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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Great way to kick o RAW from Charlotte with none other than the legend himself Ric Flair. Great promo by Flair early on, he was definitely in character. You pulled out Flair’s entire signature sayings followed by some WHOOOs, great read. Carlito interrupts Flair with his arrogant self, not too sure if like the use of “joo.” A little error I found is that you said Flair unbuttoned his coat, but earlier he had already thrown it down. Bischoff comes down and makes a great match for later on. Nice to Flair main eventing again.

A Royal Rumble match qualifier starts off the show with two greats. Typical Michaels as he is down but not out. Show owns Michaels before making a comeback. Michaels hits the signature forearm but Show still pulls out a chokeslam. Nice to see this angle with Kane continuing as his music hits, but there is no Big Red Machine. Typical mind games from Kane and its costs Show a spot in the rumble. I think if Kane would of came down and physical cost Show the match it would have been better, because a clean victory makes Show seem very weak. But on the upside it makes HBK seem very strong.

Nice to see Eric Angle in the mix of things but not nice to see him in a match with Triple H. It appears Trips has done something with Kurt seeing how it is unusual for him not to be there.

Great promo by John Cena. This is the most in character I have seen in a promo in a while. Cena comes off as his usual “me against the world” character saying he will never back down from a fight. I like the usage of Cena in this BTB, and I wonder where you will take this angle with Michaels.

Interesting pairings in this next match pretty much just an attempt to get the mid card over. Great action with six great workers. The match itself was well written but I feel the ending was a little rushed, no biggy though. Masters doing the job seeing how he is the least over, and Shelton picking up the win seeing how he is the Intercontinental Champion. I can a lot of angles coming within these six men.

Nice little promo here involving Bischoff, McMahon and the SS. McMahon continues his hatred towards Michaels while Bischoff feels the pressure to making the boss happy. The SS involvement was little humorous. I see Cena defeating the odds tonight and beating the SS.

Good gauntlet match, but I think it could of incorporated a little more detail rather than just the eliminations, but it’s not that important. Cena defies the five on one odds, but I am glad to see Kenny not getting pinned. It appears he is the strongest one in the group, which isn’t a bad choice.

Edge seems pretty unhappy about his lack of push especially since has beaten the best the WWE have to offer. Edge is able to draw some good heat taking cheap shots at almost everyone. It would pretty great if Edge won the rumble and won both championships from RAW and Smackdown. That would be a huge push to Edge, but I don’t see it happening. Time is counting down on Edge as Mania is almost here, I wonder when he will cash in.

Nice promo from Trips leading into his match with Eric Angle. The Game gloats about how great he is, he even takes a cheap shot at North Carolina’s own Ric Flair. An obvious squash match between he and Eric Angle, definitely sending a message to his brother Kurt. Great heel actions by Trips with the usage of the sledgehammer, and I am loving where you are taking The Game. If keeps this up I see him becoming the WWE Champion for sure.

Some great turns of action during the final moments of RAW. Carlito and Flair really go at it, and Flair is still able to pull out some great matches at such an old age. I can just imagine the blood flowing down from Flair’s face turning his hair red. Some great action at the end involving those in the Smackdown battle royal and Royal Rumble. Just like Edge to start the fight and then not finish it.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this show. You got some good feuds developing the Rumble is really shaping up. Nice to see Flair in the main event if only for tonight. Great job!
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