble by Kurt Angle, but he has done to earn another shot at the title is beyond me.

Jonathan Coachman: You’re out of line, J.R! Triple H doesn’t need to do anything, ‘cause he was robbed at the Rumble, plain and simple!

Hunter barely even bothers with his usual routine, as he stalks down to the ring, before climbing in and shaking hands with Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
Thank you, Hunter, now, if you would stand behind these gentlemen on that side of the ring (Bischoff motions to the guards across the ring)? I don’t want ANY contact between you and Kurt yet.

Hunter takes a swig of water from his bottle, staring at Bischoff for a few moments with cold eyes, clearly disliking being told what to do. Bischoff urges Helmsley on, and ‘The Game’ reluctantly makes his way across the ring, settling himself in the far corner.

Eric Bischoff:
It’s all in the interest of fairness, Hunter, I’m sure you understand. Now that you’re out here, if we could just –

***Medal*** A thunderous ovation from the crowd, as the WWE Champion Kurt Angle comes striding down the ramp quickly in his sweats, with the title over his shoulder. Angle slides in the ring and is blocked by security immediately, preventing him from going anywhere near Hunter.

Eric Bischoff:
(Motioning) That’s far enough, Kurt, thank you. Gentlemen, make sure he doesn’t try anything.

Both Angle and Triple H are now blocked by security guards on either side of the ring, with Kurt looking ready to go right now, whilst Helmsley looks far more focused.

Eric Bischoff:
I wanted the two of you out here early; because I wanted you both to get a good look at the man who will be officiating your title match tonight. It gives you the rest of the night to come to me if you have ANY complaints. Now, this man claimed that he’s been in far worse circumstances than refereeing a match between you two before. Personally, I think he’s a lunatic, but dammit we needed someone!

The crowd, Angle and Hunter all look on anxiously.

Eric Bischoff:
(Pointing Up the ramp) Kurt, Hunter, ladies and gentlemen … allow me to introduce to you the Special Referee for the WWE Championship match tonight …


The crowd nearly blows the roof off the arena, as fan favourite Rob Van Dam appears on the stage in his wrestling attire. He does to ‘R-V-D’ salute to the fans, as Kurt Angle looks on indifferently, and Triple H’s expression darkens slightly.

Van Dam strolls down the ramp with a grin on his face, before rolling into the ring and jumping to each side of the ring. Helmsley and Angle watch him closely, whilst Bischoff hands him a mic.

Eric Bischoff:
Rob … Rob, I appointed you in the interest of fairness, now is there anything you would like to say to either of the competitors ahead of the match tonight?

RVD thinks for a minute, before taking a mic.

Rob Van Dam:
Look; I got no problem with either of you guys. This match tonight … it isn’t about me, I’m just out there to do a job. It’s about you two, so I’m gonna keep it that way.

Triple H moves slightly, whilst Angle maintains his intense gaze.

Rob Van Dam:
But if you try anything like you pulled at the Royal Rumble … dudes, I’m not like Jack Doan or Chad Patton … I’m (thumb salute with the fans) “ROB-VAN-DAM” … and if you hit me, then I’m gonna have to smoke you one right back.

The crowd pops, and a slight “EC-Dub” chant can be heard.

Rob Van Dam:
Eric Bischoff asked me to do this ‘cause he knows that after some of the things I’ve done in ECW (“EC-Dub”) this is gonna be a walk in the park. I’m gonna call it right down the middle, dudes … so may the best … man … win!

Van Dam throws his mic to the canvas, before leaving the ring and heading back up the ramp. RVD slaps hands with a lot of the fan on his way out, as the “RVD” and “EC-Dub” chants continue. Back in the ring, Angle and Triple H watch him go, before shifting their gaze onto one another, with Ross and Coach going wild at ringside.


We return from the commercial break to ringside, where both Jim Ross and Jonathan Coachman are looking stunned.

Jim Ross:
Well, what an announcement made earlier by our General Manager Eric Bischoff. The Special Referee for tonight’s WWE title match is … Rob Van Dam!

Jonathan Coachman: I’m sure Mister Bischoff has a good reason for that decision, ‘cause I’ve never liked RVD, and I’m pretty sure Eric hasn’t either.

***Firestorm*** The crowd gives heat, as the youngster Gregory Helms swaggers out onto the stage in his trench coat, shades and doo rag, spinning around with his arms out, showing off his bad attitude, before heading to the ring.

***Child’s Play*** A warm pop as ever for the fan favourite Eugene, who bounces out onto the stage excitedly, accompanied by his ‘Freaks’ in Goldust and Snitsky. Helms is pacing up and down in the ring impatiently.

Jim Ross:
Well, this business between Gregory Helms and Eugene has been brewing since New Year’s Day when Helms tried to suck up to Bischoff by taking out his nephew. It wasn’t as easy as that though.

Jonathan Coachman: Eugene wouldn’t be so tough, if he wasn’t hiding behind his … Freaks all the time. Gregory Helms is the future of this company and you should respect that, J.R.

Match #1: Gregory Helms vs. Eugene
With two very good workers going at it, the fans get a pretty exciting contest out of this, as Eugene shows his wrestling ability in order to keep up with the speedy Helms. The two exchange mat wrestling in the opening minutes, with Eugene holding his own, and it goes as such until Helms manages to whip Eugene into the corner at the mid-way point. Helms charges but catches a boot to the chin. Eugene races out and Helms goes for a hip toss, which gets reversed. Helms goes down hard, but manages to kip up quickly, before the arm bar is applied, and shoves Eugene into the ropes. Helms goes for a Clothesline, but Eugene ducks, coming behind Helms and going for a STUNNER … but Helms shoves him into the ropes and gets a School Boy. 1 … 2 … NO! Helms waits for Eugene to get up and goes for the SHINING WIZARD, but Eugene ducks and sends Helms tumbling through the ropes to the outside. Eugene nails Helms with a Baseball Slide! Eugene is in control now, as he lifts Helms up and rolls him back into the ring. Eugene scoops and slams Helms in the centre of the canvas and goes for the PEOPLE’S ELBOW to the delight of the crowd … but Helms catches him on the way back with a double leg lariat to the face. 1 … 2 … NO! Helms attempts the VERTIBREAKER, but Eugene counters and nails the STUNNER out of nowhere! 1 … 2 … FOOT ON ROPE! Helms survives, and Eugene drags him to the centre of the ring before heading up top uncharacteristically. Helms lunges and hits the ropes, causing Eugene to land on his crotch on the top turnbuckle. Helms grabs Eugene, pulling him down in a Tree Of Woe like position, before lifting up his upper body and connecting with the NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Gregory Helms @ 10:12

