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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday, January 20th, 2006
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


**Rise Up** by Drowning Pool booms in through the sold out arena in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a capacity crowd on their feet for the third Smackdown of the new year. The entire building is shaking, as we cut across to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside, who both share equally, astonished expressions on their faces.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to Fort Lauderdale in sunny Florida for Friday Night Smackdown! I’m here at ringside with Tazz, and, partner, what a show we have lined up tonight.

Tazz: Oh, man, you aint exaggerating, Cole. Just listen to this: they will be opponent come the Royal Rumble, but tonight, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista will team up with The Undertaker to take on the third man in that Triple Threat match, Randy Orton, as well as Orton’s choice of partner!

Michael Cole: Well, it remains to be seen if those three men can be in the same ring at the same time without things getting heated, but we have more tonight also, as the hottest young tag team in the WWE today, the Mexicools will be in action, and so will the “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit, still hurting from his loss last week to Booker T in a No Disqualification match!

Tazz: The Royal Rumble is only nine nights away; Cole, and we’ve got a lot of guys here with a great chance. Matt Hardy and JBL too have their problems, but both could win the biggest match of their life come Sunday the twenty ninth!

**I Walk Alone** hits to open up the show, as the crowd explode in a wonderful pop for their hero. Clad in his wrestling attire, looking ready for action strangely enough, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista struts out onto the stage energetically. He poses to both sides of the fans, before setting off his phenomenal pyro in a jarring machine gun motion, drawing a level of cheers that anyone will struggle to beat. Wearing his title belt proudly around his waist, Batista makes his way down to the ring, collecting a microphone on the way, before entering and ascending to the top rope to taunt his fans. Back in the centre of the ring, Batista smiles at the positive reaction he is garnering.

Batista: Y’know, at Wrestlemania Twenty-One I realised a life long dream when I became World … Heavyweight … Champion!

Crowd pops, as Batista beams and pats the belt around his waist.

Batista: That was nearly a year ago now. You don’t quite comprehend that until you think about it properly. A year. No one has beaten me for a whole year.

Crowd pops.

Batista: Usually this kind of thing makes a guy lazy, but I’ll tell you what, it did the opposite to me; it lit a fire in my belly, and I have been gunning for more ever since that day. I’ve invited all challengers to try and take MY title!

Crowd pops.

Batista: But I will tell you something, there has been one-man … one-man … one man who I used to call a friend who has been nothing but a problem since he came here. And last week … last week he decided to get in my face once again!

The crowd waits in anticipation.

Batista: This guy has been hell bent for years of taking my place at the top. At first he couldn’t stand it when Triple H respected me more than him … so he left Evolution. And now, we find ourselves on the same show again, and he can see that I am the dominant animal around here … and it eats him up inside.

Crowd murmurs now, sensing what is coming next.

Batista: Randy Orton…

Crowd boos.

Batista: I’ll tell you what, Randy, you say you’re the Legend – wait, you say you’re the “Career Killer” – well, guess what, you’re looking at the biggest career on this damn show, so why don’t you get your ass out here NOW?!!

The crowd pops at Batista’s forcefulness, as he scowls at the entrance stage, awaiting his future opponent. However, instead our eyes, as well as Batista’s, are drawn up to the Titan Tron where the smug and smiling figure of Randy Orton stands facing the screen drawing huge heat. He is clad in his non-wrestling attire of a shirt, clearly not prepared for action.

Randy Orton: Batista…

The crowd boos Orton’s first words, whilst Batista leans on the ropes looking extremely frustrated.

Randy Orton: I’m sorry but there must be some kind of misunderstanding, ‘cause (indicates his clothes) as you can see, I’m not quite ready to compete yet tonight.

The crowd boos, as Orton grins slightly, and Batista shakes his head with exasperation.

Randy Orton: But I will be ready later tonight, so just hold on, ‘cause I am still gonna be out there tonight for our match as promised. But… but I just wanted to say a few things to you tonight… Dave.

Crowd boos, as Batista glares up at Orton.

Randy Orton: I just wanted to let you know just what the hell you are letting yourself in for tonight when you partner up with … The Undertaker!

The crowd pops at the mention of The Undertaker’s name.

