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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review

Bischoff Segment: Good to see that you've cancelled New Year's Revolution, rather than simply rushing into it like some would have done. The cancellation was pulled off storyline wise as well, with Bischoff coming across incredibly nasty and heelish here. It's always a good way to push heels by having them go at poor little Eugene and you did that well here with Bischoff.

Gregory Helms vs. Eugene: A very good match to open with here. Helms comes across as a genuinely impressive heel since he is working for Bischoff. Pinning Eugene cleanly was the right result, but I hope that you are not going to have Helms feuding with Rosey, because that would be a bit of a waste of Helms' potential in my opinion.

Edge/Lita Interview: Good segment here portraying Edge's heelish nature impressively. Like you said I can't see the MITB being cashed in for a while and he will probably feud with someone up to the Rumble. Both Edge and Lita were suitably nasty and in character here, I'm sure you will have some fun with them.

Edge's Open Challenge: Nice to Charlie Haas back in your BTB, as he's one of the most underused ever. You didn't turn it into a squash match either, which was impressive. It was well written and although I'm sure you will be giving Haas a push later on, a victory for Edge was the correct result.

McMahon/HBK Segment: This was a good read with both men nicely in character. I don't think that you will just mimic the feud they just had, although HBK is facing the Spirit Squad next week so who knows. HBK going after the WWE title though is a better option.

Mixed Tag Match: The feud over the Intercontinental and Women's Championship was well progressed here in a good match. So Carlito and Flair are feuding over the Gold, which will not bring out many great matches but certainly gives you the opportunity for some great promos and interviews.

Shelton Benjamin Interview: This was good and in character and it looks as though, at last, you are giving Shelton the push he so richly deserves. If he defeats Basham tonight and progresses into the Royal Rumble then later in the year I hope that you will lift him beyond the IC level and into the Main Event.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham: A good win for Shelton here in a good match that was, come on admit it , a plain squash match. Benjamin is the one being pushed, and not Basham. I'm not complaining though, as big Shelton derserves it.

Matt Striker Segment: I never get tired of this guy really. His segments are very funny and you captured that well here with some nice insults to the locals. I'll be interested to see how you use him in terms of feuds and in-ring.

Triple H vs. Big Show: A very good match here. MOTN thus far. This feud does have some basis to it, especially with Kane getting involved as well, but I reckon that you will push Triple H into the WWE Championship soon anyway. The match itself was very impresseive and the DQ finish, with Triple H not caring, was a perfect ending.

John Cena Rap: Wow, you clearly spent time to come up with this rap, so I'm going to give you a lot of credit for it. Well done

First Blood Match: With the WWE title on the line this match stole the show. You captured Angle's intensity well all the way through, but I was still extremely shocked to see Angle capture the title on Raw. I'll be very interested to see whether you end the Cena/Angle feud now or continue it.

Overall: One of the best shows I've read in a long time. The spelling, grammar and structure was all superb, and your initial booking looks to be on song as well. This BTB has real, real potential to be even better than your last one so keep it going!

9 Out Of 10 - Top Notch!
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