Helms forces the referee to raise his hand emphatically in victory, whilst Eugene rolls around in agony, clutching his neck. Helms moves towards Eugene, evil intentions on his face, but Goldust and Snitsky quickly slide into the ring. Helms snarls and backs off hurriedly, rolling to the outside and stalking away moodily.

The camera cuts backstage to see ‘The Doctor Of Thuganomics’ John Cena walking through the car park as he enters the Arena. The fans pop loudly at the appearance of Cena, who wears a menacing scowl, as well as his cap and ‘Word Life’ shirt. Cena glances around the car park as if looking for someone, but only shakes his head, his expression gets even angrier, as he rounds a corner only to bump into backstage announcer Todd Grisham, who is prepared as always with a microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham:
John, John Cena, last week you said you would be challenging the WWE Champion come Wrestlemania, but Shawn Michaels made an appearance at the end of the show. After the attack by HBK on you at the Royal Rumble, will you be looking for him tonight?

The fans boo loudly as they are reminded of Shawn Michaels’ actions, and Cena stops, staring hard at Grisham, before continuing on, ignoring the question. Grisham doesn’t seem to get the hint, however, as he continues to pursue Cena desperately.

Todd Grisham:
John, I think what I mean to say is will this problem with Shawn Michaels affect your Wrestlemania Main Event spot at all? I mean, HBK is yet to make his feelings clear, but it seems he wants your spot.

Cena stops again, this time with an angrier expression on his face, as he stares blankly at Grisham, before ignoring the question again, and storming down the hall way. In another act of ignorance, Grisham rushes after Cena once again, stopping him with a hand on his shoulder.

Todd Grisham:
You must know that the General Manager Eric Bischoff has threatened to have you removed from the building if you or Michaels try anything violent? Will that –

Grisham stops himself hurriedly, as he notices that Cena is staring down at the hand on his shoulder. Grisham quickly pulls it away, whilst Cena just hitches his bag over his shoulder again and storms off.


Upon coming back from the break, we cut once again backstage and to the office of Eric Bischoff, who is sat behind his desk, ruffling through papers, as…

The door crashes open and in march both Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The two men jostle in the doorway before approaching the desk of the GM.

Eric Bischoff:
What the hell is this?!

Charlie Haas: Why am I in ANOTHER damn tag match with Shelton? I’m –

Shelton Benjamin: I’m a single’s competitor!

Charlie Haas: I’m a single’s competitor!

Both men glare at one another for speaking at the same time, whilst Shelton slaps the Intercontinental title hanging over his shoulder.

Shelton Benjamin:
Well I’M the Intercontinental Champion, not the Tag team Champion, I shouldn’t be in these matches.

Haas eyes up the IC belt rather enviously, before looking right into Shelton’s eyes.

Charlie Haas:
You could have a single’s match, Shelton. How about you put that title on the line against me?

Bischoff slams his hands against his desk in frustration, causing both men to jump.

Eric Bischoff:
ENOUGH! I don’t wanna here another word from either of you two. Understand? I’ve got more important things to worry about than two partners who can’t get along. The WWE title is one the line tonight, or had you forgotten?

Benjamin and Haas don’t say a word.

Eric Bischoff:
I didn’t think so. Shelton … I don’t give a DAMN that you’re the Intercontinental Champion, I don’t give a DAMN that you went over fifty minutes in the Royal Rumble. You compete in the matches I set for you. Got it?

Shelton doesn’t even nod; he just pats his title in response, as Bischoff turns to Haas.

Eric Bischoff:
And, Charlie … why in the HELL would you think you deserve a shot at the Intercontinental title? Let’s see, since you’ve come back you’ve won precisely … zero in single’s matches. You’re not even at the back of the damn line, Charlie; you need to win matches to get that far.

Haas stares furiously at Bischoff, as the GM grins.

Eric Bischoff:
You wanna know why I put you in a tag team match last week? ‘Cause Cade and Murdoch wanted a match and you guys didn’t have one. Right? And tonight, Cade and Murdoch want a rematch. Got it?

The two men nod grudgingly.

Charlie Haas:
Got it.

Bischoff sneers at the two men, who both turn to leave, but instead find themselves face-to-face with … the Spirit Squad!

The World Tag Team Champions and friends of Bischoff grin at Haas and Benjamin, slapping their title belts.

Look, guys, it’s the (Air Quotes) ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’.

The other members all giggle in their stupid manner, whilst Kenny continues to get in the face of Haas and Benjamin.

Self-proclaimed, anyway, ‘cause we both know who the world’s greatest tag team is … and you’re lookin’ at ‘em.

Benjamin scoffs, as does Haas.

Shelton Benjamin:
Yeah right. A bunch of Village People wannabes? You’re not even in out league.

The smile on Kenny’s face falters, as he glances over his shoulder at the other members.

Prove me wrong then … (Clicks his fingers) Oh, that’s right, you’re a (Air Quote) ‘single’s competitor’ now. Both of you. I guess the Spirit Squad really are the world’s greatest…

Kenny laughs and shoves past Haas and Benjamin to get to Bischoff’s desk, with the other members of the Spirit Squad following accordingly, all giving their little “Whoos” in Shelton’s face.

