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Post Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman_014 raw review

Eugene-Eric Promo-Like to see your continuing this feud, Nothing really wrong both in perfect character can’t wait for the match which is next.9,5/10

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms- Isn’t the ref supposed to disqualify Gregory he used the steel chair and it wasn’t mentioned the ref was down. Great ending nonetheless with Rosey coming out and Gregory taking him out even if it was unrealistic, as the ref would stop it but it keeped me entertained good job so far.7,5/10

Edge interview- Normally Edge doesn’t care about the fans so he wouldn’t want too answer their prayers a little out of character because of that but everything else seems ok.7/10

Edge vs.???- Nice to see Charlie Haas come back in your thread, I didn’t really get the ending hope you can clear it up in the ending when Edge hit the spear did he hit it in mid-air which is pretty much impossible, or did he wait for Haas to land then when he turns around he hits it.8/10

Shawn Michaels-Mr McMahon Promo- Looks like the Spirit Squad are going to debut next week judging from the Mr McMahon spirit line. I wasn’t really feeling this I don’t why as there was nothing really wrong with it but I guess it just didn’t have enough originality and entertainment as we seen this before on Raw many times.6/10

Mixed Tag Team match-Great match exactly what I was expecting from this mixed tag team match good job.8/10

Shelton Benjamin interview- I don’t think Shelton is the guy that would say bitch cause I never heard him swear before. Shelton not really in character I believe but wtv im not really good on judging Shelton’s character as now he rarely talks.7/10

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham- There was two things that were going to happen in this match Danny winning and Shelton’s losing streak continues, or Shelton wins and he goes into a completely new direction glad you chose option number two.9/10

Matt Striker Promo- This promo was boring and really unnecessary I wasn’t interested in reading it maybe next something like someone interrupts Striker instead of making him blab on and on.5/10

Big Show vs. Triple H- You should put via DQ in the winners thing after the match it looks better. Looks like Kane and Big Show will be going for a long feud with Triple H. 7,5/10.

John Cena Rap- Wow good for a first Rap really in character although I believe John Cena would say something like Dick or Fuck in his raps.9/10

First Blood match- You mistaken the F-5 with F-U just wanted to point that out. Kurt Angle the new WWE Champion that is a surprise loved the match and the outcome you get a 9,5 only because of the F-5 F-u thing 9,5/10

Overall 94/120 Still some improvements to be made but good job

Hope you liked my review as im still new to reviewing so don’t be harsh.

EDIT- Oh shit sory forgot the Gregory Helms Eugene match was contested under No DQ rules sorry.

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