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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Opening promo- Great stuff, Jarret basically trashing the champion and building up his own ego until Bischoff comes out and ruins his plan. Abyss vs CC will be great at Lockdown, and hopefully it tops their match IRL (which will be hard to do). Can't wait to see who Jarret faces, but I think he'll be winning the match because you're ass is on the line backstage...

Strong and Aries vs Outlaw- Basically as you described it, a drawn out squash match that shows how much Strong and Aries 'improves' since debuting in TNA and showing off everything they can do. I like how Strong is picking up the victories in the matches, because Aries is more of an 'established' wrestler already. Hmm, Lynn seems proud of them...new faction somewhere down the line or just a well-deserved push of Strong/Aries?

Daniels/Lethal segment- Good pep talk from the veteran wrestler to the new guy Lethal. I see one of them turning heel at Lockdown or possibly sooner and the two feud for a small while. But if not, I hope they are good compeition for the tag titles. Daniels was in character as all of your promos usually are.

Shane/Douglas segment- Shane is playing the cocky heel that his uncle used to play and is basically taking his gimmick completely, but doing a good job with it. Hardcore icon should be interesting, but there are way too many to try guessing...but for the hell of it, Steve Corino is my guess or maybe even Sandman. I also like how Hoyt is silent and just follows Shane, reminds me of Diesel being brought in as HBK's big bad bodyguard...not sure if that was planned, but if it was, then awesome job

Shelley/Dutt- MOTN, and really good back and forth action. Dutt actually gets in some good offense in the beginning and shows that he is still a contender in TNA, but of course Shelley was going to pick up the win. Awesome ending though, springboard into the Shell Shock.

3D/AMW segment- LOL! I loved Ray's comments as I usually do.
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was the best and I'd love to see him say that once. You are great at promos, which is my weak point, so I hope to learn from you. Honestly I don't want to see more AMW vs 3D stuff...so either have 3D drop the belts before Lockdown or have AMW lose next week!

Abyss vs Jericho- As you said, were you high? Haha. I mean it was very Jericho-ish to have him cut a promo during the match, and it was really funny...but against Abyss? The monster, the doomsday machine, the man that's going to main event against Christian at Lockdown and possible rip the man into pieces?! AND Jericho is still pretty injured? Could have been a great match without the promo and a win for Abyss was really needed here.

Overall- 8/10. I swear to you EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING was perfect until the booking for the main event. At least you noted that it was a bad decision. Even though it was an innovative idea, it should have been Jericho vs another heel or something, or just scrap the promo-during-match idea. It was still an entertaining show and I can't wait for next week.

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