Haas and Benjamin scowl after them for a moment, before leaving the office at the same time, bumping into one another in the doorway again.

We cut back to ringside and to J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross:
Still some hostility between Haas and Benjamin there. I don’t know what Bischoff is trying to pull with pairing them up all the time. And the Spirit Squad needs to learn some respect.

Jonathan Coachman: Haas and Benjamin seemed on the same page last week when they picked up the win over Cade and Murdoch, but that’s gonna change tonight I’m sure.

***Don’t Mess With*** The crowd gives heat, as the menacing beauty Victoria stalks out onto the stage looking determined, heading for the ring, where she awaits her opponent.

***Light A Fire*** Decent face reaction for the youngster Ashley Massaro, who walks out down the ramp with her mentor Trish Stratus and friend Mickie James. Ashley looks slightly nervous, as Victoria grins at her from the ring, whilst pointing at the Women’s Championship around Trish’s waist.

Jim Ross:
Well, Victoria staked her claim on the Number One Contender status to the WWE Women’s title when she pinned the Champion Trish Stratus in that mixed tag match last week, and she’s gonna get another chance to prove it on young Ashley tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Trish Stratus can come out here with all the groupies she wants, J.R, but sooner or later she’s gonna have to put that title on the line, and Victoria’s at the head of that line.

Match #2: Victoria vs. Ashley Massaro
A match that really showcases the gulf in class between the exceptionally powerfully Victoria and the much smaller Ashley. Trish Stratus acts like a coach almost on the outside, as she shouts tips and instructions to her student, whilst Mickie James just leans against the crowd barrier, not really paying attention. Ashley shows some fight, taking it to Victoria with some stiff right hands, before attempting an Irish Whip. Victoria easily blocks it though and sends Ashley off the ropes, nailing a POWERSLAM! 1 … 2 … NO! Victoria sends Ashley into the ropes yet again, but the youngster ducks the Clothesline and kicks the Amazonian-like female in the gut, going for the DDT. Victoria reverses though with a DDT of her own. Victoria chooses not to pin though, instead lifting her opponent up, spinning behind Ashley with a shot to the spine, lifting her up and nailing the WIDOW’S PEAK! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Victoria @ 02:32

Victoria raises her hands, a look of triumph on her face after an emphatic victory. She looks smugly at the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, who has entered the ring to check on her student. Victoria signals that the title will be going around her waist soon enough, and Trish shows some nerves on her pretty face. Once again, Mickie James is extremely slow in coming to the aid of her friend.


Upon returning from the break, we are greeted by the lovely sight of another of Raw’s resident interviewers, Maria. She is hurrying towards the car park again, where John Cena is standing by.

Hi, John. Could I get a word with you? John?

Cena turns angrily, but his gaze softens once he sees that it is Maria, as opposed to Grisham.

John Cena:

Maria: Uh, do you mind if I ask why you’re standing in the parking lot, John? I mean car’s a pretty, but not all night.

Some laughter from the crowd, as Cena just looks confused, before shaking his head.

John Cena: I’m waitin’ for the son of a bitch that did this (points to forehead) to me.

Maria: Is that Shawn Michaels?

John Cena: You damn skippy it’s Shawn Michaels.

Maria looks a little nervous at Cena’s intense gaze, as he keeps glancing over her head towards the entrance.

But what are you going to do?

Cena removes his cap, scratching his jaw as he thinks.

John Cena:
I’m not the one who should be answerin’ questions, Maria. I’m not the one who can’t stand the fact that I beat him one, two, three at the Royal Rumble, I’m not the one who can’t stand the fact that John Cena won the Royal Rumble and is going to the Main Event of Wrestlemania. I’m not some pissed off, washed up veteran who doesn’t know when it’s just … not … his … time.

A mixed reaction from the crowd for this.

John Cena:
But then again, I’m not good ol’ HBK am I? I don’t dis folk who try to shake my hand after a match. I don’t attack a man from behind after he’s been in a Royal Rumble for almost an hour, and bash his skull in with a Steel Chair. I don’t come down to the ring and try get inside the head of John Cena. And I sure as hell DO NOT hide from the arena when I know that John Cena is lookin’ for me.

Another mixed reaction, though leaning more towards cheers this time.

John Cena:
Shawn, in case ya’ll decide not to show up tonight after all, in case you’re sat at home watchin’ this, let me say this: the mind games stop right now. You beat the crap out of me at the Rumble, and sooner or later, payback IS gonna find you, ‘cause I FEAR NO MAN, NO LEGEND, NO ICON, AND SURE AS HELL NO SHOWSTOPPER!!!

Cena is fuming again.

John Cena:
And I am a man of my word, Shawn, and my word is my word, and my word is that I will get my hands around your neck sooner or later. But if you don’t want that, if you don’t want the humiliation of bein’ hunted down like an animal by John Cena, then come to me, ‘cause I am always right here, and if you want some … COME GET SO… (Staring at Maria) What?

Maria looks behind her and reaches down.

(Off camera) Uh, John, someone, uh, asked me to give this to you.

Maria comes back up holding… A STEEL CHAIR. The weapon is dented all over, as if it has been used before to beat someone’s body with. Cena takes the chair in his trembling hands, his eyes locked on it.

John Cena:
(Whispering through gritted teeth) Maria, I’m gonna ask you told you to give this to me, and if the next words outta your mouth ain’t Shawn Michaels, then so help me –

Maria: (Smiling, oblivious) Hey, good guess. It was Shawn Michaels. He, uh, said you’d recognise it.

Without even looking back at Maria, Cena nods his head slowly, before turning and walking away. The camera follows him for a moment or two, and he seems to be walking quite normally, until… HE HURLS THE STEEL CHAIR AT A NEARBY CAR! The alarm goes off, as Cena appears to make his way out of the building, and we cut away.

Back to ringside, where J.R and Coach are.

