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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Sorry I didn't review RAW, but I was busy finishing Unforgiven as I told you on MSN. So anyways, here's a review for SD!

Nice match to kick the show off with and really it was just a vehicle for the Mexicools to look good and take a strong win IMO, you could well be pushing these guys for a Tag and CW title opportunity

JBL promo was good, dialogue seemed a little patchy but you had all the key sayings in it and it seemed in character

JBL beats Matt Hardy, I don't think that will be the end of these two, after Hardy's post match reaction

Finlay is coming to the Rumble? Sounds good

Nice Kennedy promo, seems extremely confident and cocky he'll win the Rumble, but I don't think he will, IMO you'll put the MITB contract on him as I can see a much bigger name winning the Rumble match this year

Batista beats OJ, but not easily, making a jobber look credible isn't the best thing to do but still, this was just here for Batista to do something

Eh Booker T promo had way too much "Sucka" in it and not enough actual promo like material. Found it funny with Matthews not knowing what to say, but still, Booker wasn't that great at all and could've been alot better. Lay off all the "Sucka's" next time

Double booking both men tonight? Not the best choice but whatever, Booker gets himself DQ'd and lays out Benoit with the chair, a feud from this will develop no doubt, although it's been done lots of times before

Main event was nicely written, surprised to see a big name like Rey (even tho I dislike him in the main event) gone first, but it makes Undertaker look the man. Lashley goes, Mercury outsmarts Nitro! Haha, can see MNM splitting up I guess from this. Benoit gets revenge on Booker and dumps him out, London & Kash were in this? Meh, why not bigger names? Finally Mercury goes, then Matt Hardy, only for Hardy to screw out JBL, that was good. Taker is on a roll, there goes Benoit, and Orton wins it! Did not expect that, and now Orton has a match for the WHC, very good way to end the show

Better work than your older thread IMO, you're using the roster very well, and with Finlay coming in and perhaps the split of MNM, turning both men into midcarders, SD! will be the show to watch. One or two off-ish promo's, but good stuff all round. 8/10


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