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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman's Raw Review
Okay, it's time to give Brandon a review. Don't worry at all about when you get the shows up. It should just be whenever you feel most comfortable. Recapping a show is fine too, as your lay out is perfectly readable.

Raw opens in the way you would expect, with the new Champion Kurt Angle coming out for a well-earned celebration. In all honesty, how else would you open a show? This has been done before because it works. When there is a new Champion, people want to see the new Champion. I thought it was fairly certain that we would see a final match between Kurt Angle and John Cena at the Royal Rumble to end their feud, but now I'm not so sure. You clearly do not want to push Cena, which is fine by me. With Edge's involvement, it's is fairly certain that he won't win. As Mr. MITB I can see him cashing in a Wrestlemania in a shocking twist. Triple H? Maybe. Kurt Angle gave no indication of a face turn tonight, but you never know. HBK's absence made me think he is not quite in the WWE title scne just yet.

What a match to open the show with. I hope we see a PPV encounter between these two because I would love for you to write a match in full with them. It certainly seems possible, with Shelton literally turning his back on Haas at the end. These are my first (and very early) picks for the MITB match at Wrestlemania. You are clearly giving them well-deserved pushes, and that would be a great way to do it.

The HBK and Vince McMahon feud is being continued by you, which is good to see. So far it hasn't been original, but I am definately expecting a twist in the tale, possibly a HBK heel turn!!! Anyway, this was classic Vince here, wishing HBK 'luck' before his match. Yeah, whatever, Vince...

Now this was very innovative. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we ever saw the Spirit Squad in a Gauntlet Match with HBK or even Triple H. They usually just had mass beat downs. This was very cool. Mitch getting Superkicked straight away like the lowly jobber he is. As you would expect from a bunch of idiotic McMahon stooges, the SS make a complete mess of the match and end up losing via count out. This was a very good showing from Shawn tonight, so there isn't really any need for him to go for the #1 Contender spot just yet.

I liked the next segment between Eric Bischoff and Kane/Big Show. Just putting Bischoff in the same room as those two monsters would be comic gold. So what does Bischoff do? He puts them in a Royal Rumble qualifier. Now, if this doesn't break up the tag team champs, then I don't know what will. I'm predicting a Kane victory, although I would still like to see both of them in the Rumble, as they always have great spots.

Woah, this was some intense stuff from Carlito here. I really didn't think he had it in him. I wasn't particularly bothered by their rivalry before, but now it seems to have heated up nicely and has my undivided attention. The beatdown of Flair was a very nice touch, and of course, so was the apple spitting. I'm looking forward to seeing how this rivalry pans out, though I expect Carlito will be taking the IC belt from Flair pretty soon.

Nice and simple Women's encounter to fill out the card. The obvious animosity is between Mickie James and Ashley, with Trish Status visibly caught in the middle.

I thought as much. HBK is out of the WWE title hunt for now. I was glad to see that Vince took him out of the match, rather than a doctor or HBK himself.

Charlie Haas and Carlito in the Royal Rumble = good news.

The Kane and Big Show match sounded pretty good, with the same result as I predicted So, Kane goes into the Royal Rumble, and what is left for Big Show? He has visibly turned on Kane now after his defeat, but they are still the Champs, so I'm not sure what is going to happen there. Currently Show is the heel - or tweener - but I can see the roles being reversed in the future.

Ah, good old Matt Striker. Nice to see you using him in a clever way, to sell WWE merchandise. I wonder if you will give him and in-ring push too.

Very nice Main Event here to decide who will face Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble. Bischoff decides to screw Cena, so he has to choose one of the heels to help with the referee down. As Edge is Mr. Money In The Bank, he can't be #1 Contender, so Bischoff goes for Triple H. Goodnight, Edge and so long, Cena after a Sledgehammer shot and a Pedigree. With Triple H picking up the win I guess that Big Show and Kane won't get to face him after all. Hmmm... Kurt Angle's appearance was still as a heel, but I can still see one of them turning face or tweener at least before the Royal Rumble. With two one-on-one title matches confirmed for the Rumble, I still think you have something up your sleeve and that one of them will become a Triple Threat or some kind of Gimmick contest.

Overall this was a very good recapped show that keeps this new BTB ticking along nicely. I like your realistic approach to booking, but also the original element you are inserting. Your spelling and grammar was fine too, as was the length for a recap.

8.5 Out Of 10 - Another good job, Brandon!
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