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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review- ORRY

Flair/Carlito promo was solid for the most part, and an intelligent way to open the show, considering Raw is emanating from the Nature Boy's hometown. A few of Flair's signature lines seemed ot be just chucked into the promo jsut for the simple fact of including them, which made the segment seem a little generic, and your excessive overuse of the word "Joo" in regards to Carlito was aggrivating to say the least, and in my opinion doesn't even fit with his character. Other than that, like I said it was the best possible choice for an opener, and the Street Fight main event should be off the charts.

I like the idea that you are putting both HBK and Cena up against the odds tonight, which adds yet another factor to what should be an amazing 20+ minute match at the Royal Rumble. Not suprisingly, in the first of two "challange" matches, HBK is able to overcome the giant Big Show, allbeit with a little help from the Big Red Machine. I expect the Kane/Show feud to play a big part in the Rumble match, probally resulting in both men being eliminated from the match itself, which will only add to the feud. My opinion, HBK is looking good for the win this Sunday.

A nice segment here, I don't quite understand why security guards would be surrounding Angle, but meh I guess it is not of vital importance. Despite a few irrelivent grammar errors, this was a nice segment, and a great way to add a further dinamic heading into the Championship Match this Sunday. Good stuff.

Cena promo was very solid, and provided some further build to this ever growing feud between the two. Some of your wording was off, and some of his insults seemed a tad generic/standard, but nether the less the former Champ was in good form throughout the majority of the segment, and looks good for the win tonight over the Cheerleaders.

I like the concept of this 6 Man Tag, and all involved, bar Masters and Eugene (only in this particular gimmick), are very solid to great workers and deserve and look like recieving big pushes in the future. On this particular oaccasion, Shelton is able to pick up the momentum for his team and keep his big streak going, and I can predict a Hass/Benjamin feud over the IC Title sometime in the near future.

Vince/Bischoff segment was well written, and I like the fact that you are continuing the HBK/McMahon saga, as it was occuring at this time in reality as well. Vince seems hell bent on HBK not making it to the Rumble Match, but I predict ole' HBK will get the duke over Cena at the PPV; unless you turn Cena heel, siding with Vinnie Mac, in which case HBK will eliminate Cena later in the night. But enough of thw wild predictions , the rest of the segment, involving the Spirit Squad, was humerous, but there is no doubt they will all do the 'job' to the "franchise player" tonight.

Not suprisngly, Cena basically destroys the entire stable, defeating the group in reletive ease. Note, during the match you said Cena eliminated Mitch twice (you left out Mikey I think), which is just a small error on your part. The post match beatdown was good booking, and HBK seemingly coming to make the save, only to turn his back on John, was exciting, if not something we have already seen before.

I really enjoyed the Edge promo, despite a few drops out of character. The delivery was good for the most part, and I think it is safe to say Edge got his point across well enough, gaining soem good heat by insulting hometown hero Flair in the process. Nicely done.

Wow there has been heaps of promos/segments tonight; maybe overkill? Regardless, Triple H's promo before hadn was basic and nothing otu of the ordianry, which I must admit was dissapointing, but not enough to affect the quality of the show by any great amount. Onto the match, and as everyone would have predicted, HHH destroys Eric, and to my suprise, Kurt doesn't appear, allowing Triple H to basically mutilate the WWE Champions brother after the match, sending a huge message! Great way to build the upcoming match man, good booking on your part.

The Street Fight seemed like a quality main event (hard to judge exactly considering it was recapped, as all TV show matches are), but from what I could garner, it served its purpose and then some. The finish was good, with Edge spearing Flair, allowing CCC to pick up a huge victory over the Nature Boy. THe brawl to close the show was a nice way to put a final touch on the build towards the RR, and Edge's role in proceedings was written intelligently.

Overall, I was impressed by this show man, for the most part it was very entertaining, with only a couple of erros grammar wise affecting the quality. Watch for the number of promos on a weekly show, and try to make them unique, rather than just using a bunch of the old typical lines. Other than that, well done, and good luck with the Rumble! 7.5/10

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