Jim Ross:
Well, that is one intense John Cena, Coach. He locked eyes with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ last week, but that was all. I can’t imagine what Cena wants to do with Michaels when he finally gets his hands on ‘The Showstopper’. Cena wants an explanation, as do we all.

Jonathan Coachman: I wanna shake Michaels’ hand. But first and foremost, I think Cena ought to be stripped of his Wrestlemania Main Event spot for that blatant vandalism. Did you see that, J.R? Criminal. No class.

***Redneck*** Some mild heat, as the tandem of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch make their way down the ramp in their usual angry fashion, with Cade hurling his shirt to the ground. The duo wait in the ring, taunting the fans.

***Pay The Price*** A decent pop for the intense All-American Charlie Haas, who cracks his neck as he marches down to the ring in his new ‘Flame’ tights, looking anxious to get his first pin tonight.

***Ain’t No Stopping Me*** A great reception for the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, who jogs out onto the stage energetically, wearing his silk shirt and shades, playing to the crowd a little before slinging his IC title over his shoulder and heading to the ring.

Match #3: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
Given the quality of the four athletes involved, especially Haas and Benjamin, we get a very solid match up ahead of a huge WWE title match later. Yet again, there is tension between the Haas and Benjamin at who will begin, but Haas insists. Cade attempts to overpower the All-American and goes for the Irish Whip. It gets reversed though, and Cade is sent into the corner. Haas charges but catches a boot right to the face. Cade sprints out but gets caught and nailed with an OVERHEAD RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! 1 … 2 … NO! Haas spots the vulnerable part of Cade now, and hones in on the spine with some elbows to it, before nailing a stiff BACKBREAKER. 1 … 2 … NO! Haas tags in Benjamin reluctantly, and Shelton flies into the ring with a HELO, crashing over Cade’s back. It continues thus for a while, as Haas and Benjamin tag in and out, showing their tag team prowess, until Shelton gets caught sleeping going for a SUPERPLEX, and Cade shoves him down to the canvas. Cade flies off and connects with an ELBOW DROP! 1 … 2 … NO! Shelton barely kicks out, but now both men struggle to their corners to make hot tags. Haas takes Murdoch out with a GERMAN SUPLEX, before springing back up and nailing Cade with one two. Haas approaches the legal man, Murdoch, and cinches in the HAAS OF PAIN! Cade shakes the cobwebs and is coming up towards Haas, when Shelton suddenly springboards off the top rope towards Murdoch … but Cade deflects Benjamin into Haas, taking him out! Cade quickly tosses the stunned Benjamin through the ropes to the outside, before pulling the dazed Haas up to his feet. Murdoch stumbles up too and they connect with the SWEET AND SOUR to Haas! Murdoch quickly hooks the far leg before Shelton can get back in. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winners: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch @ 09:27

The crowd are in shock almost as much as Shelton Benjamin, who crawls back into the ring just too late. Cade and Murdoch roll to the outside, celebrating jubilantly at their big victory, going some way to avenging their loss last week.

Back in the ring, Haas pulls himself back up to his feet using the ropes, clutching the back of his head. He turns to see Shelton Benjamin being handed his IC belt by the referee and the two men have a brief stare down. Shelton shrugs apologetically and extends his hand slowly… but Haas is already through the ropes, storming up the ramp, clearly infuriated by another loss.


We come back from the commercial break and head back to J.R and Coach at ringside.

Jim Ross:
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Still to come tonight, Kurt Angle puts his WWE title on the line against Triple H in a Royal Rumble rematch. But first, as you all are aware, Raw’s own, the legendary ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair was taken out of action at the hands of SmackDown’s JBL at the Rumble.

Jonathan Coachman: And JBL has been kind enough to provide us with a video, just to let us know how he and everyone else feels about what he did to the … ‘legend’.

A video starts playing now as we see John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield walking through the locker room with a cameraman following him around for what is a clearly pre-recorded segment. The camera follows JBL down the corridor, as Bradshaw smart suit, hat, toothy smile and all. He stops and looks over to where Funaki is leaning against the world.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Jackie Chan, howsa about you open your dictionary and tell JBL… tell the world what you think of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair?

Funaki: Is an honour to meet…

JBL smiles towards the camera in his usual manner, cutting Funaki off with his hand.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Let me say that again, Bruce Lee. What (Shouting in Funaki’s face) DO … THINK … OF … RIC … FLAIR?!!!

Funaki: Wick Flair is … greatest of all ti –

JBL slaps Funaki across the face! Bradshaw shoves the Cruiserweight aside, before continuing on, where he comes face-to-face with… Hardcore Holly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Bob Holly! Tell me somethin’, Bob, veteran to veteran, what do you really think of Ric Flair?

Hardcore Holly: What do you care?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Think about it, Bob, I … JBL, did the world a favour at the Royal Rumble when I put that old dinosaur down … and out. You should know that, Flair’s been hoggin’ the glory for years. Your glory, Bob, yours. I mean c’mon, you haven’t done a damn thing in years –

Holly just shoves JBL away angrily and storms off, leaving JBL looking rather nervous. Bradshaw adjusts his tie and quickly grins at the camera. He continues swaggering along the hallway, before he turns once again to see Super Crazy and Psicosis of The Mexicools standing nearby.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
What’s up … amigos? What do you think of Ric – ah, forget it, you’re Mexican.

JBL shoves past The Mexicools roughly and continues down the corridor once again. At one point he stops and finds himself next to Matt Hardy. The two rivals share an intense look, before JBL marches away, before turning and facing the camera, removing his hat in the process, showing his ‘sincere’ smile.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
As you can all see, no one, and I mean NO ONE, gives a damn about Ric Flair. No one cares that he’s gone, no one cares that he is NEVER comin’ back. Y’see, what I did … it’s called … evolution, and the other guys here understand that. The time for ‘The Nature Boy’ is over … the time for THE WRESTLING GAWD … is now. So, you can all sit there on Monday Night Raw and judge me and call me all the names under the high sun. But take a walk to the back, ask some of the young superstars what they think of Raw without a washed up, passed his prime, son of a bitch like Ric Flair walkin’ around like he’s still owed somethin’.

