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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman's Smackdown Review
I will begin my praising your new Smackdown banner, as it is very impressive, one of the best ones I have seen in fact. Anyway, on to the show. The matches MC and Tazz preview all sound enticing enough. You will probably bring Matt Hardy and JBL's rivalry to a close tonight and I can see Booker T picking up the win tonight. As for the hotly anticipated #1 Contender's Battle Royal, I am unsure. Possibly JBL or Undertaker.

Standard opening match up between Simon Dean/The Dicks and The Mexicools. A decent blend of ring styles on display, and, as I had expected and had hoped, the Mexicools pick up the win. They are most likely the team who will receive a decent push, either in the Tag Team division or as Cruiserweights. The Dicks and Simon Dean on the other hand, have nothing really to offer except as jobbers.

An excellent JBL promo next. I particularly enjoyed all of his "that's a fact" comments" about Steve Romero and Matt Hardy. With this old heel intensity it's hard to see you keeping him in a mid card feud with Hardy, although it would be enjoyable. I can potentially see him losing to Hardy tonight but then winning the Battle Royal later to boost him back into the World Championship hunt.

So I was wrong here then, with JBL going over Matt Hardy in what looks to be a feud climax, though I was extremely surprised to see JBL winning cleanly. It was a decent match though for what it was aiming for.

Impressive promo hyping the arrival of the great Finlay. With a fresh introduction and new storylines, it will be extremely interesting to see where you decide to go with him. I presume that he will be debuting in the Rumble match itself and not squashing Brian Kendrick like in real life. That is a good idea.

I enjoyed your first Kennedy promo of the BTB,though I'm certain many more will no doubt follow. His contradictory language was amusing, especially the way he professed his own humility, whilst blatantly insulting the other Smackdown reprsentatives and hyping his own arrival. I'm disappointed that he isn't arriving until the Rumble, but at least that way you can have a strong build up and provide him with a whole new push.

A fairly entertaining match between Orlando Jordan and Batista next, to get the World Heavyweight Champion on the card in a match. Orlando's amount of offence was realistic because Batista cannoy=t carry a match at all so he has to be on the defence (just look at his match with the Cruiserweight Gregory Helms). But in the end, the Champ still came out looking very strong, as he did not even have to use the Spinebuster or the Batista Bomb to finish off Jordan.

Another enjoying promo from one of Smackdown's top heels, this time the Book man. You brought a touch of originality and a lot of humour to this with Josh Matthews' pathetic attempts to be "cool". Booker was superb here and 100% in character. With this kind of entertaining performance from him, I'll be excited to see what kind of push you will be giving Booker T.

Though it had no winner and little action, I actually liked the outcome of this match, because it was just the kind of heelish act Booker T would do. Why would he give a damn about a non-title match? It also serves to further their feud, which I can tell that you enjoy so you will probably persist with it. And I concur.

The Main Event Battle Royal was excellent, one of the best descriptions of an all out brawl I have read on here. You kept it simple so that it was easy to assess the level you are staking each suaperstar at. For example, Rey Mysterio was eliminated early so I doubt his push will be substantial. The same can be said for MNM and Bobby Lashley. Booker going out so soon was a bit of a surprise, but it was Benoit who eliminated him so it works to further their feud. Undertaker is certainly on fire in this amtch, eliminating three guys easily, even Matt Hardy. It's good that the Dead Man is being pushed by, uh, the Deadman, as he is and always should be, in the Main Event scene. Damn, there goes JBL, and with it being Matt Hardy who gets him out it looks as though that feud will continue. Interesting. A great final two between Chris Benoit and Undertaker, who I would both like to see at the Rumble, but Undertaker winning was good enough, as he can put on a great match with...

Okay, Randy Orton is here and he has won. That is what I call a good shock. You are saving Undertaker/Batista for something bigger and later I take it. Given that they have just had a huge feud, having Orton screw the Undertaker like this was a great idea and an RKO/Animal match at the Royaln Rumble is an enticing prospect. I can see Orton cheating but Undertaker interfering and costing him. Great match!

Overall this Smackdown was every bit as good as your immaculate first Raw. I really do not mind waiting for shows when they are this good. You furthered and began feuds well and began hyping the next PPV already. I saw no real spelling or grammar errors to note.

9 Out Of 10 - Superb!
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