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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legendís Smackdown Review

First look in here, and since youíve given me so many reviews, time for me to return some.

Great opening promo to start the show. You captured Randy Ortonís character very nicely, which doesnít seem to be the easiest thing to and you pretty much mastered Teddy. You portrayed him perfectly. Your descriptions of both Orton (particularly his entrance) and Teddy were both done so well that is was very easy to visualise what was going on. Big match announced for tonight and I can see the Undertaker going over. Your crowd involvement was also very good, you created a good picture as to just what was going on with them as well. Excellent start.

Entertaining match up here between OJ and Hardy. I think pointing out at the start of the match that it was not a squash was a good thing, but after reading the entire match I feel that it was not necessary in reality, as there were so many counters and it was made to appear very competitive. Hardy avoiding Orlandoís big punch and turning it into the Side Effect was nice. The aftermath was good to with Bradshaw coming out and extracting some revenge from last week (I imagine?). This match flowed quite nicely and once again your descriptions of the wrestlers movements were quite good and made it very easy to paint a good picture in my head.

Excellent promo from JBL that improved as it went on. At first Bradshaw was a little off, but once it kept going, it kept getting better. Iíll be very, very surprised if we donít see Matt Hardy eliminate JBL from the Rumble. I think it feud is going to keep escalating until, probably No Way Out in which it should culminate. Anyway, nice promo here too man, you captured his character nicely and once again it was very easy to visualise. You need to be careful on a few instances thus far, your spelling, grammar and general wording has been a little off and has taken away from the quality. JBL saying ďgottenĒ for instance.

Hereís the squash match for the evening. Burchill and Regal are a godly tag team. Decent enough match up here, the ending was great just because he busted out the C-4. Regal and Burchill come out of this looking very strong. On that note, I love the Regal Stretch, Iíd love for someone in btb to book Regal so well that the Regal Stretch was a regarded a dreaded submission hold similar to the Ankle Lock or the Crossface.

Good hype for Kennedy, but I gotta be honest I wasnít feeling it as much in this promo as I was in previous ones. There were a few grammatical errors right at the start which were a turn off for me. Donít get me wrong, it was a good promo, but it wasnít up to the high standard youíve set thus far during the show. I did like Kennedy walking out of picture, only to jump back and repeat his name, that was pretty cool.

Short, but highly enjoyable match here. Best of the night thus far. You painted the picture of what was going on superbly, it was very, very easy to visualise. Rey picks up the win, purely getting him on the card and getting him a bit of exposure before the rumble, and further establishing his underdog status as he just overcame the odds to beat Johnny Nitro despite his MNM chronies at ringside. Great match.
Nice promo from Booker here, hyping his match with Benoit. You kept him in character pretty well, but I have to be honest I thought you went a little bit overboard with the slang. Iím sure others think it was great, but for me it was a little much, just a matter of preference. None the less, good promo.

Great match between Booker and Benoit. You worded it well once again and it flowed along very nicely, with both guys coming out looking strong. The snap suplex on to the title was a cool spot for a near fall. Iím really enjoying how youíre putting over all the wrestlers movements and emotions so well. The ending of this one was a little bit unrealistic, Iím not sure how Booker, in one of the most dreaded submissions could somehow find the will or the strength to pick up the title belt and somehow crack Benoit, the aggressor over the head with it? The ending was a little bit of a downer on a very well written match.

Decent Batista and Orton segment here. Once again you portrayed Orton very, very well. I thought Batista was a little off, but he seems to be a very hard character to capture when heís not playing the intense, psycho, heel. Good hype for the Main Event and for the Rumble. Could you be building towards Undertaker v Batista at Mania?

Great Main Event, man. Great ending to a great show. Orton and Taker put on a good match, that once again, you portrayed very nicely and made it very easy to capture an image. As soon as Taker booted Batista, it was obvious that he would win, but I did like that spot a lot. It was very cool. You involved Batista very well, but not too much which is good. Nice match with Taker coming out of it looking very good. I must admit that I wouldíve liked to have seen Batista get back in the ring in the aftermath and get nose to nose with Taker after what weíd just seen happen.

Overall, awesome show mate. I think this is the first show Iíve ever seen from you and I enjoyed it a lot. Your match writing is excellent, your promos were generally very good too. The only problem I had were the few grammatical errors that at times reflected poorly on the presentation and the flow of the match/promo. It just happened a few too many times to let slide, but none the less, very well done. Iíll be back for the next show.
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