JBL places his hat back onto his head and adjust his suit smartly, as we see Jillian Hall appear behind him. Bradshaw smiles at her, before staring right into the camera.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
You’ll see what I mean. This Friday, I pay … homage to Ric … Flair. I expose him for what he is … what he was. And then you’ll all see fit to pay homage to YOUR real AMER – ICAN HERO … (Whispering) John … Bradshaw … Layfield.

We cut away from JBL’s smiling face.

When the video package ends we return to the arena, where the fans are showing their feelings for JBL quite clearly, with an outpouring of boos.

Jim Ross:
Disgusting. I apologise for that, folks. None of us had any idea that that video would be so mocking of the legendary Ric Flair. I can only wish Naitch all the best, ‘cause by God I want him back, if only to shut JBL’s mouth.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, watch it, J.R. Please don’t insult the SmackDown! superstars when they’re not here to defend themselves. That’s cheap. Anyway, JBL made a lot of sense in that video. I can’t wait to see him pay ‘homage’ to Naitch this Friday.


Coming back from the break, we head straight to backstage, and back to the office of the Raw GM Eric Bischoff, who has just finished on the phone seemingly, when Triple H barges into the room.

Triple H:
What the HELLL is your damn problem?!!

Bischoff looks up, rather startled, but quickly finds his composure.

Eric Bischoff:
Excuse me, Hunter?

Triple H: Rob … Van … Dam? Are you kiddin’ me? Are you serious?

Eric Bischoff: What’s your problem with RVD, Hunter?

Helmsley looks like he’s ready to blow a gasket.

Triple H:
What’s my problem with RVD huh? That idiot has never shown me ANY respect around here, he’s never shown me the kind of respect I deserve for workin’ my ass off for ten years to put this company on the map! He just walked in here with his buddies from ECW and WCW and made up some … CRAP about me being fed by a silver spoon. BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT, Eric, d’you hear me?

Eric Bischoff: I told you all this last week, Hunter. Nobody in the back likes you. I warned you about getting a Special Referee, but you forced my hand, Hunter, and now the match is made.

Triple H paces up and down the office.

Triple H:
Y’know what, Eric? Fine. But you better tell that glorified spot monkey Van Dam, that if he so much as looks at me wrong tonight, if he so much as challenges me for ANYTHING … I’m gonna do the same thing that I did to Jack Doan and Mike Chioda at the Rumble … I’m gonna put his ass down! And if he gets in MY way of reclaiming the WWE title, then, Eric, you can just put him back on your injured list. Got it?

Eric Bischoff: Got it.

Hunter gives Bischoff one last menacing scowl, before storming out of the office, slamming the door hard against the wall.

We head back to the arena, where, in the ring, the Cabana set up is all in place.

Jim Ross:
Triple H better concentrate on Kurt Angle rather than RVD tonight. He’s one paranoid SOB. Anyway, coming up next, Carlito hosts his Cabana.

Jonathan Coachman: The greatest talk show on earth, J.R. I can’t wait.

***Cool*** Some quite major heat for the young Caribbean superstar, as Carlito makes his way down the ramp in his street clothes with a microphone in hand. He is dressed accordingly for the Cabana, in a white linen shirt and sandals. He enters the ring, where the hammock, two deck chairs and a host of cocktails have been set out.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition … of Carlito’s Cabana!

Heat from the crowd.

Tonight… is a big night…

Carlito takes a look into the crowd with a sneer.

What? You think I meant it’s a big night ‘cause of Triple H versus Kurt Angle for the dubya’ dubya’ E title? Carlito isn’t in dat match, so I don’t care about it, and none of you people should either.

More boos, as CCC smirks.

Now if Carlito was competing for the title tonight … ‘dat … ‘dat would be somethin’ to get excited about. But since Carlito was screwed at the Royal Rumble two weeks ago…

Heat cut Carly off, and he frowns.

Since Carlito was screwed at the Rumble, there hasn’t been ANYTHING on Monday Night Raw to get excited about, unless of course you remember last week … when I spit in the face of ‘dat washed up, no good, piece of trash, Val Venis.

Boos at Carlito insulting the jobber veteran.

But all of you people here in … wait…

Carlito reaches into his top pocket and pulls out a note.

All of you people here in … (Screws up his face) Atlanta, Georgia?

The crowd goes wild on cue, but CCC shakes his head.

No, no, Atlanta, Georgia is not what Carlito is gettin’ excited about. ‘Cause Atlanta, Georgia … ‘das … ‘das not cool.

Cheap heat.

You people should try goin’ to the Caribbean, where Carlito is from, ‘cause you could all do with a tan – wait, on second thoughts, I don’t want you anywhere near Carlito’s home.

More cheap heat.

If you all finally wanna know why Carlito is so excited tonight, it’s ‘cause I have on the Cabana … maybe the greatest guest of all time; he is the most talked about ‘dubya ‘dubya ‘E superstar in a decade; and he leads a life that is (smirking) Rated R. Ladies and gentlemen …EDGE!

***Metalingus*** The crowd rises to their feet for what is probably largest heat of the night, as Edge sprints through the smoke, looking as intense and arrogant as ever. He is clad in his non-wrestling attire, a tee shirt and jeans. Lita follows behind him with the Money In The Back briefcase in her arms. The couple swagger down to the ring, where Carlito stands applauding, motioning for them to have a cocktail.

Edge, ladies and gentlemen!

Carlito tries his best to get some applause from the fans, but all he gets is heat, as Edge enters the ring, frowning, taking a microphone from CCC.

Edge, welcome to Carlito’s Cabana.

Edge: Thank you.

Carlito: (Pointing to the nearby table) Help yourself to cocktails and drink and fruit. Carlito recommends it. The Caribbean’s finest. Here (handing a drink with a straw in it to Lita), why don’t you suck on ‘dat, Lita?