Randy Orton: I was just wondering, Dave, how you feel about that? How does it feel to be teaming with a man who has no friends? He has no partners. I might be the one who spent most of last year kicking his ass, but, Dave, when The Undertaker looks at us both … he sees no difference.

Crowd boos.

Randy Orton: Let me tell you this, Dave, all The Undertaker sees when he looks at you is that belt around your waist. That’s all he cares about. Tonight, Dave, it’s not gonna be a tag team match; it’s gonna be a massacre!

Crowd boos.

Randy Orton: (Laughing) I mean seriously, Dave, you can’t really think that The Undertaker has your back tonight? Or your front? Or your sides? He wants you and me as weak as possible before the Royal Rumble, and that’s why tonight, Dave, The Undertaker … will … turn … on … you!

The crowd boos, as Batista starts to look a little more concerned by what Randy Orton is saying.

Randy Orton: And for all of you who don’t believe me, well, all I really need to say is let’s roll the footage from last week. Let’s take a look at how The Undertaker treats people who try to help him.

The Titan Tron flickers up to show the footage from last week’s Main Event, where Randy Orton went one-on-one with The Undertaker.

Back in the ring, Orton waits for Undertaker to get back up to his feet and then swings the chair back … but Batista grabs hold of it from the ring apron! Batista pulls the weapon away from Orton and shakes his head at the “Legend Killer”. Suddenly, Undertaker comes running at Orton for the big boot, but Orton ducks and Undertaker inadvertently knocks Batista off the apron. Undertaker stares at Batista for a moment before turning around … into an RKO!
The Titan Tron returns to the smiling face of Orton, whilst the crowd boos what they just saw. Batista is staring fixatedly at the screen still, clearly contemplating what he just saw.

Randy Orton: Dave, The Undertaker hates you. He hates you because of all of the success you’ve had on Smackdown, he hates you because you have what he thinks is his. The World … Heavyweight … Championship!

Crowd boos.

Randy Orton: I just think you should think about that, Dave. I’ll see you later tonight!

Randy Orton’s grinning image disappears from the screen and we are left with the boos following him, as Batista is left standing in the ring, deep in though, staring at his title around his belt.

[Commercial Break]

When we return to Friday Night Smackdown, James and Chad Dick are already in the ring prepping themselves for action and rubbing one another down, until…

**Mexicool** hits to an impressive pop the crowd and the familiar sound of engines can be heard, as Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud all ride onto the stage and down to the ring on their Juan Deere’s. Juventud takes his place at ringside, whilst Crazy and Psicosis both leap gleefully into the ring for their match.

Match #1
Tag Team Match

The Mexicools
w/ Juventud vs. The Dicks

Summary: Two young and impressive teams look to make their mark on Friday Night’s and prove themselves as worthy challengers to the current champions MNM. The Dicks are using their superior strength to dominate the lighter high-fliers. Right now in the ring it is James Dick and Super Crazy going at it, with James pounding on the Mexican in the corner. James whips Crazy across the ring into the opposite corner and races after him. Crazy gets a boot up and catches James in the face, knocking him away. With James reeling, Crazy springs up onto the top rope and goes for a Moonsault onto the standing Dick. James moves out of the way though and Crazy uses his amazing athleticism to land on his feet. The crowd applauds Crazy’s balance, but he turns around straight into a thunderous clothesline from James!

James tags Chad in and they both go to work on Crazy, hammering the plucky Mexican in the far corner, whilst Psicosis paces around nervously on the apron. James goes back onto the apron, as Chad raises Super Crazy back up … and we cut across to the entrance stage, where we see another young tag team, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, observing the match. Chad points threateningly at them and whips Crazy into the ropes. Crazy ducks the oncoming clothesline and rebounds off the opposite set of ropes, coming racing back at Chad and catching him with an amazing Flying Headscissors! That move came out of nowhere, and both Super Crazy and Chad Dick are now down, crawling towards their respective partners. They both make the tag at the same time!

