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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I had this finished on Sunday, and I completely forgot to post it. Sorry about the delay.

Renegade™ Reviews The Royal Rumble

Good opening video, set the scene well

HBK vs John Cena
I tell you this now, this was fucking awesome. Everything about the match had the potential to steal the show and my God it did certainately that. The rest of the card has ALOT to live up to after this one. I really didn't like Cena & HBK getting out of the pinfalls after they had been hit with the FU And SCM respectively, but the match was just a cliffhanger that I really couldn't decide who was gonna win it, but Cena steals it countering the roll up at the end to win what was a superb matchup. The flow sorta dropped in and out, but the pace and variety of moves towards the end kept it extremely readable. Great start. ****

Loved the promo between Flair/JBL/Vince/Bischoff. Nice comedic spot in tonight's show as I'm sure we won't see much more of them heading into WM in the next few months. A possible Flair/JBL feud for Mania could be brewing now, and it would produce some terrific promos along the way, should that happen

Angle was solid here, very intense on the mic. He's going out there not just to retain his title, but to beat the holy hell outta Trips, and I gotta believe he'll get it done, very much in character and notibly powerful promo, I liked it alot

Undertaker vs Batista vs Randy Orton
To be acutely honest, I thought this might lag a bit considering Batista is nothing much and Orton isn't that good to write for either, but it ended up being alot easier to read, because the excitement levels were always at a high, no matter how or when the match looked like it was going to become a little stale, there was always something do to keep the match going smoothly. Batista going through the table was a good spot to include, and when he came back into the match he looked strong after taking the bump, but it also made going through the table look a bit weak because Batista recovered fairly quickly. Anyways, the steel chair was used a fair bit too, the ending was pretty good too although it didn't seem to make perfect sense. ***3/4

Cena has most likely been given number one for the Rumble by Bischoff, so this likely rules him out of winning, although I wouldn't be surprised to see Superman do it from the front...

Booker T was very good here, this is why I like his gimmick so much better than King Booker. He and Rey seem to be getting a little edgy, US Title could well be on the line between the two for a WM match after this. Booker was spot on, Rey didn't say much, but he was alright

Kurt Angle vs Triple H
Very good read, it did start to drag out a bit and didn't keep the excitement of the previous matches, but it took a brutal turn and really turned out to be a nasty fight. The ref took so many bumps here, which I wasn't a fan of, but all credit to ya, finding ways to keep the match going when you looked stuck and low on ideas. Belly to Belly to the outside was nuts, we see the ring bell and sledgehammer amongst other factors come into play, and Angle still wins it despite copping a sledgehammer shot, with a sneaky roll up, which is just desserts for Kurt. He may not have won the match convincingly, but he did win and did inflict some pain on Hunter, which was his goal at the start of the match. Trips would be furious with the amount of times he had the match won but there was no ref. Overall, very good, all the matches so far have been of the best quality possible considering who's involved etc. ***3/4

What happened to Cade & Murdoch? Undertaker? Kane? Hmm, intriguing...

Royal Rumble Match
Shelton is number one, and Cena is two. Well, I knew he'd be out sooner than later, I doubt he'll go all the way but. Another big name is out early in JBL, possible Flair confrontation must happen in this match. LOL! Nitro, filler boy. Helms in at five, some solid names in early, Cena must be nearly out of gas already after his match with HBK. Meh, Super Crazy and Eugene come in just to fill up the ring, possible clear out should be on the way soon. Finally someone goes and it's Nitro, and here comes the cleaner, KANE! Poor Super Crazy didn't last long, Kane could put in another dominant showing tonight. Regal in, Eugene out thanks to Helms. No real jobbers left in the ring, all much more established guys to duke it out now. Liking the pace the match is at, so far, not too confusing to read. Mercury is here, not long after Nitro went. Helms is gone a little earlier than I thought he'd go, but he had a decent run. Charlie Haas in, he's a face? OK. Kane is still looking good, there goes Regal. Carlito comes in, very cool. Kane sends Mercury packing, the Big Red Machine is dominating. Wow, Benoit? I hope you stop using him after this PPV...

Kane is gone, but you made him look strong, as the entire ring needed to team up to get rid of him. RAW gets a string of entrants with Masters and Striker. Two guys who hover above jobber status mainly, should be interesting to see how long they last. LOL at Benoit chopping both Carlito & Masters, pansies couldn't take him two on one. Ah, here comes the Flair/JBL fisticuffs! Flair is gonna light up someone's chest. Jeez, two eliminations. Masters gone, Haas dumped by his old partner that's gotta piss him off. LMAO! Kid Rock! Soz, I meant Kid Kash. Using Rock's theme music is humerous though, considering they look so alike. Nice exchange between Flair & Benoit with the chops, that would've been good to witness. Hardy and RVD enter, fan favourites starting to roll in on some good numbers. Ah, I almost forgot Striker was still in this one lol, RVD looks good making an early elimination

Finlay debuting? Alright. He starts off looking good until RVD knocks him down. Poor Benoit copped it bad with that shillelagh shot. Chavito is here, he and Kash to go at it? They do, as I thought, and Chavo is over big thanks to the Eddie chants here. Another CW getting a good draw, God is smiling on London, Chavo & Kash here with some good draws. Kennedy is back, he runs his mouth but backs it up, getting rid of Chavo instantly. Yuck, Rob Conway. THERE IT IS! Flair gets rid of JBL, and you can bet that'll set Bradshaw right off. Just as I thought, JBL mugs Flair and takes him out of the match, definate WM feud in the making now. Here comes a guy with a good draw and chance, Rey Mysterio. Thankfully Conway didn't last any longer than a cameo appereance. Kendrick has gotten a great number, pity he'll be gone soon. London is gone pretty quickly, and Cena gets rid of someone else in the form of Kid Kash.

WHOA! HBK has just laid out Cena! Definately, they're not finished, HBK turning "heel" although you'd expect most to still cheer for him. Lashley has a nice number, and he shows his power game off early, getting rid of Kendrick, making Bobby look good from the word go. Lashley absolutely dominates the remaining guys in the ring until Cade no shows and UNDERTAKER is coming! This, is the man who is gonna win, my pick! Lashley is gone already, that makes him look pretty weak IMO, he was only there for a few minutes, but atleast he lost out to one of the best. Undertaker continues to rampage through, Matt Hardy is gone after a good showing. Booker T gets a good draw too, leaving only one man remaining. Rey is gone after an OK performance and here comes Mr. Lucky, EDGE!

Edge goes wild, there goes Kennedy. I might take back my earlier statement and say Edge might win. Benoit goes, Cena comes back looking like a true "Superman" and eliminates Booker and Finlay, and we're down to six. How did Shelton & Cena especially get this far? Carlito still here, ugh. RVD goes next, sadly, and Shelton finally leaves after a wonderful showing. I don't believe it, Edge is gone thanks to Cena! We are down to Cena & Taker. Why do I have the horrible feeling that Cena is gonna win? O MY GOD! Cena did win! Just, wow. Not what I wanted, and it looked unbelievably inhuman, but great Rumble match anyways. ****1/2

Very good show Legend. A


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