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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

WWE: RAW – January 2nd – Review
The cancellation of New Year’s Revolution becoming a mini-storyline of Bischoff drawing heat was nice. However, I believe that Bischoff should have talked more about that topic. But anyway, Eugene and his crew’s appearance was quite a surprise, and Helms vs. Eugene would be good, but only for Helms to build some momentum, I guess.

Nice match to kick off the action of RAW, although it seemed like a squash match. Anyway, I I like that you are doing Helms vs. Rosey angle, and I believe you could do it better than what WWE produced.

As everyone stated, I’d also like to point out that Edge seems focus, but where is his cocky attitude and the jokes he makes towards the interviewers? Anyway, it’d be interesting to see who accepts Edge’s open challenge later on tonight.

Surprised to see Haas debuting on RAW now because in the real WWE, he debuted in April, but that’s not a problem anyway. I’d also like to say what KOP said that Edge should’ve faced someone else rather than Haas, but in actual fact, it was Haas’ debut match, and he needed the victory.

Looks like Shawn will be facing the Spirit Squad next week. It’ll be interesting to see who you book as the winner because Spirit Squad will be the debutants, while at the other hand, Shawn would need some momentum. So let’s see what you’ve booked as the winner of that one. The promo itself was good, not special though, but that really hyped the saga between McMahon and Michaels.

Now, this match looked a total squash, but I know that it wasn’t in actual fact. It’s just that Carlito hardly did anything in this match, and he was totally dominated by Ric, so that match SEEMED like a squash, but it was not. Hopefully next time you’ll write your matches in a well-descriptive way.

Shelton’s promo looked nice to me, and I’d love to see him getting a push in this thread because he’s really one of the greatest talent in the WWE. Brandon, when I read the topic of the match (Shelton vs. Danny), I thought it’d be another squash look-a-like match, but thank God it wasn’t. Ya know, I’m really looking forward to what you do with Shelton.

Matt Striker’s promo is really the best promo of the night man. You really captured his character well, and this promo was thoroughly enjoyed by me, but the million-dollar question is that what will be Striker doing next week?

Oh, yes, Big Show won via DQ, so you didn’t explain that at all. Anyway, Kane and Big Show forming a tag team just like what real WWE did would be okay, but nothing special, and nothing original though.

You know Brandon, I’ve always liked John Cena in that character. He was gold when he was cutting raps, wearing chains, etc. And I’m glad that you are bringing that John Cena back in your thread. However, the rap was nothing special and it had repetitive words, but when I see that this was your first time, I think that you did a nice job. Anyway, the match after it was solid, and Angle becoming the NEW WWE Champion came out of nowhere, so that’s a major surprise, and surprises are good, ya know.

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