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Re: Deadman & Legend Present: World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE.COM News and Notes

The Monday Night Raw Announce Team has been changed. Jim Ross will be returning to Raw effective this Monday Night and ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman is the only other announcer. WWE has come to terms on the release of Joey Styles. The WWE wish Joey Styles the best in his future endeavours.

Booker T and MNM have been added to the Royal Rumble, the reasoning is because of their magnificent performance lately, and because their champions on Smackdown. Rey Mysterio has been added for his spectacular performances over the last month in big matches.

Raw Preview:

Monday Night’s are heating up on the Road to the Rumble, live from Fort Lauderdale, Florida where another extravagant edition of Raw is heating up!

As if anymore animosity between The Chairman and Shawn Michaels, or John Cena and Eric Bischoff was needed tonight Eric Bischoff AND Mr. McMahon will be addressing Shawn Michaels and John Cena. The real question is, has hell frozen over? Because there must be something up the sleeves of The GM and Chairman to be working as a coherent unit, what do they have in store for their enemies???

And, if that wasn’t enough, John Cena and Shawn Michaels have bigger fish to fry then Vince and Eric, because on Raw there has been a huge main event signed in the form of a tag team contest. Surprisingly Eric Bischoff has paired Kurt Angle and Triple H TOGETHER against HBK and Cena on Raw. An epic classy encounter with the superstars of today pitted against one another, which team will prevail on Raw?

Shelton Benjamin has his own issues to deal with and that is, who he really is. Unsure of himself and very unreliable as of late makes Shelton Benjamin very unpredictable. Benjamin’s going to have to figure out who he really is fast as he’s been granted a big opportunity in the form of an Intercontinental Championship shot, against the current title holder, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Flair’s looking to retain his gold while Shelton’s trying to obtain the treasure of which he seeks, which mean will leave victorious, and after the heinous actions of Carlito last week in The Cabana, will he have anything to do with the outcome, plus what will Charlie Haas say after his former tag partner backed away from his handshake rejecting it?

Everyone is wondering what is happening as the tag team champion’s partnership is falling apart quicker then wild fire spreads through the forests! Last week Eric Bischoff forced the partners against each other and The Big Show left infuriated after his loss, this week the duo are forced against the uprising tag team, The Spirit Squad with the gold on the line. Can the champion’s hold it together? Or will the newcomers come together and use the miscommunications of their opponents against them?

Plus will Edge possibly cash in his Money in the Bank tonight, an outside possibility, but it is a possibility so stay tuned!

And, if that wasn’t enough, more Royal Rumble competitors will be announced and earn their spots, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Gregory Helms, Matt Striker, Trish Stratus, and so many more will be appearing and competiting on Monday Night Raw!

WWE News & Notes (Rumors/Unofficial)

It appears as if Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Joey Styles have been pulled from TV because of an immediate request of off time for Lawler with a severe family issue to deal with and Styles contract ran out as of last week which they are still negotiating until then he is off TV, but most likely he’s gone for good since he didn’t re-sign before WWE would of liked. As of now, Jim Ross has returned two weeks early to take his position back and right now the WWE is testing if Coach could do well with J.R whom can do most of the moves and Coach could play a good heel commentator that Lawler could have been.

Rumors are flying around about possible WrestleMania appearances this year, one of the hot topics is if Bret Hart will accept an induction into the Hall of Fame. WWE is pushing for this as they are hinting Mr. Perfect and Owen Hart inductions as well. Bret’s relationship with Vince has been rebuilt as the DVD they have done has shown it, but we’ve yet to see an acceptance of the induction, more on this at a later date and time.

WrestleMania buzz is already around with rating’s dramatically flying through the roof up with the Road to the Rumble. Raw has scored a 4.7 as a high for last week and SD has scored a 2.5 with UPN, unpleased with it is WWE, in the future they might look to venture away from UPN to another network, speculation about a possible FX move, TNT, or Spike TV is possible.

Buy rates have been a problem for WWE lately. They have been dropping and UFC’s have been rising. WWE looks to be setting out an ‘Ultimate’ Royal Rumble card this year that is a must see and buy. So far it looks that way and its being said on Raw the Rumble will truly receive another big match that will solidify it as a must see, if not any RR is just for the inaugural Royal Rumble match.

In other news, Finlay looks to be getting a push upon debut, as Kennedy’s return looks to be receiving mega hype and he must likely will receive a late entry into the Royal Rumble, plus Shelton Benjamin’s on the other end of a super push straight back into the Intercontinental Division. He may take the title on Raw this week, but right now plans say otherwise.

In a last tid bit, The Rock and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin look likely to appear on the Road to WrestleMania due to upcoming movies that are starting to be produced in ‘The Condemned’ with Steve Austin in the lead role, plus The Rock in a role likely to be in a roll for a movie actually not officially confirmed, but if he would appear for WWE, or even compete at WM his chances would definitely increase though The Rock could find other roles, more on this to come.


Legend’s still gone and will be back Sunday, things are going to plan still and SD at this point is planned to be up on the 19th, figured I’d add in the Raw preview now since its usually up on WWE.com right after Raw anyways. Enjoy.
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