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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

April 1st 2006

Chicago: Local Pizza Eatery

Two trips to the pizza place in two days. Sad thing is, I didnít order a slice of pizza either visit. This time, I had to meet with the man that Jarrett wanted to bring in at Lockdown. He agreed to meet me in Chicago, so he must want the paycheck.

Me: Glad you could meet me here on my terms.

________: Yeah well, I almost thought against it.

Me: Ok, Iím not here to waste your time, I hope youíre not here to waste mine. So, what has Jarrett told you as far as Lockdown goes?

________: He said that you guys needed a fourth guy for Lockdown and he wanted to bring me in because he know Iím a draw in this business.

Me: So he called you up and offered you the spot?

________: Yeah, he just needed to clear things with you since you apparently now have the stroke around there.

Me: I donít know if I have the stroke but itís nice to know that Jeff wasnít trying to get on my bad side by just bringing you in.

________: So what exactly do you do? Silent partner or something?

Me: Nope, just the head booker.

________: So youíve been booking all the stuff I see when it comes to TNA as of late?

Me: I just write shit down, the workers do all the hard shit. But Iím not here to talk about my role in the company. Fact is, I need to know if youíre serious about coming in and helping us out, whether it be short term or long term.

________: Well I am serious about coming in for the short term, if it goes past that, then so be it.

Me: Ok, well Iíve got everything planned out until Slammiversary but Iím willing to alter things until Sacrifice. How about we bring you in until Sacrifice, if you still want to help us out, Iíll give you something to do. If youíre happy with your two month paycheck, then we wish you the best.

________: Kid, I like you. You donít pull any bullshit like other companies.

Me: I try to be straight forward with everyone. Some people like it, others think I come off as a prick.

_________: Like Jeff?

Me: I donít know what he thinks about me personally. Has he mentioned something to you?

_________: He just said youíre a smark who doesnít truly know the business.

Me: Which isnít far from the truth, but I do respect the business and Iím clearly here to help this company.

________: And I can respect that. Kid, youíre not so bad after all.

Me: You know what, you arenít that bad either.

After that we discussed certain issues pertaining to wrestling. After this meeting, I felt he was in it for the long run.

My Comments: Backstage at WM will probably be up tomorrow although Iím on such a roll right now after watching the PPV that I might knock it out in the next hour or so.

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