James Dick comes running in and swings at the onrushing Psicosis … but the nimble Mexican ducks underneath and spins, catching James with huge spinning heel kick to the jaw. James Dick goes down hard and his brother Chad comes at Psicosis next … but he gets a spinning heel kick too! The Mexicools are on fire now and Super Crazy drops a standing Moonsault on Chad, as Psicosis drops a Leg drop in tandem! Chad rolls to the outside, with Super Crazy following him. Crazy springboards over the ropes onto Chad and both men go down. Back in the ring, Psicosis is watching his partner on the outside, not noticing James Dick creeping up behind him. James gets a schoolboy roll up on Psicosis for the pin … but Psicosis rolls straight through into his own cover … one, two, three!!!

Winners: The Mexicools

**Mexicool** plays over the PA again, as Juventud helps Super Crazy back into the ring and the three Mexicans begin to celebrate jubilantly. Up the ramp, Brian Kendrick and Paul London nod thoughtfully at what they just saw, before retreating back inside.

Michael Cole: Wow, what a great victory over The Dicks for The Mexicools. They’re such an exciting team!

Tazz: You’re not kidding, Cole. We’ve got a lot of really great young teams on Smackdown at the moment. MNM, The Dicks, the Mexicools, Regal and Burchill, and, you just saw them doing some, uh, scouting … Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Michael Cole: Absolutely, partner, MNM better watch their backs, instead of worrying about Rey Mysterio. But what about those comments from Randy Orton earlier, Tazz?

Tazz: Oh, he’s smart, Cole, he’s playing mind games with the World Heavyweight Champion before the Royal Rumble. That Tag Team Main Event is still to come tonight!

[Commercial Break]

When we return from the break we cut backstage to where Steve Romero is standing by.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit!

Chris Benoit steps into the shot, still wearing a slightly disappointed expression on his face following his loss to Booker T last week. He gets a huge pop from the crowd though. He is dressed for combat tonight.

Steve Romero: Now, Chris, in just nine days from now you will be part of the most star studded Royal Rumble in WWE history. You’ve won it once before on 2004, but what are your thoughts on possibly doing it again?

Chris Benoit: Steve, when I won the Royal Rumble two years ago, it wasn’t about how much I weighed or how tall I was … it wasn’t about size or strength … it was about who was the very best … and in 2004, I proved why I was the best.

Crowd pops.

Steve Romero: Now, last week you were involved in a hellacious No Holds Barred match with Booker T for the United States Championship, a match that you lost. What are your thoughts on this?

Chris Benoit: I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt, Steve, ‘cause it did. I said it before and I’ll say it again now, this thing between Booker and me is over, it ended last week for good. I never complain, and last week it was No DQ … and Booker beat me. There’s nothing I can do about that now.

Steve Romero: But-

Chris Benoit: But that doesn’t mean a thing as I head towards the Royal Rumble in nine days time. My focus is no longer the United States title … my focus is now the World Heavyweight Championship. My focus is on winning the Rumble and Main Eventing Wrestlemania once again.

Crowd pops.

Chris Benoit: There are twenty-nine other men in that match, but I don’t think any of them want it as much as I do. It might be an over the top rope match, but if anyone gets in my way, there’s gonna be nothing that can stop me from making their ass tap out!

Benoit gives both Romero and the camera an intense stare, before walking away briskly, before we next cut to…

We head into Theodore Long’s office, where he is sat at his desk going through some papers, as…

???: Theodore Long!

Long stands up quickly, as John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield strolls into the office without even knocking, clad in his suit and cowboy hat, with Jillian Hall following him. He is greeted by huge heat from the crowd.

Theodore Long: JBL? Excuse me, what the hell are you doing coming in here without knocking? Shouldn’t you be in action tonight?

JBL smiles his toothy grin and removes his hat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Listen up, Larry Jay –

Theodore Long: I don’t wanna hear any “Larry Jay” business, now if you’ve got something you wanna say, then you go ahead and say it, JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Look, Slick Willy-

Theodore Long: Drop the name callin’, JBL.

JBL looks back at Jillian and smiles arrogantly, before turning back to Long.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Just listen to what I’ve got to say, Mister T. I’ve got a proposition for ya … one that not even you can afford to turn down.

Theodore Long: Well, just what would that be, JBL?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now you saw what I did to Matt Hardy, you saw what Chris Benoit just had to say about the Royal Rumble match … everybody on this show has been going at it for weeks just thinking about the Rumble.