The crowd laughs, as CCC realises what he just said.

(Stammering) I didn’t mean ‘dat – I’m sure you’re a nice young lady – I mean, whatever you do in your spare time is none of my business. Carlito isn’t here to judge –

Edge: Get to the point.

Carlito adjusts his shirt again, glaring at the chuckling fans.

All week long, since Mister Bischoff asked Carlito to host the Cabana ‘dis week, there was only one name right at the top of the list. Carlito thought “Who is the second most interesting superstar in the whole ‘dubya ‘dubya ‘E behind me?”

Edge frowns, whilst Carlito grins and points at him.

‘Das you, Edge. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ … Mistah Money In Da Bank … the guy with one hot girlfriend … with the second best talk show in the business after the Cabana. Edge!

Heat from the crowd, whilst CCC claps and Edge still frowns.

But what Carlito asked you on hi show for mainly tonight, is to ask you the question ‘dat the whole world wants an answer to. Y’see, Carlito was at Wrestlemania lasts year beatin’ up legends like Roddy Piper and Stone Cold Steve Austin…

MAJOR heat for this distortion of the truth.

‘Dat’s right, Carlito ‘dere. And I saw you, Edge, win the first ever Money In The Bank ladder match to guarantee you a shot the title at any time over the next twelve months. Now, Carlito is pretty damn good at math, and I make it under two months now till ‘dat contract runs out. What I mean to say, Edge, when are you gonna cash it in?

Edge rubs his chin slowly.

You think you’re the first person to ask me that question do ya? Well, you’re NOT! Carlito, lemme take you back to the night AFTER the greatest victory of all time, AFTER Wrestlemania Twenty-One. It was Monday Night Raw, and can you guess what the first thing that chumpstain interviewer asked me was?

Carlito nods slowly.

(Mocking voice) Edge, when’re gonna cash in your contract? Edge, tell us please? Please, Edge (ends voice). And I’m gonna tell you know exactly what I’ve told EVERY SINGLE PERSON since that day almost a year ago. I know EXACTLY when I’m gonna be cashin’ this baby right here (slaps briefcase) and everyone else is just gonna wait and see!

Boos, as Lita smirks behind her man.

I think it’s pretty damn funny how all of sudden how everyone wants to know what Edge is thinkin’. Everyone wants to know what Edge is gonna do next. It makes a change from all of the years, all of the BROKEN NECKS when NO ONE gave a damn about what I was doing, or when my next title shot was gonna be. That’s ‘cause I never got a damn title shot until I EARNED it! With this baby right here!

Edge nods at Lita, who holds up the MITB case high. But the fans still boo, and a slight “Edge Sucks” chant begins.

Not li – SHUT UP!!!

MASSIVE heat, whilst Edge seethes, and Carlito yells at the crowd as well.

Not like guys like our WWE Champion Kurt Angle, guy who got everything handed to him on a silver plate just because he won a goddamn Gold Medal in the Olympic Games. He didn’t have to work hard day in and day out to EARN where he is today! Look at Triple H, a guy who got everything he’s ever had in this business by SCREWIN’ the boss’ daughter!!!

“Oooohs” from the crowd, but Edge is going nuts again.

I earned my spot by working for it. Can you say the same about John Cena? Huh? A guy who was hired because he can … RAP? No, wait, but none of those guys are even the worse, ‘cause take a look at the sorry excuse for a wrestler that SmackDown! has as its World Heavyweight Champion. Big Dave Batista! What the HELL has he EVER done to deserve that spot?!!! Not a damn thing that’s what. He’s a disgrace to that title, he’s a disgrace to this company, he’s a disgrace to this industry, but most of all he’s a disgrace for taking MY spot!!!

Edge fumes, whilst Carlito and Lita nod in agreement.

But, Carlito, you mentioned that there was less than two months until Wrestlemania, until this contract I have runs out. Well let me tell you, when it’s all said and done, the Rated R Era will be in full force come April 2nd, ‘cause I will be walking out of Wrestlemania with gold, and all of you (Points into the crowd) will be forced to call ME … Champion.

Edge smirks and looks to Carlito.

Y’know what, Edge, Carlito agrees with every word you said. Guys like Kurt Angle, Triple H, Cena and Batista, those guys are just stoppin’ guys like us … they’re holdin’ us back!

Edge: But y’see, Carlito, with this (points to the briefcase) they can’t hold me back anymore.

Carlito stares at the MITB briefcase for moment, before a smile etches on his face.

Carlito: Carlito as Mistah Money …In … Da Bank! Now ‘dat … ‘das cool…

Both Edge and Carlito grin, as Edge extends his hand, and the two young heels shake on an interview well done, as ***Cool*** plays once again, signalling the end of The Cabana. Carlito heads up to the top rope to taunt the fans, whilst Edge does the same with his MITB briefcase, before jumping back down to kiss Lita. The crowd boos wildly throughout.

Jim Ross:
Edge still not revealing when and where he plans on cashing it all in, but it seems he plans on still being Champ when Wrestlemania is all said and done.

Jonathan Coachman: I hope that’s true, J.R. Can you imagine Carlito as Mister Money In The Bank too? That would be great. But coming up next, it’s the match we’ve all been waiting for: Kurt Angle versus Triple H for the WWE title. Next!

We get a brief split shot of both Triple H and the WWE Champion Kurt Angle heading towards the ring backstage. Also, a quick shot of Rob Van Dam pulling on a referee’s jersey.


We cut back to ringside.

Jim Ross:
The wait is over, folks! It was a bloody one at the Rumble, and I can’t help but think that this is gonna go the same way. Eric Bischoff made the match last week, and tonight we found out that the Special Guest referee will indeed be none other than Rob Van Dam.

Jonathan Coachman: I’m still in as much shock about that as Triple H was earlier. I can only hope that RVD does what’s right here tonight and makes sure that ‘The Game’ walks out with the title.

