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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Originally Posted by AMPLine4Life
January 4th 2006

So I finished reviewing the Impact show and brainstormed some new ideas. During that time, the phone rang.

Me: Hello

Christian: Hey man, whatís going on?

Me: Not much, just reviewing impact

Christian: You review the show you book and know what youíve already done? Odd

Me: Some would say thatís odd, others would say that having long hair, wearing big sunglasses, and playing a kazoo is odd

Christian: Touchť. Listen, a buddy just called me up and he said that he wants to work for a wrestling company

Me: So WWE is out of the question

Christian: Exactly

Me: I donít know about this though. Right now the Main Event scene looks like a 14 car wreck at Bristol

Christian: Huh?

Me: Damn Canadians. The Main Event scene looks like a 6 on 5 powerplay because some team is down a goal so they pulled the goaltender for an extra attacker

Christian: Oh, 11 men and a goalie all in one little zone

Me: Exactly

Christian: Gotcha. But seriously, you bring this man in and I can promise you 3 things.

Me: Iím listening

Christian: The ratings will jump over the 1.0 mark, which means you can negotiate with SpikeTV for a better time slot

Me: I like that, but thatís why we brought in Sting

Christian: Ok, you bring this man in and Vince McMahon will take us serious. I know you donít have a life and you watch Raw every Monday, youíve seen him say that ďThereís no where else to go.Ē You bring in this man, he wonít be saying that.

Me: I like that idea, but making Vince McMahon paranoid isnít my goal

Christian: Ok, I saved the best for last. You bring this man in and Jeff Jarrett will throw a bitch fit that will rival Bret Hart

Me: Bingo. Ok, so how do I contact this man?

Christian: Heís going to call me sometime this week with a time and a place

Me: Sounds good. Now, who is the major acquisition youíre talking about?

Christian: What major acquisition?
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