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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

This was well-written, and a good segway into the Eugene|Helms match. The segment did a good job of showing off the amount of heat Eric is able to garner, and also make use of The Freaks.

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms
Wow, Helms was a full-fledged badass tonight, wasn't he? Rosey sticks his nose where it does belong, and pays for it. Eugene trys to capitalize on the distraction, but gets nailed with The Shining Wizard instead. I'm all for putting Helms over big, but I feel like he should've probably had a little bit harder of a time out there.

Todd Grisham|Edge
Ehhh, it wasn't as convincing as it could've been IMO. Edge definitely got his points across here, but he could've been a little less straight forward. Try to throw in some witty comments or little jokes on the side. I get that he's focused, but it seemed to be more of a typical heel promo than a typical Edge promo.

Edge vs. Charlie Haas
I'm all for a surprise finish, but the way this one was written seemed as though Haas should've had time to see the move coming. I like the fact Haas had a good showing against him, but the finish was a little off IMO. It should've been something more out of nowhere. For example, Haas should've gone for a clothesline, only for it to be ducked by Edge who charges the ropes and nails him with a spear as he turns around. I think it was basically just a lack of visualization in this case, so just be a little more attentive when it comes to that.

Decent promo. It really showcased the hatred between these two well.

Carlito|Victoria vs. Flair|Stratus
Just doing match endings is the way I started off my thread, but now I've extended my matches to the full length. I'm not saying you have to do that, because it's obviously your choice and whatever works best for you, but the ending of this one made it seem like Carlito got dominated. If the reader isn't able to picture what moves Carlito actually did, it seems as though nothing ever happened in his favor, or Victoria's for that matter. With that said, it'll be interesting to see if Carlito redeems this loss. Again, even if your just writing the finish, some sort of threat that the person who's going to wind up winning might lose is always good IMO.

Maria|Shelton Benjamin
I liked this promo a lot. You did a good job with making Shelton seem completely refocused on climbing the ladder on RAW. Hopefully he'll be a major player on your show somewhere down the line.

Shelton vs. Danny Basham
I'm glad this match served more of a purpose than just getting Benjamin into The Royal Rumble. You did a good job of making it seem like the crowd wants to get behing him, but he's still not sure how he wants to handle his attitude toward them. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes from him to fully turn and embrace the cheers, if he ever does.

Matt Striker Promo
My only complaint about this one is that it probably could've been cut down a tiny bit. He repeated himself. Other than that I think you did a great job with his character. Also, you probably should've had him explain the difference between the violence he's talking about and the competition that he engages in in the ring. Very solid promo here though.

Triple H vs. The Big Show
Triple H gets dominated for the most part, loses the match, but still finds a way to escape having gotten the upper hand in this feud. Good stuff.

John Cena Rap
The whole rapping thing worked way better when he was a heel. I personally would've much rather seen a regular promo from him, and I'm sure I'm mostly alone in that sentiment. It was alright though. Nothing special, but not too bad.

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
That was awesome; what a badass way for him to get the win. The description leading up to where we come in was well done, and the finish was good. I expect a rematch between these two, but anything can happen.

Overall Rating: 7/10
I didn't have a problem with the booking, but I feel that the promos could've been a bit better as far as doing more little things to capture their personalities. Overall I thought it was an interesting show, and I'll most likely be following this thread.

I know I'm fairly new to booking, so you don't have to take my suggestions seriously and they aren't meant to be an insult to your style or anything like that. I was just typing as I was thinking, and trying to give you my honest opinions.
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