Teddy Long actually looks quite interested now, stroking his chin, as JBL grins at Jillian.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And it got me thinking about next week…

Theodore Long: Well, what about next week?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Me. John … Bradshaw … Layfield … the Wrestling GAWWWWWWDDD! Me, standing slap bang in the middle of that ring, with all of the fans chanting my name … JBL … JBL … JB-

Theodore Long: Would you get to the point, playa?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You got a Wrestling God in that ring, you got me … JBL … announcing a guaranteed victory for my show – MY SHOW – in the Royal Rumble … when you give me the number thirty spot in the Rumble match!

This idea is greeted by huge heat from the crowd, whilst Teddy Long does not look impressed.

Theodore Long: Now, playa, I appreciate you wantin’ Smackdown to win the Royal Rumble, but it ain’t gonna happen that way. But I’ll tell ya what, JBL, you’ve given me an idea that I was talkin’ through with Eric Bischoff the other night.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And what’s that?

Theodore Long: Next week, right here on Friday Night Smackdown – the last Friday Night Smackdown before the Royal Rumble – there’s gonna be six men from Smackdown and six men from Raw competing in a twelve man over-the-top rope challenge match with the winner getting the number thirty spot in the Royal Rumble! Now are yoo feelin' dat... playa!

Crowd pops. JBL looks absolutely horrified at the news.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: WHAT???!! That is my spot – MY SPOT! But I will tell you now, Theodore Long, you can throw whatever the damn hell you want at me and it won’t make a difference. I smell like smoke ‘cause I have –

JBL notices that Teddy Long is turning back to his desk, looking disinterested. Bradshaw pulls Long back around aggressively and points at him, to which Long looks annoyed.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hey! I smell like smoke ‘cause I have walked through fire! You can put whatever obstacles you want in my path, but when it’s all said and done, the announcer will call out my name as the winner of the Royal Rumble match and moving on the Main Event Wrestlemania again … like a true AMER - ICAN HERO … John … ‘Bradshaw’ … Layfield!!!

And with a final scowl in Teddy Long’s direction, JBL storms out of the office with Jillian Hall trailing behind, leaving Long looking a little flustered.

[Commercial Break]

We return back to see Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentlemen, before the break we had a huge announcement from our Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long; a twelve-man over the top rope battle royal next week, right here on Smackdown!

Tazz: Oh, baby, that number thirty spot in the Royal Rumble match is gonna be on the line, and you gotta believe that whoever gets it will be in the driving seat for that match!

Michael Cole: And that’s not all, with Teddy Long inviting superstars from Monday Night Raw over too!

Tazz: That’s gonna be huge, Cole, what a preview to the Rumble it’s gonna be!

**Booyaka 619** blasts over the PA to a huge pop from the Florida crowd, as the minute but powerful Rey Mysterio leaps out onto the stage energetically. He salutes the fans and motions up to the heavens and to the late, great Eddie Guerrero, before racing down to the ring. Jumping into the ring, he ascends to the top turnbuckle and waves to all of his supporters, as…

**Paparazzi** hits to loud heat, heralding the arrival of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Joey Mercury struts out onto the stage, flanked by his partner Johnny Nitro and Melina, who are dressed in their non-wrestling attire. All three of MNM glare at Rey with sinister scowls, as the footage of last week plays on the Titan Tron, showing how Rey caused Mercury to knock Melina off the apron, allowing Mysterio to roll Nitro up for the win in their singles contest. Melina gives Mercury some strict instructions, before he heads into combat.

Match #2
Rey Mysterio vs. Joey Mercury

Summary: Continuing this mini feud heading into the Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio and Joey Mercury put on a very impressive display, as one would expect from two excellent ring workers. Right now it is Mercury who has taken control of the match, after countering a crossbody by Rey into his own roll up. Mercury applies the reverse chin lock, trying to wear Mysterio down, despite the crowd chanting for Rey and “Eddie Guerrero”. Mercury, Nitro and Melina all yell at the fans to “Shut Up”, but Rey builds from their support and begins to fight back up to his feet. Mysterio elbows Mercury in the gut and shoves the Hollywood regular into the ropes. Rey leaps up for a dropkick, but Mercury grabs the ropes and Rey lands on his feet. He races towards Mercury, who ducks and back body drops Mysterio to the outside!

