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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

RYU Review for Legend's Raw:

Its first time im reviewing in this btb so please bare with me as i also dont know about the feuds that are going on.

Flair-Carlito promo: Awsome promo to open up the show and you really got me confused with all the jooo thing at first i didnt get it but as i was reading it then i got it but i think there was no need of it and i dont think Carlito says joo instead of you but the promo was well written and with Flair doing all the wooo was good untill you made him say it after every word was too much and what a mainevent we got for tonight, will be a good match and i hope Carlito wons this one all thanks to Eric for making this match.

HBK vs Big Show: The match was good and just as real Show dominates throughout the match but somehow gets defeated in the end, good way to distract Show and looks like Kane playing mind games with Show and i dont want to see a Kane-Show feud again becasue there feuds are boring and as for the match, good win for the HBK and good way to end the match and Cena coming out staring HBK hypes their match more and more and builds more intensity to their big match at Royal Rumble which will be good.

Eric,Eric and HHH segment: Surprise to see you got Angle brother involoved in which i suppose is Kurt-HHH feud. The segment was good and HHH really scared the shi** out of Kurt Angle's brother, well i guess we have to wait till their match, whether Angle shows up or not.

John Cena interview: Good long interview here, didnt exactly got it what Cena was talking about but im glad to see Cena as the good ol Cena with calling himslef the Doctor of Thugnamics, thats interesting because no one uses Cena as the thug now days that he used to was but slowly i got it what Cena was sayin so looks like you are really building up this HBK vs Cena at Rumble which is good, to hype their match more and more so the fans get really into it and to tell the truth i cant wait to find out who will win their match at ROyal Rumble and looks like Cena got a tough match ahead of him.

Six man tag team: Didnt liked the heel team but liked the face team. The match was good but it wasn't a entertaining match, you sell out the moves well and good to see WGTT as a face in your btb. Good win for the face team and i hope WGTT gets in a feud with the Tag Team Champs.

Spirit Squad segment: Typical Vince, dont want his enemies get what they want and you kept both of them in character and then the SS thing was funny and i enjoyed it and hope they kick some as* tonight in thier match against John Cena.

Gauntlet match: I wasn't surprise of the eliminations that occured so quickly but it looked real as Cena qould overcome the odds like this and liked the ending to it with SS destroying Cena and HBK coming out was good but a great decision by HBK to not help Cena as SS continue their assault on Cena which is what SS will do.

Edge promo: Wow, a great great promo, i enjoyed it a lot and you seem to have great knowledge about Edge and Edge was totally in character and every word he said was true and i too believe 2006 was his years and im surprised to see Edge still with his MITB, Edge started a good point about becoming the Undisputed Champio which i think could happen and their is a possibility so you are really building up this whole road to Royal Rumble nicely. I would be surprised to see if Edge won the Royal Rumble.

HHH promo: Another great promo by HHH and i have to say you are very good at writing promos. Glad to see HHH is the biggest heel in your btb right now.

HHH vs Eric Angle: HHH can make a squash match look like a good match and this is what it was about, a good entertaining squash match and good aftermath by the Game it really shows, how mad HHH wants to become the WWE Champion and dont know where the hell Kurt Angle was. Hope you tell us later on the night where Kurt was.

Mainevent: Great match and MOTN. Carlito and Flair both looked good in the match and Flair really showed why he says, To be the man, you gota beat the men so it aint easy beating up a real men. The match was well written, both put up a great fight and good use of the weapons and was surprise to see Edge Spearing the home town hero and costing him his match to get more and more heat, very intelligent. Good win for Carlito but too bad for Flair also that he got defeated in his home town.
The Aftermath: Good aftermath but didnt see any big names this segment.

Overall: It was a great entertaining show with great promos and good matches and good booking, i liked this show and i like the feuds that is going on and looking forward to Royal Rumble which looks extremely good.



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