We cut to the ring where Lillian Garcia is waiting, microphone in hand.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Championship!!!!

***One Of A Kind*** The crowd gives another thunderous ovation, as ‘The Whole F’N Show’ makes his way down the ramp, a referee’s black and white jersey of his ring attire. He jumps into the ring and plays to the fans.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing first … the Special Guest referee … from Battle Creek Michigan … ROB … VAN … DAM!!!

***Time To Play The Game*** For the second time of the evening, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ makes his slow and delieberate entrance, ignoring the boos. ‘The Game’ taunts the fans on his way to the ring, as he slides onto the apron and faces the crowd. Triple H signals the World Title is his for the taking tonight, as he spits the water into the air and steps into the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing the challenger … from Greenwich Connecticut … weighing in at 255 pounds … he is ‘The Game’ …… TRIPLE H!!!

***Medal*** The Champion strides onto the stage to a THUNDEROUS reaction, as the fans in attendance rise to their feet. Kurt Angle looks intense as ever; as he sets off his pyro, before making his way down to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: And introducing his opponent … from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … weighing in at 235 pounds … he is the only Olympic Gold Medallist in WWE history … and the WWE CHAMPION …… KURT ANGLE!!!

The fans give Angle another deafening round of applause, as the Champ slides into the ring and looks Triple H right in the eye.

Match #4; WWE Championship: Special Referee
Kurt Angle © vs. Triple H

Kurt Angle passes his medals and the WWE title to the outside and steps face to face with the challenger, as referee Rob Van Dam calls for the bell. Tension is, as expected, at boiling point, as Triple H, still trying desperately to get inside the head of the Champ, begins to talk some trash. Angle wants none of it however, and opens proceedings with a huge right hand blow, as the Game stumbles back, feeling the effects of the shot. Looking to start his this match like he did the last one, Angle is quick to follow up his early advantage, nailing three more right hands in quick succession, which forces the Game to back into the corner. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, the fired up ‘Wrestling Machine’ moves in, and delivers another brutal European Uppercut, before beginning to lay into Triple H with hard right hands. The crowd is well behind the WWE Champion, and cheers as every shot connects, as Triple H looks to be well and truly out of it early. Angle bites down on his gum shield hard, and drags his enemy out of the corner, Irish Whipping him into the parallel ropes. Triple H, displaying his skill, manages to reverse the manoeuvre, as Angle is sent flying into the ropes, but ‘The Wrestling Machine’ is then able to counter the counter, holding onto the ropes, and stopping his momentum. The Game looks angered at the Olympic Gold Medallist’s crafty move, and charges at the Champion, possibly looking for a big Clothesline, but Angle manages to duck the blow, instead sending Triple H flying over the top rope and to the outside with a big back body drop. Angle roars with intensity back in the ring, whilst RVD begins the count on Hunter. Angle breaks it up quickly though, as he charges, going for a Baseball Slide on the helpless Triple H. ‘The Game’ moves aside though and Angle slides out onto his feet. Triple H goes for a Clothesline, but Angle quickly catches him, nailing an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY on the floor outside! The crowd looks on at both men, as we head to a commercial.


Back from the break, and it is Angle who is in firm control, apparently capitalising on his huge high risk move, as Triple H continues to look in dire trouble in the early going. Jim Ross and the Coach discuss the fact that Angle has looked more intense and focused then ever, as Angle manages to connect with a hard suplex inside the ring. Triple H holds his back in pain, as the WWE Champion rises to his feet, and connects with a hard stomp to his rivals’ apparently somewhat injured limb. RVD has not put a foot wrong yet as an official. In the ring, Angle continues to work over the back, dropping his knee into the injured limb, before wrapping his arm around the neck of Triple H, and placing his knee on ‘The Game’s’ back, wrenching back and applying maximum pressure to Triple H’s injury with an intelligent submission manoeuvre. ‘The Game’ yells terrible pain and manages to rake the eyes of the Champ Angle, forcing ‘The Wrestling Machine’ to release the hold. Triple H gets back to his feet gingerly, but as he turns around he is met with a thunderous clothesline from the Champion, which knocks ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ back to the mat. Angle, who now looks even more fired up at the fact ‘The Game’ raked his eyes, drags Triple H to his feet and backs him into the corner, where he props him on the top rope, and climbs up himself. When on top, Angle connects with 10 furious punches, the crowd chanting along with each blow, before standing the Game on the top rope, apparently looking for a Superplex! Angle though, takes his eye of the ball for a mere second, but it is enough to allow Triple H to get the advantage, drilling his knee into Angle’s gut. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ keels over in agony on the top rope, and Triple H counters with a huge BACK SUPERPLEX OF THE TOP! The crowd goes wild for the manoeuvre as an exhausted Triple H makes the cover. 1 … 2 … NO! ‘The Game’ shakes his head in dismay and glowers at Van Dam, who only shrugs. Hunter seethes, as we head into the final break.


From the huge shift before the break, we return to see a determined Triple H pounding away at the WWE Champion in the corner, looking hell bent on reclaiming a title he hasn’t held for years. Angle, obviously feeling the effects of the massive superplex before the break, seems to be in some trouble, as ‘The Game’ delivers a huge right hand, before whipping ‘The Wrestling Machine’ into the opposite corner, where Angle flies sternum first into the turnbuckle, and crashes to the mat. Triple H stomps away at his opponent, drawing major boos from the audience, as he drags Angle back to his feet, and locks in a side headlock.

With pressure being applied to his head, and the oxygen being cut off more and more by the second, Angle struggles to break the hold, as an enraged Triple H roars in anger, screaming at Angle to give it up. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ summons his passion and intensity, and begins to fight back, connecting with some hard elbow thrusts into ‘The Game’s’ midsection. Angle, desperate to keep hold of the Title he has worked for his whole life to win, shows amazing courage and spirit as he lifts ‘The Game into the air and drops him to the mat with a big back suplex, as the fans spur him on.

