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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman's Raw Review:

Bischoff didn't get much time tonight but it just seems this was here to throw his power around. Eugene vs. Helms, guess it's ok but I don't know if the No DQ is really necessary. Guess it was only used for Rosey to come in and get beaten down, so that's fine.

Edge sounded like himself though maybe another line or two from him would have helped as this seemed a little too short to my liking. Can't really think of anyone right now that would accept the challenge.

Not too keen on Haas losing as it's his return match, maybe he should have fought someone else other than be fed to Edge tonight. Edge could have fought probably someone other than Haas.

Confusing promo as both men were in character but I thought the feud began a week before this. So all this "Hell" would have just began. I'm guessing the Spirit Squad is fighting HBK next week but let's hope this won't be a longterm thing like real life was.

A Flair/Carlito program seems as if it's going to continue up after this match for the title while Mickie/Trish seems like it's coming after Ashley/Mickie argued about something.

I'm mixed on this promo, it was fine and as we know, Shelton doesn't talk much but at least you tried. It was just kinda decent. Nothing really to it other than hyping himself up really.

Benjamin breaks his streak that lasted for a few weeks if I can remember correctly. Decent win but I do see him heading back towards the IC title possibly soon maybe joining in with Flair and Carlito?

Striker's segemnt was good and of course, you know I'm a fan of him so pushing him is gold to me. I guess he's going to be getting a slow push (kinda like I did with him) getting wins over lower midcarders first.

I thought Big Show won at first whenver I see winner Big Show, so maybe start putting Winner via DQ, etc. Kane coming in had to happen and really, I'm wondering where both men go from here.

Meh, the rap was fine but some things were repeated and some things didn't sound like Cena. We get an all out war tonight for the main event and didn't expect a new champion tonight to be honest. Caught me completely and funny, I crowned Angle the new WWE Champion the same Raw except mine was in a Steel Cage! But anyways, nice way to end the show and a good way to start the thread off with.
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