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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Nice way to start the show, with McMahon and Bischoff really putting the odds against Cena and HBK. Putting them against each other at the Rumble and putting them in some tough matches next week. Looks like Vince and Eric will try to make sure that the two don't even get to the Rumble anyhow.

This was good promo here, both characters sounded well in character. However it probally could of been longer and very suprised that you wouldn't have things kick off between the two. However i expect things to kick off during the main event.

Damn very long summary for this match, but just make sure not to write them too long as i used to write HUGE match summaries on TV shows in past and wore me out. Anyway onto the match. Decent match with Kane/Show dominating it until Big Show turns on Kane costing him the match, and we have new tag team champions. Kane/Show for some reason seems to be a very popular feud on these forums for some odd reason, and it looks like these two will feud onto to a possible WM match. Will be interesting to see who will challenge Spirit Squad as possible contenders as during this time period there were basically no teams on Raw whatsoever.

Nice promo here and looks like RVD is going back to his roots with the RVD 4:20 Line, while still keeping on with his cool act. Look forward to RVD's comeback at Rumble, and Edge still has his MITB contract so i am predicting that Angle will retain title against HHH, and then Edge comes in and cashes in the MITB.

Meh this match doesn't excite me but it is a divas's match so no suprise there. Trish Stratus picks up the win with the Chick Kick.

Great typical Matt Stryker promo here, this time hyping up the Royal Rumble match. Was well in character.

Solid match here with Haas stealing the win holding onto the tights. Interesting aftermath with the Freaks making their way to the ring and Helms flees the ring. Expecting this to be only a way to get Helms over at the end of it but please Push Goldust i will pay you

Solid promo here, Carlito was in character but promo extremely short. Looks like he will be costing Flair his IC Title which is good, as the IC title should be held for people getting pushed and not people who have already had their prime.

Prediction is right as Shelton Benjamin wins the IC title thanks to Carlito. Interesting aftermath with Shelton tossing Carlito the outside, so could we possibly have future triple threat match?

Meh this was probally your weakest promo overall tonight, Cena didn't look in character. He is not the kind of guy to be wanting to join forces with someone, he is more of like a loner type character who doesn't need anyone to help him. Just my opinion.

Great Main Event, and you got Cena bang on character this time here Brandon, with him fighting the odds to win the match. Loved the part with HBK and HHH laughing at each other and then walking out, possible future DX reunion? Good aftermath with HHH getting first blow on Angle hitting him with the pedigree.

Overall good show here Brandon, Royal Rumble Card looks extremely stacked with two big title matches, Cena/HBK and of course the Rumble.
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