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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 13th 2005

Backstage at iMPACT! Tapings

So now the journey begins. Being backstage at Turning Point was fun, but it wasnít work. Tonight, the work started and it started early. I guess Jarrett was pissed off over what DíAmore told him.

Jarrett: Lambert, what in the hell are you thinking?

Me: About what Jeff?

Jarrett: Donít play dumb with me kid. This idea of yours, itís not going to work and when it doesnít work, Iíll be the first to laugh right in your face.

Me: So thatís how our relationship is going to be?

Jarrett: Relationship? I didnít want you here in the first place. This isnít a relationship itís more like a one night stand. Everyone knows that I run the show around here, youíre just here because Scott wasnít thinking straight one day.

Luckily for me, back up was just around the corner.

Christian: Jeff, you giving the kid a hard time?

Jarrett: Did you hear his bright idea?

Christian: Yeah and personally, I like it.

Jarrett: Well of course you like it, it benefits you.

Christian: And the company.

Jarrett: Whatever. Listen Lambert, you stay out of my way and everything will be just fine got it?

Lambert: Youíre the boss

Jarrett: And donít you forget it

Jarrett left and I was left talking with Christian

Christian: Donít worry about him heíll get over it sometime or another.

Lambert: Thanks

Christian: But listen, Raven wants to talk to you about something big.

Lambert: He say anything else?

Christian: No, just that itís a good step in the right direction for the company.

Lambert: Thanks for the info

I searched and finally found Raven and boy was Christian right when he said that Raven had a big plan.

Lambert: Hey, Christian told me you needed to see me

Raven: Yeah, huge news out of WWE

Lambert: About Benoit?

Raven: No, about another man.

Lambert: Who?

What else was said in the conversation I canít reveal. Just know that we were about to bring in a former star, even if it was for one night.

Two Weeks Of Impact! Spoilers

Results for the 12/17 Show:

*Alex Shelley defeats Austin Aries

*Rhino defeats Kenny King

*Samoa Joe defeats Sonjay Dutt

*Monty Brown defeats Sabu

Results for the 12/24 Show:

*Matt Bentley defeats Elix Skipper

*Team Canada defeat The Naturals

*Christian Cage & Rhino defeat Americaís Most Wanted

My Comments: No, that is not how I book my shows. Those are just spoilers for those who want to know the winners. The actual results are detailed. Oh and to see the spoilers, just highlight incase you didn't catch that. I also decided to use wrestlers names and not real names so I didn't confuse anyone. The actual Impact Show results will probably be posted late tonight or tomorrow.

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