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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

The Icon Reviews RAW 1/2

Opening Promo: This promo was decent. I thought the begining was pretty rushed and Bischoff seeme dout of charecter at first. I think you did a very good job of gaining Bisch some heel heat though.

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms: This was a nice contest with helsm getting the deserved win. My onyl problem is that you almost made Helms look too good. I think he would have had more trouble out there, especially with Rosier and all.

Edge Promo: This was pretty good. It showed that he is focused but it didn't sem like an "Edge Promo." I think he was missing his cocky attitude.

Edge vs. Charlie Haas: Edge picks up the win in a decent match. It was kindof predictable though but oh well, the better man won.

McMahon/Michaels Promo: Nice promo here from these two. It was pretty intense and it showed their biter rivalry pretty well.

Carlito/Victoria vs. Ric Flair/Trish Stratus: Nice mixed tag here. I was happy to see the faces, mostly Trish go over here. The ending was a little confussing, when it comes to carlito but other then that, this was a nice match.

Shelton Benjamin Promo: Great promo here form Mr. Benjamin. Shelton sems very focused and it sems like a new SHelton Benjamin is coming to RAW.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham: I had no doubt that Shelton would win. He is in the Rumble and I like this Shelton vs. Crowd storyline so to speak, it's pretty interesting and almost real to real life. Nice job.

Matt Striker Promo: Another good promo. My only problem was that at parts it seemed repetative. Other then that, I loved that you are puting Striker over.

Triple H vs. The Big Show: Nice match here between two top stars. Show picks up a surprising win to me but HH leaves with the advantage, nice job.

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle: Great way to end the show. It was a great match with a great finish. I love how Angle won the title and is the nerw champion, on a RAW! Great work.

Overall 8/10. This was very good but my only promblekm was the opening promo and the Matt Striker promo. Other then that, it was a great show. Keep it up bro.
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