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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Sorry this review took so long.

SmackDown! Review:
Decent opening segment, kicking off with the “loser” of the title match from the Rumble, Randy Orton. At first, I though you may have overused the repeating of words (“Y’see tonight … tonight, I”) but it does seem rather appropriate for Orton and his character. Long’s interruption was well placed but Batista’s anger seemed rather out of place considering he wasn’t all that and when he came out and talked with Orton. Really solid main event set up for tonight which will apparently have NWO implications.

Nice match but no real surprise with the victors, London and Kendrick, being natural challengers to MNM. Those two teams could have quite the series of matches and I hope a couple take place at both No Way Out and at Mania. Nice tag division, btw. A couple of really strong teams.

JBL was on fire during this promo. I loved his part. Matt was far more generic and I felt he brought it down a bit. Still didn’t stop this from being an incredibly effective promo from Bradshaw. The funeral bit next week should be rather awesome.

One note, you may want to cut back on the slang talk from Long. He actually speaks properly outside of a few words here and there. The Heyman angle is an intriguing one - as is Lashley seemingly frustrated with management. I always wanted to see Lashley efficiently portrayed as a heel. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Maybe not a heel turn but we’ve got two people as close to tweener status as possible in Finlay and Lashley. I like the fact that you’re building up the … for the lack of a better term “fighting spirit” of Finlay. True to the original character.

Decent promo from Mysterio and Booker. Not a fan of either one of their characters at the moment, but you caught them well. Seems more and more likely that a one on one match between the two is in the works. Possibly at WrestleMania.

Nothing more than a squash to get the Notorious KID a win and a bit of a push. He’s a good cornerstone of that division, I just don’t see any interesting foils for him at the moment since Rey is higher on the card and London and Spanky are in a tag team.

Either that was filler or a possible violent turn in Orton’s character…

Another solid match up here, the third of the night (excluding the Kash squash). I know you’re a huge fan of Kennedy, so its no surprise to see him pick up the victory. I noticed that you started to do what I do and had him say the town he’s wrestling in instead of Green Bay. Not sure that’s a good move if he is to stay a face. Zipping along, Mysterio takes another big loss. More ammo for Booker next week.

Well, Taker comes out of the night looking like the biggest thing ever. Comes out last, picks up the pinfall, gets a title shot and chokeslams Batista. Not a reflection on you, since everything was done to character and the match was solid - but it's Taker's current character which makes him undermine and overshadow everyone here - Batista mainly. Hopefully, Deacon Dave gets a couple of shots in on The Phenom next week, since I hate to see the champion play second fiddle to Taker.

Solid show on the road to NWO & Mania. The No Way Out card is still looking a bit fuzzy with Orton, Kennedy and a couple of others out of the picture but the main event was announced and a couple of other matches are currently being hinted at. Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


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