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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Sorry for this being late, I had a tough time with this as I was at a lack of ideas for this, hope you all enjoy, I am going to start giving out reviews now. Here's the show...

Friday Night Smackdown:

January 6th; Syracuse, New York:


Michael Cole:
Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! I'm Michael Cole alongside my friend and partner, Tazz! And tonight we bring to you, one of the best Smackdown's we'll see in a very long time, Tazz.

Tazz: Smackdown's going to blow the roof off of Syracuse tonight, Cole, and tonight we're going to see some great matches. Including Booker T vs. Chris Benoit in a non title match, and JBL vs. Matt Hardy one more time, this is gonna be great Cole!

Michael Cole: It sure is. We also have that number one contender's battle royal, and the winner faces Batista, at the Royal Rumble. I can only wonder with twelve superstars involved, which one will leave facing Batista?

Tazz: Its a hot question Cole, and we'll find out the answer tonight, and only on Smackdown will you find out all of these hot answers.

Michael Cole: And up first tonight, The Mexicools face off against Simon Dean, and The Dicks!

**Simon System**
hits, and Simon Dean comes out alongside The Dicks come out, to not really any type of reaction besides for Simon who mocked them screaming out `buy a Simon System`. And then **We're not Mexican ... We're Mexicool** plays over the PA, and out comes the three luchadores, Super Crazy, Psicosis, and Juventud in style. They get a nice reaction, with the crowd here tonight liking them, and giving them the reaction they deserve. The Mexicools come down and make their way right into the ring, ready to fight, and open up the show.

Match #1
Six Man Tag
Simon Dean & The Dicks vs. The Mexicools

This match looks to be a rather solid one, with Simon Dean & The Dicks giving it their all. We cut in a few minutes into this match, with Simon Dean in the ring along with Juventud. Juventud sprints around Simon Dean, and bounces off the ropes, and comes back at Dean with a clothesline which he ducks below. Juventud springboards onto the ropes, and springs back into a huge missile dropkick taking down Dean. Juventud quickly goes over to his partners, and tags in Psicosis, who climbs up to the top rope whilst Juventud goes onto the apron. Psicosis flys off with the Psycho Guillotine, nailing it on Simon Dean, and he goes for the cover ... but no Chad Dick breaks the count.

Psicosis looks pissed, and he runs at Dick, but Chad looks scared and runs around the ring looking like a joke. Mean while, James Dick climbs to the top rope, and Chad runs over to his cover, leading him into a trap where James hits a flying double axe handle on Psicosis. During this time, Simon Dean seemingly has re-awakened, and he quickly throws himself over Psicosis for the cover, and The Dicks take themselves back onto their apron as the referee counts ... and NO is not three! Psicosis kicks out a little after two, and pushes Simon off of him, before leaping into the air to tag in his partner ... Super Crazy!

The Dicks jump the top rope, and recieve a dropkick to their faces, which the boot of Super Crazy hit both of them at the same time. The Dicks roll out of the ring, and Psicosis & Juventud then hit sequence Senton Splashes on both men, who rolled out onto their feet and now are down. Simon Dean reaches his feet, and Super Crazy charges at the ropes, running up them with feet on one rope and the other, and Simon Dean walks over looking to catch him, but Super Crazy nails him with the Crazy DDT taking him down on the mat. Super Crazy quickly climbs to the top rope, and signals for a moonsault, whilst Psicosis and Juventud stomp away on The Dicks, and Super Crazy nails a moonsault off the top rope onto Simon Dean! The crowd pops, and we see Super Crazy go for the pin ... and get the one .. two .. three!

Winner: The Mexicools

**We're not Mexican ... We're Mexicool**
begins to blast over the PA System, and Super Crazy celebrates, along with Psicosis and Juventud who come from the outside of the ring, to celebrate with him. We cut from the in ring celebration, to Backstage where we see John Bradshaw Layfield, standing by with Steve Romero.

Steve Romero: I am Steve Romero, and I am standing by, with John Bradshaw Layfield.


Steve Romero: JBL, tonight you face off against your rival, Matt Hardy, and 11 other superstars in the main event, all I've got to ask, is how are you going to be able to last through these two matches tonight, and possibly be victorious in one, or both of the matches?

