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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review:

Eric Bischoff promo:
I thought you did a great job here of making Bishoff look like an utter bastard, some of his comments would have gotten him some good heat. Eugene, Snitsky and Goldust coming out was a surprise but made sense seeing as Eugene is Bishoff's nephew. I didn't like how Bischoff changed his mind so quickly about cancelling the show, but besides from that i thought it was a good opening promo.

Helms vs Eugene:
Well you made Helms look really good here. Him dominating Eugene wasn't much of a surprise, but taking out Rosey aswell was in my opinion. This was great for starting a Helms push, however if Rosey feuds with him, he'll not look like a threat, and the feud could come off poorly now because of this.

Edge promo:
I felt the dialogue could have been better, it didn't flow well in some places. (Such as Todd ending two sentances in a row with the word "accept"). Also it seemed to be lacking Edge's wit, but caught his intensity. Plus it built up the MITB contract quite now, it'll be interesting to see where that leads.

Edge vs Haas:
Haas was a surprising choice in my view. It was nice to see he got a lot of offence in, showing that he could be a force in the mid-card. Edge winning was probably the best decision to make, and seeing that your building him up, i'm guessing he may use the MITB quite soon. The ending to this match seemed a bit too sudden for my liking though.

HBK, Vince promo:
I liked this promo a lot, I thought some of Shawn's comments were quite clever, (the one about Vince dying soon made me chuckle) but again in places the dialogue didn't seem to flow well. Judging by Vince's referance to "Spirit", i'm guessing Shawn will face the Spirit Squad next week. Seems like a weird way for them to debut, but i'll wait to read it before i judge (although i do hope this Vince, Shawn feud isn't too similar to their one in real life.)

Carlito and Victoria vs Flair and Trish
Nothing here stood out to me, i guess it was just a way to build up several storylines at once (Carlito and Flair feud, the Mickie James angle, and perhaps a Trish vs Victoria feud) which i can't blame you for really .

Shelton Benjamin promo and match
Again nothing exceddingly special about these, but i love that your giving Benjamin a push. It'll be interesting to see how far it goes, and if it'll be as a face or a heel.

Matt Striker promo:
I love that your giving Striker some air time, as if i remember correctly he was wasted during this time period. He repeated himself quite a lot though and the promo lasted too long in my opinion. However this gives me hope that his push may be quite serious. The angle with the book is interesting but he talked about so many things in this promo, that it was a bit hard to follow at times.

Big Show vs Triple H:
Show destroys Hunter until he seemingly can't take anymore and gets himself disqualified with the sledgehammer, no surprises there. Kane coming out to save his tag team partner was interesting though, could it be leading to a Triple H, Kane feud, or maybe the game will find a partner to help him (if it's the latter then i don't have a clue who it would be).

John Cena vs Kurt Angle:
The rap wasn't too bad for your first try, but there were some parts that didn't seem right at all (such as Cena rhyming title with itself). I was a bit confused during the match, as i'm pretty sure your allowed to use weapons in a first blood match. None the less it did make Angle seem like more of a heel to win the way he did then. I would have liked to have seen Cena gain some sort of momentum at the end though, shocked that Angle won it.

Overall: I thought it was a good show in general, the main things i think you need to work on are your promo dialouge (making it flow, plus i noticed several grammr typos which added to the problem) and possibly adding more momentum changes and near falls to your match endings, as they lack excitment in my view.
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