The crowd boos, as Mercury distracts the referee, allowing Johnny Nitro to sneak up on Rey. He lifts the Cruiserweight legend up and goes for a swinging neckbreaker … but Rey drops down and shoves Nitro into the steel steps knee first! The crowd pops, whilst Rey points threateningly at Melina and jumps back up into the ring. Mercury charges and Mysterio drop toe holds him onto the second rope in preparation of the 619. Rey salutes the crowd and races into the ropes … but Melina grabs his foot! Rey is tripped up and he turns angrily on Melina, who just blows him a little kiss. Rey goes to reach over the ropes to grab her … but Joey Mercury is suddenly back up, as he races across the ring and rolls Rey up from behind. The referee counts, and Mercury furtively throws his feet onto the ropes for some extra leverage … one, two, three!!!

Winner: Joey Mercury

**Paparazzi** commences once again, as Joey Mercury quickly rolls out of the ring, a triumphant smile on his face. He and Melina help up the injured Nitro and they back up the ramp, all the while taunting Rey Mysterio, who stands back in the ring looking aghast at the defeat he just suffered.

Michael Cole: Dammit! Joey Mercury just stole one! Rey had the match won until Melina and Nitro got involved.

Tazz: Well, I – I guess that’s what you get when you try to take on both WWE Tag Team Champions at once, eh, Cole?

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio is certainly finding that out the hard way, partner, but coming up now, we get a sneak preview of a man soon to make his debut on Smackdown, starting in nine days at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: This guy is a tough son of a bitch … and I can’t wait till he arrives!

We cut to a black screen.

Narrator: The Irishman ... is coming.

Images of Finlay and the luscious fields of Northern Ireland run past the screen.

Narrator: This man loves to fight...

Images of Finlay in bars brawling

Narrator: And loves to win...

Images of Finlay spitting on a fallen opponent in the ring.

Narrator: Finlay is coming...

Images of Finlay with a grin on his face, raising his arms in the air triumphantly.

Narrator: January 29th, 2006 at the Royal Rumble...

Images of Finlay hitting someone with the `Celtic Cross' is seen, and we see a little leprechaun’s face from under the ring smiling sadistically at the camera.

Narrator: Finlay brings the fight to the WWE ... in the Royal Rumble Match.

We cut from final images of Finlay holding his shillelagh in his hand and the little leprechaun standing at his side with his arms raised in a boxer-like position.

Narrator: Finlay arrives on Friday Night Smackdown … soon!

[Commercial Break]

When Friday Night Smackdown returns **Bawitdaba** is just fading into the background to some low level heat, as the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash poses in the ring with his title belt, as…

**Whatever** hits over the PA to a huge pop and the “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit marches out down the ramp, cracking his neck and looking all business as usual.

Match #3
Non-title Match

Kid Kash vs. Chris Benoit

Summary: A fairly impressive match between these two great workers, used mainly as a way to get Chris Benoit on the card, as well as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Benoit dominates the majority of the match up, and is lighting up Kash’s chest with a series of brutal chops in the corner, until Kash rakes the eyes of the former World Heavyweight Champion, ignoring the protests of the referee. Kash goes after Benoit’s arm with some well-aimed kicks, trying to remove the Crippler Crossface from the equation. Kash whips Benoit across the ring, but Benoit ducks through it and grabs the Cruiserweight Champion from behind, locking in his hands and nailing a German Suplex! Benoit rolls his hips and nails two more Germans for a complete trio, leaving Kid Kash laid out in the centre of the ring. He signals to the crowd that the end is near with the cutthroat gesture, before ascending to the top rope…

Benoit comes flying off the top rope looking for the Headbutt … but Kash moves! Benoit connects face first with the canvas, almost knocking himself out, and Kash scrambles back up to his feet. Kash grins, seeing that he is know in control, and pulls Benoit back up to his feet. He raises Benoit up into the air in the Vertical Suplex position, as though he is about to go for the Dead Level (Brainbuster), but Benoit shows his resilience, as he drives his knees down onto Kash’s skull. Kash is forced to release Benoit and the “Rabid Wolverine” falls down behind his opponent. Kash turns and Benoit grabs him, dragging him down to the mat quickly by the left arm, locking the hands across the face and wrenching back to synch in the devastating Crippler Crossface! Kid Kash taps almost immediately!!!