JBL: Did I hear you correctly, Steve? John Bradshaw Layfield POSSIBLY could win his matches tonight. Thats wrong. I WILL win BOTH these matches tonight, and go to the Royal Rumble, and I will then take what is mine, and that is the World Heavyweight Championship. And Steve, that is not a prediction, that is a fact ... and that is my future for tonight and for the Royal Rumble.


Steve Romero: Well, those are strong words JBL, but I have a question. What will you do, if you yet again do not live up to your word, that you have said you always keep your word?

JBL: My word? This isn't my word ... this is the facts. I am the greatest World Champion ever, thats a fact. Matt Hardy is a joke, thats a fact. Steve Romero is a bad interviewer, thats a fact. And JBL will defeat Matt Hardy, and win the number one contender's battle royal, Steve, thats ... thats a fact! I say what I do and I do what I say, and I don't need to say I will win tonight again, because thats a fact. But I do have one thing to say, Steve, do you want to know what that is?

Steve Romero: What John?

JBL: I am who I say I am. And Steve, I am a true American, I am one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and hell I am one of the greatest human beings alive today. And above all of this, I am indeed Steve, a Wrestling GAWD! And that Steve, that's a fact.

JBL walks off to a large sum of heat as we cut to our first commercial break

**Commercial Break**

Match #2
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

John Bradshaw Layfield, gets all he can handle, and then some tonight with Matt Hardy. JBL and Matt Hardy provide a back and forth contest, in which JBL usually stands in a dominant position, but Matt keeps up with him showing his resilance. Late in the match, JBL and Matt go blow for blow in the centre of the ring, but Bradshaw with the power advantage takes Matt back into the ropes with his punches. Layfield sends him flying across the ring off the ropes, and Hardy bounces back, and plants John with a huge flying forearm to the face!

Matt gets up quickly, and awaits JBL to get to his feet, which John after a few seconds of regaining his composure on the mat, get sup. Bradshaw turns into Hardy, who nails him with the side effect! Hardy hooks the leg looking to take home the victory ... but no JBL kicks out. The crowd boos, but Matt Hardy just gets up slowly, rakes his hair once, and signals for the Twist of Fate. Layfield gets up slowly a little wabbily, and once to his feet, he turns right into Hardy and his twist of fate. Matt spins around looking to hit the twist of fate, but JBL pushes him off into the ropes, and Bradshaw steps back slowly, bouncing back against the ropes as Hardy comes back off the ropes at him. JBL all of a sudden NAILS THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL knocking Matt Hardy's head off! Hardy's head comes up, and falls right back down, after the thunderous Clothesline from Hell, and JBL covers Matt Hardy for the 1 ... 2 ... 3!

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

**Long Horn**
hits, and to a loud amount of heat JBL's arm gets raised, and he throws the referee's arm off, and leaves rather quickly to a huge amount of heat up the ramp. Hardy's head rises and he looks pissed, after he had it won, but a slight reversal by JBL changed the inevitable ending. Hardy points at JBL telling him this is not over, but Bradshaw continues to eat up all the heat, and turns his back to the crowd making his way up the ramp with Matt pissed.

We cut to a black screen.

Narrator: The Irishman ... is coming.

Images of Finlay run past the screen

Narrator: This man loves to fight...

Images of Finlay in bars brawling

Narrator: And loves to win...

Images of Finlay spitting on a fallen opponent in the ring

Narrator: Finlay is coming...

Images of Finlay with a grin on his face

Narrator: January 29th, 2006 at the Royal Rumble...

Images of Finlay hitting someone with the `Celtic Cross' is seen, and we see a little midgit's face from under the ring

Narrator: Finlay brings the fight to the WWE ... in the Royal Rumble Match.

We cut from final images of Finlay and we see the little midgit with grin on his face..

**Commercial Break**

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown! Finlay's coming to Smackdown partner, what do you expect out of this guy?

Tazz: I like him, I like him a lot Cole. He loves to fight .. I love to fight, maybe we should meet up in the parking lot sometime, and see who loves to fight more .. haha.

Michael Cole: I need you here partner, so lets not, and say you did. (Tazz shakes his head at Cole) Coming up next everyone, we have Ken Kennedy on satellite making his first appearance of sorts on Smackdown television since getting injured a few months back.

