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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Mike's Raw Review

Opening Promo Carlito/Flair have some real good heat here. Nice lines by both men. Flair vs. Carlito is interesting. Flair isn't a main eventer but this is his hometown so that works for me.

HBK/Big Show was well done with Show having control for most of it. Ending was also nice with Kane playing a litte bit of a mind game with Show allowing Michaels to pick up the win.

HHH vs. Eric Angle. Lol thats certainly an interesting thing to do. Trips is gonna whup his ass, but maybe Kurt will make the save?

Very good Cena interview. He was totally in character, I could see him doing those kind of lines.

6 man tag match: I liked the ending. It was a creative way to stop Masters from winning with the Masterlock, I don't think I've seen that before. Helm's feuding with the Freaks seems like a watse of his talent but hey that's just me.

Sprit Squad with Bischoff was pretty good. The Squad is annoying but in the good heelish way. I wonder if the Squad will actually beat Cena?

Gauntlet match. Cena destroys the squad but thats all right because its not like he took them all out at once. The Squad destroys Cena, but HBK's out for the save. Or maybe not lol. Nice touch there.

Edge in-ring: Nice shit talking by Edge, he insulted just about everyone in the building. I seriosly doubt I he'll win the Rumble but it would be damn interesting if he did!

Trips in-ring: Decent talking by Trips. He gets his point across but keeps it short because of the upcoming match. The match of course was a one sider and Eric gets killed! Hmm Kurt is a no show where could he be? This is getting really interesting.

Street Fight was good with some nice weapon use. Carlito wins with help from Edge!?? Then half the lockeroom comes down to brawl and Edge comes out looking the smartest. I really doubt he's gonna win at RR but who knows, he is one the bigger names in the match.

Overall Very nice show here. 8.5/10 Best moments of the show were: Opening Promo, the mystery of Kurt missing, the Street Fight.
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