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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Opening Promo : It was an ok way to start the show, a little on the cheesy pantomine side with the, the show is cancelled angle but it showed Bishoff is a real wank. It also set up the first match instead of it just being a opener with no backstory.

Match 1: I thought this was a really wise way to book. Not only have u been realistic with giving Euguene a hard punishment from bishoff by making Helms look so dominant, you've also made Helms come out really strong. I think the future for Helms looks good on this show. Good little opening match.

Edge Segment: Done its job of showing the next match will bean open challenge with Edge as the strong heel, but he didnt seem as much of a dick as usual. Usually Edges promo are intense and he is alot more aggressive towards the camera or who he is facing.

Match 2: Was hoping for a bigger name than Haas coming out and being the MITB winner i knew you would have him strong due to his enivitable title shot within the next three months. The match was ok but i wasnt way into it. Edge picks up the win though so again a wise booking choice.

Vince Segment: Ahhh another segment that done its job. This one done it well it has to be said. Vince and Shawns chemistry was good and im expecting a big storyline in the futue.

Match 3: Another match i didny really care for, but this one suprised me. It was a good contest with the flo ging well (bar one small stutter) and a good clean finish for the faces.

Shelton Segment: Good promo where Shelton seemed real fired up and i could see his attitude along with his losing streak was about to change. Good way to set up the match again

Match 4: Shelton Benjamin picks up a fine win in which we can see some light of his character change due to the added fan reactin ( nice original touch here). The match seemed ok and a pass in my book.

Striker Segment: This was probably your poorest part of the show. It was still a good 6/10 but it was too long winded and parts were repeated.

Match 5: Ahhh a match i care for. You coul have made a bigger summary for this match as it was a big one but i'll settle for a suprise Big Show win. I can see this being a big rivalry with the winner going on to be no1 contender in time for WM.

Match 6: Lol Cenas rap was quite clever ad with it i thought he would win ( thought i had picked up a patern with your before match segments tht invlve people being the winners) but a big suprise win for me. Really good matach and the recap seemed the ideal length.

Overall i feel your show was solid but wasnt a big one. You fitted alot into it and it was structered well but i wasnt a fan of 3/6 matches. The promos were all pretty solid and overall it was a good start to the btb.7.5/10
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