We cut to a black screened titan tron, and we see it turn into an image of Kennedy on satellite wired up, and ready to go.

Michael Cole: Well Mr. Kennedy welcome back to Smackdown, and I have a few things I'd like to ask..

Ken Kennedy: First I have a few questions of my own ... did ya miss me?

Small heat from the crowd as Kennedy is new, but gets a little bit of heat..

Ken Kennedy: Have the rating's dropped?

Michael Cole: Um ... Mr. Kennedy why do you ask?

Ken Kennedy: Because I was single handedly changing Friday Night .. before my injury. And without me, Smackdown must of lost tons of viewers. I filled the butts in the seats Michael, if it wasn't for me Smackdown wouldn't be where it was today.

Heat for his arrogance..

Tazz: Yo, Kennedy. I may like you a bit, and have even a tad of respect for you. But you don't sell shit here buddy. You just came to Smackdown less then a 3 months ago. And you think you've made Smackdown the way it is today? Oh brother ... get a clue Kennedy.

Pop for Tazz standing up to Kennedy's arrogance..

Ken Kennedy: I am Mr. Kennedy, Tazz. From the day I came here, I brought fans with me. I brought all the people of Green Bay, who I left in awe, when I was a child and wrestled around Green Bay. I am talent, I am a great wrestler, I am one of the few in the business who is humble.

The crowd laughs at the last remark since its ironic after all he's said..

Ken Kennedy: In all seriousness. Its true. If I wasn't humble, I would tell you all my statistics, I would tell you I am a `Wrestling Gawd'. I would tell you, I am one of the greatest people alive today. Its all true, but thats why I'm humble, because I don't say it.

A mixed reaction comes from using JBL as an example, but more so pop since they hate JBL

Ken Kennedy: Just telling you the small things about myself, I am humble for that. And Tazz, Michael, don't worry ... Mr. Kennedy forgives you, for your utter stupidity.

More Heat..

Ken Kennedy: And now, I will move on to the most asked question in the industry today .. and thats, when will Mr. Kennedy return? Mr. Kennedy has a date with destiny in mind, and that date is 23 days from now.

Mostly more heat with more of his cocky attitude and most realize what 23 days from now is..

Ken Kennedy: Twenty Three days from now, is the Royal Rumble. I return, I make my great return. I come from Smackdown, and I make my mark once again, and that will be the mark that tells everyone .. to get the hell out of Kennedy's way. Because I make my impact known, at the Royal Rumble, I will enter the Royal Rumble ... and I will win it. I will single handidly change Friday Nights with that once again, and then ... I will single handidly change MONDAY NIGHTS because I won't be staying with you disrespectful, ungreatful, pieces of crap if I win the Royal Rumble, no no .. WHEN I win the Royal Rumble.

Kennedy laughs, and we see Michael Cole & Tazz exchange a look with each other as Kennedy fades off the titantron, before turning back to announcing

Michael Cole: Well that was rather interesting ... next up folks we have the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista facing off against Orlando Jordan.

Tazz: I feel bad for Orlando Michael, he's in trouble tonight, and I don't know if he will be making it out of this match the way he came in.

**I Walk Alone**
hits, and World Heavyweight Champion, Batista makes his way out to a good pop, whilst Orlando Jordan already had come out during Kennedy's interview to save some time. Batista sets off his pyro, and doesn't waist time coming down the ramp, and right into the ring. The referee takes the World Heavyweight Championship, and Batista fires himself up, before the referee hands the belt off, and the match begins.

Match #3
Batista vs. Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan gives it his all in this matchup, trying to prove himself tonight with a victory over the WHC Champion. Jordan early in the match low blows Batista, after taking off the turnbuckle pad which distracted the referee. Jordan kept trying to win the match, with quick pins, and trying to strike him powerfully, and use his speed to mess with Batista though he doesn't have much, he has more then The Animal. But each and every time, Batista would fight back, and we cut back in towards the end of the match. Batista tries to whip Orlando into a corner, but Jordan reverses it sending The Animal himself. Orlando taunts the crowd, and waits a moment eating up the boos, before sprinting at Batista. Suprisingly, Batista ran at Jordan himself, and he SPEARS him with amazing power. Orlando seemingly knocked out now, Batista covers him taking home the victory without need to plant him with his other finishing moves to get the three count.