Winner: Chris Benoit

**Whatever** hits once again and Chris Benoit leaves the ring immediately, following a job well done heading into the Royal Rumble. The crowd cheers loudly for the “Wolverine” as he makes his exit.

Michael Cole: Well, Chris Benoit certainly looks focused heading into the Royal Rumble match in nine days, and I’m starting to think that we might get a repeat of 2004!

Tazz: You can never count out the “Rabid Wolverine”, Cole; you know that better than most guys.

Michael Cole: You’re absolutely right, Tazz. Well, ladies and gentlemen, still to come tonight, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista will team with The Undertaker, one of the men who he will face come January the 29th, to take on Randy Orton and a mystery partner.

Tazz: I can’t see that ending well, Cole. You’ve got three guys in there who hate one another’s guts. Throw in there Randy Orton’s partner, whoever it might be, and who’ve got all the workings of a straight out brawl!

We cut to backstage to find William Regal standing before the screen, a fearsome scowl upon his face.

William Regal: My name is William Regal…

Crowd boos instantly.

William Regal: And there was a time, not so long ago, when I was one of the greatest wrestlers in this business and held numerous, esteemed championships…

The crowd boos, as Regal shakes his head slowly.

William Regal: But as of late, things have changed, and that is no longer the case. My name is no longer feared around here. And do you know why? Well, I’ll tell you why…

The crowd doesn’t want to hear what Regal has to say and continues to boo him, displaying the kind of heat that he always receives.

William Regal: It is because I have spent far too long gallivanting around with half-brained dimwits and dancing idiots with no concept of what it means to be respectable or have any sense of how to dress right!

The crowd boos at this blatant insulting of Eugene and Scotty 2 Hotty.

William Regal: Allow me to tell you something … this business is going to stop right now. No more is William Regal going to be a babysitter to the moronic nephews of Eric Bischoff … no more will I be a lackey to every ponce who crosses my path!

Crowd boos.

William Regal: I have had enough of being everybody’s whipping boy and I have had it up to here with being the butt of every bloody joke out there!

Crowd boos.

William Regal: Last week you witnessed the new side of William Regal, as I make my mark on the WWE and Friday Night Smackdown once again. With my friend Paul Burchill at my side…

The muscular frame of Paul Burchill steps into the shot looking menacing.

William Regal: With Paul at my side, it will be only a matter of time until William Regal once again wears championship gold around his waist … and that, my friends … is a promise!

The crowd boos, as both Regal and Burchill smile sinisterly into the camera, as we fade into another commercial.

[Commercial Break]

We return back to Friday Night Smackdown and to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, everyone, and before the break we heard some rather choice words from William Regal.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole, William Regal and Paul Burchill are two tough English guys who love beating people up. The Smackdown locker room has been placed on notice.

Michael Cole: But right now, ladies and gentlemen, with just nine days to go until he makes his return in the Royal Rumble match, we are joined once again, from his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin … Mister Ken Kennedy!

The Titan Tron cuts to what looks like a comfy home, with a lush décor, with Ken Kennedy settling himself in front of the camera in his seat with a broad smile across his face. He is also chewing some gum, and looking rather disinterested with the whole thing.

Michael Cole: Now, Mister Kennedy, with only a matter of days before –

Ken Kennedy: Woah, woah, woah woah… let’s just hold up for a second there, Michael Cole. Y’see, I’m just not feelin’ it tonight … I’m just not feelin’ it at all.

The crowd boos at Kennedy’s rude interruption, whilst Michael Cole and Tazz look a little confused.

Michael Cole: I’m not sure –

Ken Kennedy: Respect, Michael Cole, respect. It’s a simple word that I’m sure even all of these idiots in Fort Lauderdale – no wait, scratch that, these guys can barely spell their own names.

Kennedy smiles arrogantly, whilst some cheap heat pours in.

