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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review

Good start to ths show with a solid heel promo from Bischoff. I liked how he played with the crowd; typical Bischoff thing to do. I laughed abit when Eugene came out with his 'friends' ha, love the freak squad. Nice to see the Uncle and Nephew feud still on going. Also good to see Gregory Helms make an appearance. Solid match with some nice bits. Good Edge promo however he did seem abit off but it still got to the point. Good to see Charlie Haas back in WWE and i think a WGTT reunion could return. Squash match for Edge though i do wonder what is next for him and the MITB. I did really enjoy the next promo with Shawn & Vince, both in character and i liked the hint of the Spirit Squad debuting. I wonder where your going to take the rivalry between him and Vince. Love the ending of the mixed tag match; Flair being with the three divas was very much in character. Good match as well and i see your going with the "Love triangle" Trish/Mickie/Ashley storyline - i can't wait to see where that goes, hopefully with a good twist. Maria and Benjamin promo was another solid one with Maria's character being done very well. Glad to see Benjamin pick up the win and i like the confusion he's showing and i hope for a face turn. Even though your Matt Striker promo was good i failed to see the point of it. Triple H and Big Show was a good encounter with a possible Kane vs. Triple H storyline coming up. Great rap by Cena - made me laugh at some points, that was quite unique there cause i don't think any other bookers do his raps anymore. Awesome match with an even better ending with you beating the predictablity factor - Kurt Angle winning is gold and i hope to see a good lengthy title reign coming up.

Realism: Realistically this show was brilliant because you got most of the factors that makes the WWE what it is down perfectly. 10/10

Length: Promo's could be alittle longer but it was still good never the less. 8/10

Quality/Entertainment: Very good in this aspect as well with some entertaining promos and quality booking skills shown. 9/10

Spelling/Grammar: No real mistakes here, i saw a small few but that was it 9/10

Matches/Booking: Very good in this factor as well. Angle winning the title was a real strong moment here. 9/10

Overall: 90/100 - Very good show with alot of potential and i do look forward to reading your next Raw.


Smackdown review

Good match to kick off Smackdown with the faces picking up the win. Good match and i'm glad the Mexicools are still together JBL promo was in character again, very solid along with his match as well. Good to see him with the win. Good little segment building up Finlay's debut. I loved Ken Kennedy's promo; that really was brilliant, he was in character, said some great bits and built up some tension with Tazz.
"And Tazz, Michael, don't worry ... Mr. Kennedy forgives you, for your utter stupidity."
That line was great, made me laugh..alot. Good to see him returning at Royal Rumble. Good match between Jordan & Batista with a solid win for the champ - glad to see him champ by the way. Good Booker T promo as well. Great Booker and Benoit match leading up to an even better main event. I really enjoyed reading that match and the outcome was great with the returning Orton. Randy Orton vs. Batista should be a good encounter. Overall another solid show.

Realism: Again, really realistic 10/10

Length: The length here was alot better then Raw and the promo (espicially interviews) could seem alot longer but overall it was better. 9.5/10

Quality/Entertainment. Once again it was better then Raw, real improvements in just a short moment really, Ken Kennedy really made the show that much better including the main event. 9.5/10

Spelling/Grammar: No mistakes here 10/10

Matches/Booking: This helped the entertainment factor because it was that much better and i really like what your building up here and Royal Rumble is shaping up brilliantly. 10/10

Total: 98/100

I really am looking forward to your next shows and good luck with the rest of your thread

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