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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legends Raw Review

Ric Flair Promo
Seeing as it is North Carolina , it is only right that Nature Boy opens the show, you really caught the style of Flair here and it was very well written too, of course Carlito comes out to interrupt and again you really capture the character of Carlito and this was very well written too, a brawl erupts between the two and we get a street fight later tonight, A very good opening promo here which was very well written from start to finish

Shawn Michaels vs. The Big Show
A good match here with HBK not going down easy and giving the Big Show all he has got, looks like Big Show could pick up the victory but **Slow Chemical** hits with a no show by Kane, I am guessing there will be a big feud between these two after the Royal Rumble, and to finish the segment a stare down between John Cena and Shawn Michaels, I am really looking forward to a match between these two at the Rumble as I interested to see which one you are going to put in the Rumble. A good opening match with interesting point coming from the no show of Kane and the stare down between Michaels/Cena at the end

Eric Angle/Triple H Segment

I like it how your have brought Eric Angle onto the scene for the Triple H/Kurt Angle feud, Looks like he is here to meet his brother but Triple H and Eric Bischoff see things differently and put him in a match, again this was well written and you really showed the hatred between the two well

John Cena Interview
You are a great promo writer and they way your write them out this good to, John Cena here showing his disliking for Vinnie Mac and Eric Bischoff and how he doesnít trust Shawn Michaels, like the comedy with the Spirit Squad and he then finishes discussing his gauntlet with the Spirit Squad tonight

Six Man Tag Team Match
Good match too get some important workers onto the card and showcasing some of Rawís talents in the Rumble, like the ending two with the blind tag and Hass catching Masters of guard and picking up the win for his team, the ending segment was good to with the loosing team clearly angry with there loss and maybe some heat between Hass and Benjamin too and Helms and The Freaks

Vinnie Mac/Eric Bischoff Segment
Vinnie Mac clearly upset and angry over Shawn Michaels picking up the victory earlier tonight and Eric Bischoff trying to cheer him up, the spirit squad enter now and I like the whole idea with the group arguing over who the leader is, I can see this maybe becoming a problem in future weeks, another well written promo segment here

Gauntlet Match
A sought of squash match here but that is understandable as John Cena is ĎSupermaní after all, and it seems it doesnít matter to the Spirit Squad anyway as they just wanted to beat down John Cena anyway, so Spirit Squad carrying on the beat down of John Cena and Shawn Michaels come down but doesnít make the save, Another well written segment and match here, you are on a roll tonight

Edge Promo
An excellent written Edge promo and you really capture his arrogance well (someone I have always struggled to write promos for) and I think you are right then you say about 2006 being his year and he gets himself over great by showing all his achievements, you really captured his character well and proms are very much a strong point of yours

Triple H Promo
I very cold promo by Triple H and you are really getting him over as major heel with him saying about how brutal he is etc and he gets massive heat from the crowd which I think he would do anyway

Triple H vs. Eric Angle
Of course this was going to be a squash match with Eric Angle having no wrestling business and Triple H being one of the best in the business, and it looks like he is sending Angle a message with a after match beat down of his brother with a pedigree and a brutal sledgehammer shot, I canít see Angle being very pleased with this (but he didnít turn, so is he scared of Triple H) and it show be a hell of a match between the two at the rumble

Carlito vs. Ric Flair (Street Fight)
A brutal street fight between the two here with the hatred being show strong in the match, so lots of fighting on the outside, which is why it is a street fight and a big steel chair shot from Carlito to Flair, but that doesnít seem to stop the Nature Boy and it looks like he has got the match in the bag but Edge comes down and cost him the match giving Carlito the victory,

Ending Segment
But there is going to be no alliance between the two here as Edge throws Carlito over the top rope showing his dominance in the upcoming Rumble, but he hasnít got long as Shelton Benjamin hits the ring and starts going back and fourth with Edge but Gregory Helms takes the sneak attack on Benjamin, but now the freaks come down and they give some aid to Benjamin making it 4-2 but Masters and Striker come down to lend a hand to Edge and Helms, there is a massive brawl between all to of them and Edge quietly sneaks out clearly not wanting a fight tonight, overall this is a great ending to the show


A really good show showing your true skills, it was a great read, and I look forward to Smackdown and the upcoming Royal Rumble, which if any of your past shows are to go by should be great, 9/10, well done and keep up the good work
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