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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

RAW Review

Decent promo to start it off with Bischoff, however it all goes down once Eugene comes in. I think after he came in this promo wasn't very good. Bischoff shows his heel technique by threatining to end the show which was nice.

Helms vs. Eugene
Great to see Helms back here as he is a great character. Helms showed his dominace here dominating him completely, and I like seeing him getting a push in this thread.

The Edge promo here was decent. I'm trying to remember what his character was like back then, and this was kind of in character from what I remeber, nice to see him say Bank on It.

Edge vs. Charlie Hass
Great match here, and great to see a great worker in Hass to get back onto your roster. Edge gets the convincing win, and I can see him cashing in his contract soon. Hopefully Hass gets pushed to the IC Title.

This promo between these two was ok. Shawn felt a little out of character in the beinning for me. These 2 haven't ended their feud yet, so maybe it well end with a match at Mania again.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Meh ok match here. I'm not really a fan of mixed matches, but this was fine. I hope Carlito gets pushed more in this thread instead of staying in the mid card division.

Nice to see Shelton show some passion finally which leads me to think that he will being to recieve a push in this thread. I see him ending his losing streak tonight.

Shelton vs. Danny
Not a very good match, but atleast Shelton finally picks up a win here which is great. Come one push Shelton!

Matt Striker was in character here, but that didn't stop this promo from being boring. I really think someone should have interrupted here instead of him going on and on and on.....

Big Show vs. HHH
Good match here, which I think was supposed to end the feud. HHH loses, but still looks strong with the win through DQ. I see Kane and HHH feuding now that Show looks maybe injured.

LMAO at the Cena rap. I'm not saying the rap was very funny, but it was just funny to see you trying to make it good. No offence dude, but you probably shouldn't pursue a career in rap .

Angle vs. Cena
I can smell a title change tonight, but will their be one? This by far the MOTN here, and it was a great match. The end of this match was fantastic, and Angle basically won cleanly which I did not expect. Anyways yes new champion yes! I hope Angle holds onto this title for a good time.

Overall decent show. Not the best I've seen from you. Don't take my criticism hard I'm just trying to help you improve, the promos here needed improvement. Ok show 7/10
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