Ken Kennedy: It’s called respect, Michael Cole. It’s something that you better start giving to the future of Sport’s Entertainment, who is sitting right here before you!

Crowd boos.

Michael Cole: Well I –

Ken Kennedy: The man who, before this terrible, tragic injury, was single handily changing the face of Friday Night Smackdown. No, no, wait, let’s just think about that for a moment; I was changing the entire face of professional wrestling. Y’see, fellas, I’ve been watching the show all night, I watched it last week, I watched it the week before that and the week before that. In fact, I’ve been watching it every single freakin’ week since my injury. And d’ya wanna know what my thoughts are? D’ya wanna know just what I think?

Crowd boos.

Ken Kennedy: Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that quite frankly Friday Night Smackdown … sucks!

Crowd boos.

Ken Kennedy: No, no, see you can all boo me if you really want, but I know and you all sure as hell know that I’m right. I can see it on each and every one of your faces. Smackdown sucks, Raw sucks; in fact the whole WWE sucks without its shining light paving the way each and every week… me!

Crowd boos.

Ken Kennedy: But… the wait is almost over. In just nine days – count them if you can Fort Lauderdale, nine days – the future of Smackdown will be making his glorious return to the WWE, where he will … ride into the Royal Rumble match and hurl each and every one of those losers over the top rope until only one man is left standing. ONE MAN! And his name is…

Crowd tries to drown him out with boos.


Extreme heat from the crowd, as Kennedy steps forwards towards the camera so that his nose is almost pressing against the screen.


And with that, Ken Kennedy gives the camera a final scowl, before storming off, as the Titan Tron returns to normal, and we return to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Well, our, uh, thanks to Mister Kennedy for providing us with yet another unique interview.

Tazz: Uh, yeah, Cole, he certainly seems hyped for the Rumble.

Royal Rumble Recall – 1995 Royal Rumble – Shawn Michaels and The British Bulldog enter #1 and #2, going the full distance until the “Heart Break Kid” is finally triumphant.

When we return to the ring, Doug Basham is already in place warming up, as **Soldier** hits to a nice pop, and “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, throwing his arms apart and setting off his pyro, before pacing down to the ring.

Match #4
Bobby Lashley vs. Doug Basham

Summary: As one would expect, nothing more than a glorified squash match to get Bobby Lashley, who was absent last week, on the card. A short and sweet contest with Basham getting in a few right hands before Lashley powers through with a thundering clothesline. Lashley lifts Basham up for a Vertical Suplex and shows off his amazing strength by holding Basham with one arm, before crashing down to the mat. Doug struggles back up to his feet and is flattened by a devastating spear! Instead of going for an easy pin, Lashley decides to play to the crowd, and brings Basham up onto his shoulder, before delivering the Dominator. Doug isn’t moving, and Lashley only has to place an arm over the twin for a simple … one, two, three!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley @ 04:23

[Commercial Break]

When we return to Smackdown we cut instantly backstage, where Kristal is standing by with a microphone in hand, looking very attractive as usual.

Kristal: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton.

A smirking Randy Orton steps into the frame, now dressed for combat, as the crowd give him huge heat.

Kristal: Now, Randy, in just a few moments, you and a handpicked partner will be teaming up to take on the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and The Undertaker. What kind of person would agree to team with you against such opponents?

Randy Orton: Kristal, I’m not gonna pretend it wasn’t difficult. I mean, it’s The Undertaker and Batista, and let’s face it, not everyone has the same ability as me.

Orton glances over his shoulder slyly.

Randy Orton: But I think I’ve got myself the perfect partner. This guy has no respect for the two guys we’re about to face. He’s…

Before Orton can finish the United States Champion Booker T enters the shot with a huge smile on his face, which is returned by his partner for the evening. Sharmell is in attendance.

Booker T: He’s the five-time, five-time, five-time Dubya’ C Dubya’ Champion! That’s righ’, yu lookin’ at the United States Champion, yu lookin’ at the man who beat Chris Benoit’s punk ass down last week, and naw, naw Batista and The Undertaker are gunna get it again!

Orton laughs and slaps Booker warmly on the shoulder.