Winner: Batista

**I Walk Alone**
plays over the PA, and Batista raises his arms up, victorious celebrating in the ring, and the referee hands off the World Heavyweight Championship to The Animal. Batista raises the title up high, and jumps to the top rope posing with it, whilst Orlando Jordan's awakens off the mat with his head coming up, but just falling back down.

Backstage, we see Booker T standing by with Josh Matthews, for an interview.

Josh Matthews: Hello everyone, I am Josh Matthews and I am here right now with the one and only, Booker T!


Josh Matthews: Booker T, up next you face off against your rival, Chris Benoit, in one on one action to see who has momentum coming into this week's main event. Do you have any cor..

Booker T: Can you dig it?

Josh Matthews: What?

Booker T: I said ... Can you dig it .. SUCKA!

Josh Matthews: Dig what?

Booker T: Can you dig the five time ... five time .. five time .. five time .. FIVE TIME! WCW Champion?

Josh Matthews: I still don't understand, dig what?

Booker T: Can you dig Booker T beating the holy hell outta that sucka Chris Benoit?


Josh Matthews: I can dig it!

Laugher from the crowd, with Matthews seemingly giving in to asking what he means, and just trying to act `cool'.

Booker T: Please .. Please, PLEASE tell me you didn't .. you really didn't just say that?

Josh Matthews: Ok, I didn't.

The crowd laughs again, and Booker shakes his head

Booker T: Anyway, I can sure as hell dig that myself Matthews, since your ignorant punk ass can't understand.

Small Heat

Booker T: Chris Benoit, you got to understand tonight is all about business. Tonight Bookah T, is gonna knock yo lights out sucka. And there is nuttin yo can do about it, can you dig now Josh?

Josh Matthews: I guess..

Booker T: Shut up .. you damn fool. Chris Benoit, and everyone in the back, dig this. Bookah T is gonna knock each and every one of yo lights out, and that starts with Benoit once again. And after I beat da holy hell out of dat sucka, I am gonna go into that battle royal, and win dat battle royal fo damn sure.


Booker T: Now, can, you, dig that ... SUCKA?

Josh Matthews: Yeah .. I CAN DIG IT!!!

Booker T walks off shaking his head, and covering his face after that display, and Josh looks confused after this whole ordeal, and we cut to commercial.

**Commercial Break**

Match #4
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

This match is very conservative, with both men perserving their bodies for the main event here at this point, and neither man really doing much in this. Benoit is the first to strike, and he keeps Booker T on the run for a few minutes, hitting several chops, and kicks. Booker T rakes Benoit's eyes after a fairly ok contest, with Benoit hitting his multi german's, and Booker hitting a suprise Book End to almost steal it. Booker T goes to the outside, walking away regaining his composure, and saving his energy for the main event. The crowd boo, and Benoit points at Booker, and flee's out of the ring and chases Booker. Booker T notices Benoit coming after him, so he circles around the ring trying to get away, and Chris follows in hot persuit. Benoit is a good far amount away, and the referee is at a four count. Booker makes his way around to the ring announcer, and folds up one of the chairs, and Chris Benoit rushes at Booker T to almost immediately meet a knockout steel chair shot. Thus causing a disqualification.

Winner: Chris Benoit via disqualification

Benoit's music doesn't even play, and Booker smirks seemingly haven kept himself in shape for the main event, and taken out his nemesis from any opportunity of surviving. Booker drags Benoit into the ring and taunts the crowd before the main event is set, and we see in the ring split screens of all the superstars talking to themselves from Rey Mysterio telling himself `I'm gonna win', and JBL, Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley, and even The Undertaker telling themselves they're going to win as we cut to our last commercial break.

**Commercial Break**

Main Event
Twelve Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Number One Contender's Match

This is a main event full of surprises, with 11 of the 12 participants appearing, and Randy Orton who was given a spot no showing the match odviously since he still hasn't been seen since Armageddon. Booker T and Chris Benoit are the first brawling in the ring because they were already out in the ring. The rest of the superstars who came out after, Kid Kash, Joey Mercury, Rey Mysterio, Johnny Nitro, Bobby Lashley, JBL, Matt Hardy, The Undertaker, and Paul London. This match goes on for a good amount of time, with a great slot of time for this huge main event, and all of the men give it their all. It starts out with Paul London and Kid Kash intertwining in action, along with JBL and Hardy brawling around in a corner of the ring, MNM get Lashley into a corner trying to throw him out. Benoit is reeling from Booker laying against the ropes weak from the chair shot, and Undertaker is taking the life out of Rey Mysterio.

