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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

WWE News, Notes & Rumors

The road to the Royal Rumble has come upon us and certainly the road to WrestleMania is coming up faster then ever. Many negotations have went sumber over the last week, and a few ideas have been `tossed up', and a few of them shot down. The big names the WWE was shooting for to appear at WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble, etc, most of them have been either ended negotations, or are in a fustrating period of the negotations. The WWE thinks they're roster can draw via their roster, therefor not giving up as much money for appearances, as they think they can do fine. But of course the Hogan, Austin, etc, want their cash ... but aren't getting as much therefor are likely not to appear as Hogan wasn't likely at all unless he got a huge sum of cash.

The Rock might still have a possibility of having a match at WrestleMania, but in all likelihood won't, because of movie scheduling. There has been one person that is confirmed to wrestle at WrestleMania, but its being tightly kept under wraps, and very few know the name that it is, but it could be a legend, returning superstar, or possibly a TNA jumper, but this is just from us confirmed as a rumor, yet very likely.

The next topic that has arisen as of late is the rating's are down, and last weeks shows that ended in `cliff hangers' did at least .3 higher then usual coming into 2006 with a bang. Raw scored a 4.5, an incredibly high rating compaired to the recent `4.0's and 4.1's' that they had been recieving, but thats incomparible to the Smackdown 2.0 rating it recieved on the UPN Network. But there is a power balance change within the UPN Network, soon to be an ownership transfer within the next year, this won't be a hot topic, but the network will be transforming within the next 6 to 8 months.

In other news, The American Airlines Arena has been sold out for a long time anticipating the Royal Rumble where it is truley going to be an epic show. The Royal Rumble this year is said to be one of the best, with all the stars around for this time, not many injures, and both brands looking in good shape, and its unsure who will win the Rumble this year at all. Many sources are saying many different things, and some wonder whats going to happen in this wild WrestleMania build to come.

On one hand WWE has Raw's Edge MITB briefcase holder, and he can challenge for the title whenever he pleases which he hasn't yet, but must at, or before WrestleMania 22. With Raw having a new champion just over a few weeks ago, we might have a transitional champion, or no Edge title reign ... there is also a route that could be taken for him to jump to Smackdown, but that is unlikely. We have John Cena next who probably has a rematch clause likely, though that could be taken away for some reason, that will set up a match at the Royal Rumble more then likely to `finish off' the Angle/Cena feud.

On Smackdown Orton, `Taker, and Batista are in the title situation at the moment with possibly a triple threat at the Rumble, but very likely we'll see Orton vs. Batista at the moment as a `Taker/Batista encounter at all is trying to be saved for a future occasion, but probably won't be happening this year at WrestleMania. Now a big question up in the air is ... who will win the Royal Rumble? It could be any of multiple superstars at this point, from either brand.

The Undertaker possibly could win the Royal Rumble, maybe stay on SD, but as said its unlikely he'll face Batista this year, so he could jump to Raw to face Kurt Angle for the first time ever, which would be new since `Taker has been on Smackdown since the draft process has begun. Different winner scenario's are possibly Chris Benoit who is rising up a bit on Smackdown, a surprise entrant from either brand, Triple H maybe even from Raw, or maybe even Edge is a possibily because they might want to do a `Champion vs. Champion' main event, and if he uses MITB to win the title at, or after RR, and has a title shot at the other brand's title, then we could very well have a champion vs. champion, Edge vs. Batista/Orton/Undertaker (only if he gets into the title match at the Rumble).

And in a final news tidbit, Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy, JBL, Gregory Helms, and Matt Striker all have recieved spots in the Royal Rumble for their performances over the last few months (more or less just to not have to do as many qualifiers) and are now officially apart of the Royal Rumble match.


Raw hasn't been touched in a day or so been busy, expect it still on Thursday/Friday I will be getting to work now, Enjoy the news guys.
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