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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Been a while since I checked in eh Brandon? Sorry mate, life's been a killer lately...

Opening promo was very nicely done, and while neither man was always "on" they both did a good job, and this feud is always a goodie, no matter who or how it's written. Great title match for the Rumble, IMO this could main event Mania it's that good

Big Show flattens Kane and causes the SS to win and we have new tag champs, thank God. Now let's hope Kane beats Show in their feud, and SS drop the belts to a credible team soon

RVD/Edge promo was good. Edge was very well in character, RVD sorta a mixed bag but it's really hard to get a good promo out of RVD, but if anyone can do it it's Edge so yeah, nice work

Ah good, Trish > Lita in ALL aspects of the business

Nice Striker's Classroom segment, he was well in character and got his typical brash attitude across

Helms over Haas seems to be happening in alot of BTB's lately, but whatever. Eugene appears post match with that lump Rosey! Ugh, why are these two on the show! Helms can do better, even a feud with Haas

Carlito has turned heel, das cool. He'll no doubt involve himself in the Flair/Shelton match

Shelton wins thanks a bunch to Carlito for indeed screwing Flair out like I thought he would. Alot of mini-feuds are alive here going into the Rumble which is cool

Cena/Michaels going on currently doesn't make this the best feud to have going, if that's what is going on...

Good main event, HBK walks out on Cena, but Superman manages to pick up the win anyways. Trips drills Angle with the Pedigree, making a statement ahead of their title match, and all looks good ahead of the Rumble, which I'll no doubt be back for

8.5/10. Very good stuff Brandon.

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