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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

April 3rd 2006

Backstage at Impact Taping

I actually arrived a little late than usual due to my hard working weekend and a late flight. When I did arrive, I went right to Chris Jericho.

Me: Chris, you are the man. I talked to the guys I needed to talk to and I actually enjoyed a WWE Show.

Jericho: So a raise is called for?

Me: No problem.

Knowing Chris Jericho as well as I do, I saw this question coming, so I was prepared. I reached into my pocket, pulled out the latest Fozzy CD, and handed it to him.

Me: Thatís their best one date, you canít find it at any stores, and Iím sure itís not because each store only has like 3 copies available.

Jericho: I hear the lead singer is so bad ass, that he knocks punk kids into a coma.

Me: Lucky kids, they go without a Fozzy track that entire time.

Jericho: Kid, you arenít the sharpest tool in the shed, but youíve got grapefruits, and thatís carried McMahon a long way.

Me: Considering I think you just compared me to Vince McMahon, Iíll take that as a compliment.

After I was done talking with Jericho, Jeff Jarrett was quick to approach me.

Jarrett: Did you speak to him?

I had my fun with Jericho, I was going to be serious with Jeff.

Me: Yeah, heíll be at Lockdown and with the company until at least Sacrifice. Itís up to him if it goes past that.

Jarrett: Good, youíre not so dumb after all. At least you recognize and golden opportunity when it lands in your lap.

Me: Yeah, I try not to be a smark all the time.

I left things at that. I spoke with other workers about different topics throughout the night. The build for Lockdown continued this week.

Results for the 4/5 Show:

*Styles over Williams

*Kip over Harris & Stevens

*Jericho over Brown

*Insert Jennifer Lawrence/Taylor Swift Sig Made By iZac (plz) Here*
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