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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legendís Smackdown Review.

Nice promo to open the show with Batista and Orton. Both men were kept well in character and you captured Ortonís and particularly Batistaís intensity very, very well. I liked how you kept Orton calling Batista ďDaveĒ as that is a known trait of his whenever the two are involved in promos, it may only be a little thing, but I think it was good that you included. Good start to the show, man.

Pretty underwhelming match to get the show underway in terms of star power with the Dicks taking on the Mexicools, however the match itself was quite enjoyable. Iím not a fan of the dicks in any means and usually whenever theyíre involved in a match, I completely switch off, you managed to keep my attention here because you used to the Mexicools so well. It was very well written and it flowed quite nicely. London and Kendrick coming out is interesting, obviously scouting their potential opposition? The ending was good, as it was a fun, cruiserweight style finish. You know I enjoy reading your matches because you go into such detail with your matches and this one didnít disappoint.

Nice promo from Benoit here hyping the rumble and a potential victory. You kept him in character pretty nicely and you used typically short phrases which we generally expect from him. A rumble win for Benoit would be grand and after seeing the match you wrote in the World Cup with him and John Cena, Iíll be surprised to see that Benoit isnít in one of the Main Events at Wrestlemania.

Another nice promo from JBL here. It got better as it went on as well, to be honest with you. I particularly enjoyed the part where Bradshaw was still talking and Teddy started ignoring him. JBLís reaction was so typically JBL. I canít see him taking the number 30 spot in the rumble, but the 12 man over the top rope match next week should be quite interesting. I dunno whether youíll have the number 30 guy win the rumble or not.

Mysterio v Mercury, Iím not too sure whatís doing with the whole Rey v MNM feud, but it is interesting to be honest. This was another well written match the flowed well from the outset and it was very easy to visualise what was going on. To be honest with you, I didnít like the finish as it was too similar to the one in the first match, but I was glad you at least did it with the ropes. Despite the loss, Rey still comes out of this looking quite strong, but I feel he should be involved with bigger and better things rather than MNM.

Finlay is coming in the rumble huh? Itíll be interesting to see what you do with him, Iím not big on Finlay and I donít get all the Finlay love but weíll see where you go with him.

Benoit comes out of this match looking awesome and Kash a little weak, but I donít mind because Benoit is immense. Once again you created a very easy visualisation in this match as it flowed very well. I admit that the ending was creative and original, but the only thing would be whether Kash could get Benoit up for the Dead Level. I somehow doubt it, but I donít mind as it definitely added to the match.

Very cool promo from Regal here, displaying his intensity perfectly. I sincerely hope that you do give him a decent push, at first I thought you were giving him a singles push, which I wouldíve preferred, but a Tag Team push will have to do.

Itís hard to say a bad word about that promo, you pretty much captured his character perfectly, although itís not that hard of a task, this promo was very good, you maintained Kennedy the whole time as an arrogant, cocky heel, whilst hyping the rumble some more in the process.

Lashley squashes a Basham just to get him on the show Ė fair enough. Nothing major here. All I find myself asking is, where to for Lashley?

Short promo hyping the Main Event before the match, although he didnít say a great deal, you pretty much nailed Booker T. You portray his character very well.

Solid main event here that was pretty much there just to hype the Title match at the rumble. Orton probably comes out of it looking the strongest, taking out Batista at the end. Booker kind of got made to look like a little weak after his win over Benoit last week. Again you wrote this match well, with no major flaws at all.

Anyway, sorry I couldnít give you a more detailed review bro, but you know the deal for me atm. This was an enjoyable show, nothing major really went down but you did the little things really well. Your match writing was excellent and all of your promos were very good too, particularly the opener. No spelling or grammar errors were evident either which is a plus. Well done mate, Iíll have a review up for Raw in the not to distant future. What's the go with this thread anyway? Are you and Deadman still partners or are you doing both shows?
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