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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Nice little opener to set up the ME, although I doubt Cena will win which in turn means that at The Royal Rumble we’ll get a heel vs. heel Main Event; Personally I like heel vs. heel programs but not for an ME title feud … meh, I’ll give it a chance though.

I see you brought Haas back, which is fine although from the looks of things he’s already back to be a jobber when in actuality I think he’s definitely better then that.

Ah, so your going ahead with Michaels vs. McMahon? Good stuff as I really enjoyed this feud in real life and therefore will look forward to it in this thread, should be interesting to see if you build it to WM or have an early blow off at The Royal Rumble. Hmm, intriguing.

The Spirit Squad debuts and lose to HBK in their first match; To be honest I’m not a fan of how they were brought in as I think they could have been used as a dominant tag team force for awhile before being jobbed out but oh well.

Kane and Big Show want Triple H in a handicap match? Kinda odd for faces to want to fight one heel in a handicap match IMO.

Nice start to a Ric Flair/Carlito feud although if I remember right in this time period, they had just feuded a few months earlier which culminated at Unforgiven. Should be an interesting feud none the less and I look forward to seeing where it goes … most likely to an IC title match at Royal Rumble.

Big Show and Kane breaking up? Could potentially be interesting.

Matt Stryker is one of my favorite wrestlers, so I hope he’s used well by you, and I really liked this segment. I hope we see Stryker in some high profile feuds soon as I think he has amazing potential as a top mid card talent or manager. Cool classroom segment and I look forward to how you use him.

The Main Event was good, although as I said I don’t like heel vs. heel title feuds, which this Triple H vs. Kurt Angle feud seems to be. The match itself should be good however and so far, with all the feuds building Royal Rumble looks to be stacked from top to bottom. I’ll be back with a review for your next RAW next week.

Overall, 8/10

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isn’t susceptible to ball shots.
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