Lashley breaks free off of MNM, and shoots at Joey Mercury and completely mauling him with a huge spear. Johnny Nitro rips Bobby around, and goes to strike him, but is blocked. Lashley strikes him several times, and he rams him into a corner. Mercury slowly comes up from behind, crawling on the mat from the devastating spear very slowly, as Johnny took a beating of strikes from Bobby. Out of no where Joey gets up onto one knee, and nails Lashley with a low blow taking Lashley down to one knee, and Nitro walks around to help his partner up. On the other side of the ring, `Taker whips Rey into the ropes, and Mysterio springboards onto the ropes, and crossbody's back into The Phenom. `Taker catches him, and he quickly moves over to a turnbuckle, and connects with snakeyes and then proceeds to eliminate Rey with a big boot over the top rope.

1st Elimation: Rey Mysterio by The Undertaker

We cut back to MNM, who are now set up around Lashley who slowly gets up. Bobby reaches his feet, and Nitro lifts up Lashley for the Snapshot, and Mercury grabs his head, but then slowly walks out onto the apron. The crowd wonders whats up, and MNM nail the snapshot onto the top rope, with Mercury falling onto the apron, and Lashley falling off the apron to the floor elimination him.

2nd Elimination: Bobby Lashley by MNM

Joey is helped up by his partner Johnny, and Nitro starts moving to find another opponent, but all of a sudden Mercury just stops and slowly walks up behind Johnny. Nitro turns and Joey grabs his partner, and rushes over to the ropes, before throwing him over the top rope elimination Johnny Nitro!

3rd Elimination: Johnny Nitro by Joey Mercury

We cut over to Chris Benoit and Booker T, who look to be brawling in a corner, and Benoit is chopping the hell out of Booker. JBL is working on Hardy trying to get him over the top rope. The Undertaker moves over and starts brawling with Joey Mercury, and Kash & London were in the centre performing high flying moves on each other. Chris Benoit grabs Booker, and whips him over the top rope, but Booker holds on and plants his feet up onto the apron. Benoit grabs Booker's head, and hits a forearm shot reeling Booker almost off the ropes, but he holds on. Benoit grabs Booker again, and fires several shots to the head, trying to knock him off. But the US Champion keeps strong holding on, but this only enrages Chris Benoit, and he gets Booker's head in hand, and runs across the ring to the steel ring post taking Booker with, and smashes his head off the steel ring post, thus causing Booker T to finally foll off and to the floor elimination him.

4th Elimination: Booker T by Chris Benoit

On the other side of the ring, Paul London goes for an enzuigiri on Kid Kash, but the smart CW Champion ducks causing London to miss. Kash quickly drags Paul to his feet, and rushes across the ring throwing London over the top rope, but the intelligient Paul London holds on looking to have stolen a technique from Shawn Michaels in `Skinning the cat', but as he comes back up, Kash turns back and sprints, jumping up hitting a dropkick to Paul London's chest. Thus causing London to fall off to the outside elimination him from the match.

5th Elimination: Paul London by Kid Kash

The Undertaker during this time took complete control of the match, as he took Mercury down, and Chris Benoit turned around into a chokeslam from The Phenom. Kash goes into a corner resting, and JBL turns his attention from eliminationing Matt Hardy, and once he turns, `Taker levels Bradshaw with a huge big boot. Matt Hardy rests in the corner he was fighting with JBL in, but not for long, as The Deadman hits a huge splash knocking the life out of Hardy.

`Taker signals for the end, and Kid Kash begins scaling the ropes to get to the top rope, and The Undertaker takes notices and slowly walks over towards Kash. Kid reaches the top rope, but `Taker is there, and he grabs him by his throat. The crowd pops, and The Deadman sets Kash up for a ride, before throwing Kash out in a chokeslam like throw to eliminate him from the contest.

