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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

Review for Legend’s January 13 Smackdown episode

The show kicks off with the new #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Randy Orton. Though it’s something that usually goes unnoticed, you put tremendous detail in the description of his entrance, it really made it easy to visualize. Orton displays his arrogance from the very beginning and drops a “shoot” comment by stating that Taker is now nothing more than a stepping stone for himself and others to rise to the top, nice line. Orton vows to get retribution for Batista’s part in kicking him out of Evolution and win back the World Title at the Royal Rumble. Teddy Long comes out and despite questioning Orton’s tactics in last week’s match, The Legend Killer still gets his title shot. But he ends up dropping a bombshell by putting Orton in a match with the Undertaker for later on and if Taker wins, he gets added to the World Title match at the Rumble. Huge stipulation and I cannot wait for the main event. Excellent opening promo, written very well.

OJ vs. Matt Hardy
Lots of counters in this match, Hardy ducks underneath a hard right hand from Jordan and connects with the Side Effect. He stalks his opponent for the Twist of Fate and after some counters, he connects with it for the victory, which is the right move. The constant counters emphasized that this match was competitive and not a squash, which you referred to in the beginning. After you had Cole mention in the beginning to expect the bad blood between JBL and Hardy to continue, I wondered if JBL would get involved and he delivered a vicious beatdown to Matt, with the help of OJ. JBL gets retribution for being eliminated from the battle royal and makes a statement to Hardy, nice follow up on the events of the battle royal.

Very realistic and well written JBL promo, all his comments were extremely in character and the toothy grin is classic JBL. The segment was perfect, not much else to say. According to JBL, his feud with Hardy is over as he’s taken him out for good. But I think Hardy will come back for more and get revenge soon.

Funaki & Scotty vs. Regal & Burchill
Predictable winners here, though I was surprised it wasn’t a complete squash as the jobber team got a little bit of offense in. Burchill hits the C-4 as Regal has the Regal Stretch locked in on Scotty, forcing him to tap out. This served its purpose of getting Regal and Burchill a victory.

Ken Kennedy appears on the Titantron from his home for an interview and appears extremely in character, just as JBL was for promo. I laughed at the end of it when Kennedy walked away but then eventually jumped back in the picture to repeat his name. This did a nice job of hyping up his upcoming return at the Royal Rumble and re-establishing his arrogance.

Rey Mysterio vs. Johnny Nitro
Solid mid-card matchup for the show right here. I liked how you wrote the ending, with Rey overcoming the interference from Mercury and the distraction from Melina to eventually defeat Nitro with the West Coast Pop.

Nice Booker T promo, which was placed in the perfect spot, right before his US Title defense against Benoit. The writing wasn’t difficult at all to read, despite the slang, and it seemed realistic for Booker T’s character to pronunciate the way he did.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T
Great matchup here for the US Title, culminating their feud. Snap Suplex onto the title belt for a near fall was a cool spot. Benoit hits a baseball slide into a steel chair in front of Booker T’s face, another quality spot. Booker T takes the advantage after Sharmell provided a distraction. Eventually, Benoit counters the Scissors Kick with a Sharpshooter but Booker refuses to tap out, grabs the US Title and hits Benoit in the back with it for the pinfall. Very solid contest as Booker retains his belt.

Batista discusses the possibilities for his Title defense at the Rumble until Orton comes over and talks trash to the champ. Batista remains calm and collected, which was good writing considering you had him acknowledge how arrogant he is earlier in the segment, showing that he’s not going to let his cockiness phase him. Batista gets under Orton’s skin with a stinging comment, bringing up the month long title reign he had in ’04. I’m thinking that Orton will win in the main event and you will save a future Batista/Taker feud for another time.

Randy Orton vs. Undertaker
Ref bump leads to Orton going out to ringside for a steel chair. Batista comes down to prevent Orton from using the chair and Taker accidentally knocks him off the apron with a Big Boot. Now I think Taker will take this. Orton hits the RKO but the ref is still down from the earlier bump, giving Taker time to recover and eventually kick out. The Deadman ends up hitting a Chokeslam followed by a Tombstone Piledriver for the victory, making the World Title match at the Rumble a three-way dance.

Overall this was an excellent episode. You’re developing some quality feuds and I really enjoyed your promos, they were all written flawlessly. It’s clear to see that you put a great amount of detail into your writing and it definitely shows. I came away from this very impressed, excellent work.
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