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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Sorry for the late review, I was too tired from the freaking insane ROH show I went to! Anyway, here we go.

iMPACT Review:

Opening Match- God I loved this. Abyss just destroying Dutt. It didn't make Dutt look weak though, since he was battling someone 2x his height and 3x his weight, and got him sympathy from the crowd. Anyway, great way to make Abyss look like a true weapon heading into Lockdown.

Christian/Mitchell promo- The god of promo's strikes again, haha. These two are amazing on the mic and they had great back and forth comments, awesome job here. Honestly it's hard to tell who will win at Lockdown, but either way it will be awesome.

Aries vs Daniels- Great back and forth action, each men getting in their offense. The veteran (in TNA at least) is about to finish the match and get the pin, but Strong distracts the ref and Jerry Lynn destroys Daniels! Lynn official heel turn and I hope Aries/Strong get pushed to the titles...but where was Lethal tonight?

Harris/Bischoff promo- Nothing special, but did what it needed to do. I swear to god, if James Gang wins then.....I'm burning down a building. Give The Naturals the title, because 3-D isn't going to do much in TNA as far as put on great wrestling matches. They're just there to do hardcore stuff and live off some former ECW glory...The Naturals vs. Aries/Strong would be great too down the road...*wink wink*

Callis segment- Some strong words from Callis and this was well written. Set up the match with AJ nicely (if AJ accepts the challenge that is...) and could be a MOTN contender. Well, maybe not, considering you got Joe vs Shelley, Christian vs Abyss, War Games match, and others. Either way, going to be a great match if it happens

Michaels/Funk promo- Classic cocky heel stuff from Shane and you're really pushing his new character well. Funk is still a hardcore icon, and this built up their Lockdown match nicely. The chair riot at the end was a nice touch, and I experienced one of those at the ROH show last night!!! ROH! ROH! ROH! I think three promos in a row was a bit much, and could have been spaced better, but whatever.

Main Event- Wow, I really loved it. Started off with Jarret vs Rhino, then Monty came down and entered, which lead to Sabu coming down to help former ally/former rival Rhino. Just great action in this match and it looked like Rhino/Sabu would pick up the win...but Raven helps out his mortal enemy and shakes his hand! Never saw it coming! It's pretty easy to see the War Games teams now, and it's much different and BETTER from what TNA actually did.

Overall- 10/10. The build up was great, put on good matches with an ENTERTAINING squash match. So many possibilities of feuds and storylines in this thread, it's awesome. The only thing is that I would have spaced out the promos better. Three in a row was a bit much.

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