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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 11th 2005

Backstage At Turning Point

So here I was, backstage at the final TNA PPV of the year. I was nervous beyond imagination. I basically just sat there and watched everyone pass me by until Scott came up to me.

DíAmore: How you feeling kid?

Me: Nervous, I havenít said a word to anyone

DíAmore: Well come on, let me introduce you to the gang

Before we got anywhere, Larry Zybsko came running up to us in a panic

Zybsko: Scott, have you seen Hardy?

DíAmore: I canít say that I have

Zybsko: Iím about sick of him. Heís always late and now heís no showing another PPV. If I could fire him, he would be gone in a heartbeat

After that, Larry stormed off.

Me: Why isnít he gone?

DíAmore: Heís a merchandise seller.

Me: Thatís it?

DíAmore: More or less. Jeff sells a lot of t-shirts for us so we keep around for the time being. He will no doubt get suspended for this but he wonít be fired. Now come on, let me introduce you to the guys

We walked around until we hit the male locker room. We walked in and Scott cleared his throat getting everyoneís attention

DíAmore: Listen up. This here is Jeremy Lambert. After tonight, heís the one that will determine if you Main Event next monthís PPV or if youíre on the pre-show. So start kissing his ass.

Nobody seemed to care as they all went back to whatever they were doing. DíAmore wouldnít give up though. We walked over to where Jay Reso was and Scott introduced me.

DíAmore: Jay meet Jeremy

Reso: Hey man, whatís up?

Me: Wow, itís a pleasure to meet you Mr. Reso

Reso: Yeah whatever. Listen up, I came to TNA to be the World Heavyweight Champion and right now Iím on a roll. I didnít want some punk kid like you coming in and screwing up my push, understand me?

DíAmore: Jay, just hold on a second

Reso: No Scott, you hold on. I was fine with how things were around here. Now you bring in some internet retard who creams his pants when Hulk Hogan hits his little leg drop. Itís pathetic to be honest with you. AndÖ.hell, Iím just kidding with you.

Me: Oh man, that was a good one

Reso: Yeah. But listen, donít let anyone talk down to you around here. You run the show now. You control their fate. If they mouth off to you, job them to Shark Boy or something. But hey, I got a big match tonight so weíll take later about some stuff, cool?

Me: Cool

DíAmore: Ok Jeremy, get to know the workers; Iíve got business to take care of.

So thatís exactly what I did. I walked around and talked to a few workers and got their opinion of the company and where it was heading. I didnít want to bother anyone too much because it was a big night and I didnít want to throw them off their game.

Turning Point 2005 Results

Sabu defeated Abyss in a Barbed Wire Match: This match was what I expected, a bloody brawl. I enjoyed watching these 2 putting their bodies on the line for the company. I didnít like the decision to put Sabu over but I could work around it.

Matt Bentley & Austin Aries defeated Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley: This match needed some type of build and got none. Thatís ok though because I had a plan for everyone of them and you are about to see big things from Shelley and Bentley.

Raven defeated Chris K: I hated that we couldnít use the name ďKanyonĒ but oh well. This whole Raven deal needed an ending and I was about to solve that.

Team Canada defeated 4LK: I was very happy to see Konnan turn on the rest of the Kru. Now I could do what I wanted with each other them. I also had some plans with Team Canada.

Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, & Dale Torborg defeated Diamonds In The Rough: This match gained us some national attention that was really the whole point. I didnít like the use of Elix Skipper and I was about to change that.

Christian Cage defeated Monty Brown: I couldnít believe Christian went over clean but I was happy with it. Now I had to solve the problem of having too many contenders chasing one title.

Team 3D defeated America's Most Wanted: Well this feud wasnít over by any means. The question was, how could I continue it?

Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles to win the X Division Title: This was an awesome way to end the X Division year. I tried talking to both men after the match but each of them had busted their jaws with all the stiff shots. The Daniels return was nice and made it easy for me to book a Daniels/Joe feud while giving AJ some much needed time off.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino to retain the World Title: Iím about over the over booked Jarrett title matches. I knew it was going to be tough, but I had to somehow lobby my way into taking the title off Jarrett. Sting coming back to the company is nice but crowds the main event picture a bit more.

So the final TNA PPV of 05 came off pretty well I thought. Now the real challenge begins.

My Comments: Ok, now the booking begins. Next post will have a roster and some other basic info so stay tuned.

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