The Champion staggers eventually gets to his feet. ‘The Game’, clutching his back in pain, takes a wild swing at the Olympian, but the Champ ducks the blow easily, and scoots around behind his opponent, wrapping his arms around Triple H’s midsection and delivering a huge GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans roar in approval of the move, as Angle, who still has his arms locked, rises to his feet and delivers another German, followed by a third! Instead of letting go, Angle maintains his grip, bringing Helmsley up for a fourth German, before heading straight into a FIFTH GERMAN SUPLEX! Angle jumps back up to his feet, glaring down at his Challenger with a ferocious gaze on his face. Angle roars with intensity and jumps on the spot, waiting for Helmsley to get up to his feet. Triple H slowly pulls himself up using the ropes and Angle grabs him from behind, going for the ANGLE SLAM, but Hunter slides off his shoulders and connects with an AA SPINEBUSTER! Triple H quickly hooks the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! RVD holds up two fingers, but Helmsley glowers at him wildly, banging the palm of his hand with his fist. Triple H pulls Angle to his feet and goes for the Irish Whip, but the Champ reverses it. Angle lowers his head a split second to early and Hunter connects with a FACECRUSHER! Another cover! 1 … 2 … NO! Triple can’t believe it and hooks the leg again. 1 … 2 … NO! And again! 1 … 2 … NO! But Angle still won’t stay down. Triple H stares at RVD and pulls Angle back up, sticking him between his legs for a PEDIGREE, but Angle counters … INTO AN ANKLE LOCK!

Helmsley screams in agony and struggles wildly, whilst the crowd cheers. Triple H scratches and claws towards the bottom rope, as Angle roars with effort. Hunter eventually gets to the ropes to a groan. Angle tries to drag him away for another Ankle Lock, but Triple H catches him coming and tosses Angle through the ropes. Helmsley puts the boot to Angle, clearing out the announcer’s table, before throwing the Olympian on and setting up for a PEDIGREE. RVD tries desperately to pull Hunter away … and Angle counters with an ANKLE LOCK ON THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE! The painful hold is applied once again, as Hunter TAP OUT … but it doesn’t matter. Van Dam eventually forces Angle to relinquish the hold, and Champion and Challenger fall off the table. Angle rests wearily, as Triple H tries to pull himself up using the table for support. Angle, still with the advantage, sees Hunter and charges … BUT GETS A SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Whilst the “Holy Shit” chants go on, it takes both men a long time to recover, and RVD shows some leniency by not counting them out. Triple H is finally able to roll a bloody and battered Kurt Angle into the ring and hooks the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! Angle gets a shoulder up, and Helmsley cannot believe, even shoving RVD. The ECW Original shoves Hunter right back though, and the two go nose to nose. Triple H picks Angle up and goes for the PEDIGREE … counter, JACKNIFE COVER! 1 … 2 … NO! Hunter survives a repeat of the Rumble. Triple H quickly tosses Angle into the ropes and nails a high knee to the face, but doesn’t even bother to cover the Champ. Helmsley rolls back to the outside and pulls out a SLEDGEHAMMER! The crowd goes wild, as Triple H heads back into the ring and lifts the weapon high over his head to hit Angle … BUT RVD PULLS IT AWAY! Triple H turns as though to attack Van Dam, but Angle rolls him up. 1 … 2 … NO! Hunter kicks out, looking rather shocked. He sends Angle across the ring with an Irish Whip, but the Champ ducks the clothesline and goes for the ANGLE SLAM, but Triple H slides off the shoulders, kicks Angle in the gut and NAILS THE PEDIGREE! It looks to be all over now, as Triple H hooks the leg. RVD is still on the outside handing the sledgehammer away, and he quickly slides back into the ring. 1 … 2 … NO! Angle thrusts his shoulder up at the last possible moment. The crowd explodes, as an exhausted Triple H hangs his head in dismay, staring a hole right through Van Dam. Hunter stands up, holding his head and looking around as though searching for another way to finish Angle. In a very out of character move, Hunter actually begins to climb up to the top rope. He is almost up, when Angle, seemingly playing a bit of possum, springs up and nails Triple H with a clubbing blow to his spine. With his back to Angle, Hunter falls crotch first on the top turnbuckle, and the Champ, hooks his arm and lifts him up … NAILING THE ANGLE SLAM OFF THE TOP!!! The crowd is going absolutely wild, as a bloody Angle finally throws his arm over Hunter’s chest. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Kurt Angle by pinfall at 20:15!!

The crowd explodes with a thunderous ovation for the Champ, though showing equal respect for the heel challenger. Kurt Angle slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes, and is handed the WWE Championship by referee Rob Van Dam. Angle roars with intensity, holding his title up high in celebration to a huge pop from the fans, before sliding to the outside of the ring. He slings his belt over his shoulder and plays to the fans as he makes his exit.

Jim Ross: What a victory for Kurt Angle! Angle retains and has booked his place at Wrestlemania, where he will meet John Cena!

Jonathan Coachman: This cannot be happening. Triple H had that match won!

Back in the ring, Van Dam heads over to where a stunned Triple H is still struggling to get to a vertical base. Holding his abdomen, Helmsley hobbles into the centre of the ring and goes eye to eye with the referee. Van Dam shrugs politely and extends his hand in a show of sportsmanship.

The crowd pops at the show of respect from Van Dam, and Triple H, his eyes still narrowed in rage and disappointment, stretches out his own hand and takes the handshake. The crowd roars with delight … BUT HUNTER KICKS RVD IN THE GUT AND PEDIGREES HIM DOWN THE CANVAS!!!

Thunderous heat for ‘The Game’, who stares down at the fallen body of Rob Van Dam, muttering something, which can be faintly heard as “You cost me my title”. Triple H raises his arms up triumphantly to huge heat, as we fade out.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: I Dare You; Bullets and Octane

WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle © vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista OR The Undertaker vs. ????????

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