Randy Orton: Let’s do this, Booker. Let’s go.

With a final smirk at the camera, the pairing of Randy Orton and Booker T swagger off out of shot, leaving Kristal looking rather shocked.

{Commercial Break}

Upon returning from the break **Can You Dig It, Sucka?** is fading into the background, as Booker T and Sharmell pose in the ring with the United States title, as…

**Burn In My Light** hits to a chorus of boos and out comes the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton. He performs his Destiny pose at the top of the ramp before the Golden Rain and swaggers down to the ring, where he and Booker T try to psyche one another up.

**I Walk Alone** is up over the PA next to a huge pop next, as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista comes out quickly, wasting no time tonight, as he sets off his pyro and heads down to the ring, scattering the cowardly Orton and Booker to the outside in the process. Orton is reminding Batista of what he had said earlier, until…

**Graveyard Symphony** booms out eerily, causing both Orton and Booker T to jump and back away nervously, whilst Batista silently awaits his partner. Out comes The Undertaker through the mist, making his slow and majestic entrance, until he clambers slowly into the ring and removes his garments, standing eye-to-eye with “The Animal”.

Match #5
Tag Team Match

Randy Orton & Booker T vs. Batista & The Undertaker

Summary: A main event filled with tension and importance tonight, as the hostility between The Undertaker and Batista is clear from the outset. Neither one of them will leave the ring until the referee steps in and forces Batista to head onto the apron, allowing Undertaker to begin the match. Booker T begins the match too, which is the way the match is for the majority, with Undertaker refusing to tag in Batista, whilst Booker and Orton show great team work, tagging in and out regularly, working on Undertaker’s left knee.

Right now, Undertaker is down on the mat clutching at his knee in agony, as Orton raises him up into a slightly elevated version of the Boston Crab, putting some real pressure on The Undertaker’s lower body. We see a display of raw, brute power from Undertaker, as he twists his body suddenly and catapults Orton away into the ropes. Struggling back up to his feet, Undertaker is attacked by a flurry of right hands from Undertaker, before whipping the “Phenom” into the ropes. Orton makes a critical error though, as he lowers his head a second too early, and Undertaker counters with a running DDT!

With both legal men down, the race is on to get the tag to their partner first, crawling agonisingly across the ring as they are. Undertaker clambers up to his feet and goes to tag Batista … but stops. Undertaker decides against it and turns around … but Batista tags himself in anyway, much to the fury of the “Deadman”. Orton tags in Booker T, who races across the ring … straight into a spinebuster! The crowd pops, as Batista stares at Undertaker constantly. Batista points at Undertaker, as he lifts Booker T up and sets him up for the Batista Bomb. The two behemoths lock eyes … but Randy Orton nails Batista with a steel chair to the spine! The referee has no choice but to ring the bell for the disqualification.

Winners via Disqualification: Batista & The Undertaker @ 14:53

As the referee has the bell rung, Batista collapses to the mat clutching his spine, as Orton stands over him with the chair. Undertaker steps into the ring and advances on Orton, who backs away nervously … but Undertaker freezes. The crowd is unsure what to think, as the “Phenom” simply throws a look down on “The Animal” before turning his back and exiting the ring, heading back up the ramp. The crowd are still cheering the “Deadman” regardless. Back in the ring, Orton is smiling broadly, as he drives the steel chair into Batista’s abdomen over and over again, whilst Booker T cheers him on and puts the boot to the World Heavyweight Champion. With “The Animal” down, abandoned by his partner, proving the “Legend Killer” right, Randy Orton picks up Batista’s title belt and holds it high in the air to loud boos, as **Burn In My Light** hits over the PA once again, and Smackdown goes off the air.

End Show

Current Card for the Royal Rumble
January 29th 2006
Location: American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida
Theme:"Stricken" by Disturbed

Royal Rumble Match;
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand's Champion at WrestleMania XXII:

Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Booker T, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chris Benoit, Finlay, Gregory Helms, John `Bradshaw' Layfield, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Kane, Ken Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Matt Striker, Rey Mysterio, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam

WWE Championship Match:

Kurt Angle © vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple Threat:

Batista © vs. Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

Royal Rumble Qualifier:
John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels
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