6th Elimination: Kid Kash by The Undertaker

The Phenom takes down his straps, and raises his arm, and signals cut throat taunt. Chris Benoit slowly rises to his feet off the mat, and stalks The Deadman, before pushing him into the ropes. The Phenom bounces into the ropes and comes back on momentum, but Benoit catches the waist of The Undertaker, before hitting a huge german suplex. Joey Mercury, Matt Hardy, and JBL start to rise. Benoit goes after JBL, and Matt Hardy makes it to his feet first, followed by Joey Mercury. Hardy & Mercury exchange blows in the centre of the ring, before Hardy whips Mercury into the ropes, and waits for him to bounce back. Joey though uses his arms to keep hold of the ropes, and Matt Hardy shoots across the ring and clothesline's Mercury over the top rope!

7th Elimination: Joey Mercury by Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy gets a nice pop, and Hardy taunts Mercury for a moment, but behind him all of a sudden The Undertaker's head rises to an even louder pop. JBL & Benoit continue brawling, and The Undertaker staggers to his feet, regains his composure and Hardy continues to pose. Out of no where `Taker flips his hair, and runs up behind Hardy, and grabs him running, and throws him over the top rope to the floor elimination Matt Hardy!

8th Elimination: Matt Hardy by The Undertaker

Matt Hardy looks distraught at getting knocked out, and sticks around at ringside to watch not listening to the referee's on the outside telling him to get to the back. JBL now backed into a corner, with Benoit having him reeling, pokes Chris in the eye to break free. The Deadman sits back a moment in a corner, and Bradshaw out of no where charges Chris Benoit looking for a clothesline from hell, but Benoit ducks. The crowd pops, and Layfield bounces against the ropes, and falls to the outside! The crowd pops noticing Matt Hardy pulled the ropes below, to cause JBL to flip over eliminating him, and leaving it to the final two men.

9th Elimination: John Bradshaw Layfield by Outside Interference

The Undertaker adjusts his gear, and Benoit turns to `Taker, and both men stare at each other, before stepping into the centre of the ring. Benoit looks up at The Phenom, and The Deadman looks down at Benoit, and both men do their signature taunts and staredown. The crowd very happy so far with the main event watch on intently, and Chris Benoit attacks first striking `Taker. Benoit takes The Undertaker back against the ropes, and whips him across the ring into the ropes, `Taker on momentum returns back, and nails Chris Benoit with a huge flying lariat!

The crowd pops, and The Undertaker pulls Benoit to his feet, and The Crippler is thrown into a corner by The Phenom. Undertaker elbows Chris in the face several times, before unloading all of his body shots to Benoit seemingly taking the life out of him. `Taker grabs Benoit's arm, and irish whips him across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, and he runs behind him a little behind to nail him as soon as he bounces into the turnbuckle.

Chris Benoit reaches the turnbuckle, but uses the momentum to help himself try to propell over The Undertaker with his legs, but The Deadman catches him! The crowd once more for this, and The Undertaker slowly positions himself with Benoit over the top rope. And in position like for a powerslam, `Taker throws Benoit over the top rope, with Chris landing hard on his back, and The Undertaker wins the match, and is now going on to face Batista at the Royal Rumble!

10th Elimination: Chris Benoit by The Undertaker

Right as the ring announcer is announcing The Undertaker as the number one contender, all of a sudden the crowd notices a man crawling out from under the ring, and its RANDY ORTON!! The crowd boos enormously, and The Undertaker unnoticingly just raises his arms seemingly the victor, as the referee does the same. Orton quietly rolls into the ring, and launches himself across the ring, and The Deadman seemingly is taken by surprise, and Randy Orton grabs `Taker running, and throws him over the top rope!

11th Elimination: The Undertaker by Randy Orton

Winner: Randy Orton

**Burn in my Light**
hits, and Orton does his signature destiny pose having finally gotten one over on The Undertaker. The Deadman was robbed tonight it seems, and he looks extremely pissed, and Orton's arm is raised as Orton was never eliminated, and entered at the end full of energy returning from his hiatus to win it with his spot that was given. Randy Orton now is set to face Batista at the Royal Rumble, and The Undertaker cannot believe the injustice that has taken place, and now Randy has finally one-uped The Deadman to end the show..

End Show!
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