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Default Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

January 16th 2006

TNA Bookers Meeting

DíAmore: Guys, another home run last night with Final Resolution. Everything just seemed to go off perfectly. But now, where do we go heading into Against All Odds?

Me: Well letís look at whatís already set up. Shelley and Joe are pretty much booked, theyíve just got to do their thing. Everything else is up for grabs I guess.

Taylor: Well if you look at the main event scene, we have far too many contenders. Do we blow them off in a King Of The Mountain Match?

Me: Too predictable. Not only that, but I donít like the match.

Jarrett: You got any better ideas?

Me: At this moment? No, but give me a day and Iíll come up with something creative

Jarrett: Fine, but if you have nothing by the tapings tomorrow, weíre going with a King Of Mountain Match.

Me: Sounds like a deal

Tenay: Well what about AJ and Daniels? They are two of our biggest names and now theyíre out of the X Title picture for the month

Me: Good. Donít get me wrong, I love AJ and Daniels and I respect all their work but theyíve been in the title picture since TNA went to Monthly PPVs. Those guys need a break from the X title, theyíre over with or without the belt.

Tenay: So what are your plans for them?

Me: Simple. _______________________________________________

DíAmore: Ok, now the tag division. Everyone is expecting AMW vs. Team 3-D. Do we deliver this month?

Me: No, we hold off for a month and give them ____________________ this month. Then at the New PPV, we let them battle. Iím booking a little ahead of myself guys and Iíve got big plans for the New PPV.

Borash: New PPV? What about Destination X?

Me: What about it? Destination X was probably the worst TNA PPV in 05, Iím going to wash that taste out of everyoneís mouth and bring them a new PPV.

Jarrett: So now you create PPV names?

Me: Hey, you can come up with the name if you want, but Iím going to book it the same.

Jarrett: You know what, I like that idea. Iíll come up with the new PPV name for March.

Me: Donít think too hard

DíAmore: Calm down. Ok, so what else is left to talk about? Lambert, anyone you want to bring in to help the company out?

Me: Not at this moment. But I have a feeling that Iím going to want a big name or two by June or so. So hereís what I want from you guys. Write me a list of 3 guys that you want out of the company and give me a legit reason. Now these votes will be private so donít worry about a leak. We need to cut some money around here and sadly that means we have to let some people go. And donít worry; Iíll break the news to them so you donít have to. I know I donít have the power to fire anyone but all of us in this room know that our roster is way too stacked. I can only book so many people in one hour. Just give me a list and Iíll look it over.

Jarrett: And we can vote for anyone?

Me: Sure, vote for Chris Jericho if you want but Iím using Chris Jericho so Iíll spit on your vote because itís not cool.

Jarrett: Is that a WWEism?

Me: Sure is. I watch the WWE Product to see what weíre up against. Did you guys happen to catch New Years Revolution? Aside from Edge winning the title, it sucked. I want our PPVs to always out do WWE PPVs in quality. I donít care if they out sell us by 1 billion buys, Iíll sleep better knowing that Daniels and Joe put on a better match than their entire PPV. And then the word will start to spread.

Taylor: You know the Royal Rumble is in Miami and Raw is in Orlando the next night.

Me: Yeah, I saw that on their schedule but paid it no mind. I donít want to go there with guys like Abyss, Joe, and Christian and fuck up their show because they can counter act at our shows. I just want to see the crowd reaction they get in our backyard.

Jarrett: Ok, off the subject of WWE.

Me: Ok, what else would you like to talk about Jeff?

Jarrett: I donít care, just end the WWE talk, itís sickening.

Tenay: What about Don West? I noticed that you booked a lot of guest commentators recently on Impact.

Me: Iím glad you brought him up Mike. Don is a good commentator but tends to stumble and get too excited. I donít want to fire him because heís been here since the start. I would like to use him in a backstage interviewer role since all he has to do is ask the easy questions.

Tenay: And who replaces him?

Me: Donít worry about that.

DíAmore: Ok boys, itís getting late so take off. Iíll see everyone at the Impact Tapings tomorrow.

My Comments: Eh, I'm not very happy with this segment but whatver. Backstage Impact stuff could be up tonight considering thereís no hockey or wrestling on tonight. Gone until then.
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