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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

January 17th 2005

Backstage At Impact Tapings

I ended up at the arena early in order to touch up some booking decisions. While everyone was arriving, I stayed isolated in the office. I left the office and headed to the locker room. I walked in and got everyoneís attention.

Me: Guys, calm down for a second. Thanks. Ummm, I just want to thank everyone for all their hard work theyíve put in over this past month. You guys are really making my job easy. You keep giving me the same effort and WWE will have no choice but to take us serious. You keep working your ass off for me and Iíll work my ass off for you. So yeah, I just want to thank everyone for their efforts. I also want to give a special thanks to guys like Raven, Christian, and DíAmore because without them, we wouldnít have had our two big surprises show up.

Christian: This isnít the Oscarís

Me: You damn right itís not the Oscarís. This is TN fucking A. Home of the best fucking workers in the business. And donít you guys forget it.

Everyone seemed riled up after that little speech, which was a good thing. After that, I went up to Tenay, Borash, DíAmore, and Taylor to collect their slips. I had no intentions on reading them yet. Hell, I had no intentions on reading them until after Against All Odds. Why? I had already booked the month in my mind and I wasnít going to let their opinions screw around with my head. I stashed them away in a safe place. I walked up to Jarrett to collect his slip and talks about our bets.

Me: You got your votes?

Jarrett: Of course I have my votes Lambert.

He handed me his slip and I put it in my pocket.

Jarrett: Now, you got your little gimmick match throw together?

Me: Of course.

Jarrett: So what is it?

Me: Just like last time Jeff, youíll know when the rest of the boys know. And thatís when we shoot Zybskoís backstage segment.

Jarrett: You just love toying with me donít you kid?

Me: I must say, it does put a smile on my face. Now, do you have a PPV name?

Jarrett: Of course, I was thinking about King Of The Mountain.

Me: Yes because we already have a nickname and a match called King Of The Mountain. So of course we need to name the PPV King Of The Mountain.

Jarrett: Ok, what about Planet TNA.

Me: So basically Planet Jarrett, just with a little twist?

Jarrett: Exactly

Me: Wow, how long did it take you to come up with these?

Jarrett: Ok, do you have any better ideas?

Me: Yeah, I was thinking Starrcade.

Jarrett: Starrcade? Doesnít WWE own all the WCW trademarks?

Me: The only PPV trademark they own is Great American Bash.

Jarrett: So youíre serious about this?

Me: Of course. Whatís the one PPV you associated with NWA? Starrcade. Maybe it will bring in some old WCW and NWA fans.

Jarrett: Good luck with that kid.

He walked away after that. Was I serious about using the name Starrcade? Hell yeah, was I possibly looking at hiring a good legal counsel? Hell yeah.

Results For The 1/21 Show:

*Abyss defeats Lance Hoyt

*Austin Aries defeats Jay Lethal & Petey Williams

*Monty Brown draws Rhino

Results For The 1/28 Show:

*Alex Shelley defeats Matt Bentley

*Chris Harris defeats Brother Ray & Chase Stevens & Bobby Roode

*Abyss defeats Jeff Jarrett

My Comments: Thanks for the review BJ088, looked like the correct format to me. Donít worry about the lateness, Iím just happy to hit over 1,000 views. I didnít think I could keep this going. Anyway, Impact preview will be up tomorrow and the actual show may make it up tomorrow.

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