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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

January 16th 2006

Damn, what a PPV. It seemed like everything clicked last night at Final Resolution.

Team Canada defeated The Naturals: Nice tag match to open up the show. Devine got himself back into the Team Canada fray and the Naturals kept their heat since Team Canada needed the hockey stick to win.

The Outlaws & Sean Waltman defeated Konnan, Apolo, & Ron Killings: The DQ finish of course sets up for this storyline to advance a bit further. Which is what I was aiming for since I didnít push Killings to be the mystery man. Waltman was sort of a predictable partner for The Outlaws but I donít think many people saw Killings coming.

Austin Aries defeated Roderick Strong: Big things are headed for these two. They put on a very good match considering their time limit. Aries sold the back injury very well and Strong did a good job focusing on the back throughout the match. The X Division is better than ever at this point.

Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer: It was nice to get the rights to ďMan In A BoxĒ for the night. It made the crowd reaction much better that they recognized the theme. It was also nice to get Dreamer for the night. It sort of sucked that they had to hold back a bit because I didnít want the Hell On Earth guys to repeat anything. The embracing at the end was also nice and it showed that Dreamer was only there for the night. But hey, we took a WWE talent and they had no damn idea. Raven earns a title shot and now Iíve got a lot of thinking to do.

Alex Shelley Wins 6 Points Of Impact: Who in the hell saw that coming? Most people were expecting AJ because heís AJ and others were expecting Skipper because of the push Iíve been giving him. Well I shocked some people when I put Shelley over. I like Alex Shelley, heís great talent in the ring and heís very good on the mic. Plus he has an awesome gimmick with the Shelley Cam and itís simple but effective booking with him. AJ is always going to be over so he didnít really need the win. Skipper outlasted top X Division guys like Sabin, Williams, and Bentley. It was just a very good X Division match.

Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels: It was good to get the rights to ďThe Champ Is Here.Ē I loved that theme song ever since I saw Joe use it in ROH. The match itself was very good. Daniels brought the fight too Joe and went after the knee. Daniels just did everything in his power to win but Joe was just the better man. Also having Alex Shelley come out in the middle of the match to scout Joe with the Shelley came just shows how easy it is to book Shelleyís gimmick. Shelley vs. Joe at AAO should impress.

Team Christian defeats Team Jarrett: This match was all about Abyss. There was a reason why entered first and was the last man eliminated. I wanted to build Abyss as a serious World Title threat and I did. The rest of the work is up to James Mitchell. Sting looked good in his first match back which is a good thing. Everyone else did their thing and it came off as a good brawl. Chris Jericho coming in just rules. Was it a bit predictable? Possibly, but come on, itís Chris Jericho, you canít argue with that. Jericho did his thing last night. He came in, hit Jarrett with a guitar, and played to the crowd. That leaves the door wide open for him to explain everything on Impact. And Iíll give him as much time as he wants to explain.

So Final Resolution came off very well. Now itís up to me to build up Against All Odds. And to do that, I must meet with my partners.

My Comments: Thanks for the comments on the PPV. Iíll post the contest results tomorrow and the bookers meeting tomorrow. CyA.

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