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WF BTB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2010

WF BTB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2010

Welcome, lady mangs and gentle mangs, to the WF BTB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2010! First things first - I'd like to thank the few active Hall of Famers we have for giving me the go ahead to go on with this endeavor, and I'd also like to thank those select bookers who were chosen for taking some time out of their day to give me some comments to work with. Much appreciated. The Hall of Fame Ceremony this year is sort of an anomaly, as it wasn't even supposed to happen, but here it is. I apologize for being a month overdue, but there were some minor hiccups along the way I had to work with, but I got it done. So, without further ado, here are your inductees.

For his work on TNA: Changing The Face of Pro Wrestling

~ Comments from fellow Hall of Famers and Bookers ~

"I'd vote for AMPLine due to the impact he's clearly had on others... I only ever hear good things about him, and it appears he's been quite the inspiration, and a trendsetter for TNA threads. He gets a vote from me." ~ Wolf King - '05 Inductee

"He has had the best TNA thread in this forum's history. Add to the fact that he has not booked on this forum in about three years, I believe, adds onto his legacy. From his creative introduction of his thread to the amazing buildup and conclusion of the thread with the excellent PPV, I believe that AMP, without a doubt, should be inducted into the Hall of Fame of BTB." ~ Kid o Mac - '06 Inductee

"AMP simply is the man of booking TNA here at WF. There has been a few successful TNA threads, but simply AMP is what you think of when you hear the letters TNA and BTB thrown together. It's like they are synonymous now and it'll probably be that way for an even longer time now than it already has been. Not only that, but he did a great job in making BTB different with his style of writing, his backstage interviews, segments, etc. that also added a different dimension to the thread and added a lot to it. Not only that, but AMP competed in numerous tournaments and was an active contributer to the section." ~ KOP - '07 Inductee

"His value to the section is pretty much crystal clear. His TNA thread was the most succesful TNA thread to date and I doubt if there'll ever be one to match it. Quality-wise and popularity-wise, it is unrivaled. I believe he deserves the HOF accolade." ~ Alco

"Not a whole lot to it other than he was the sole reason that I ever came to this forum. I guess by that logic he's also the reason that I ever got into booking. I was a huge fan of TNA in 2005/2006 and to see him pick up after Turning Point 2005, probably my favourite TNA PPV of all-time, was just so awesome. He incorporated his own backstage character (Jeremy F'N Lambert) and it was just so cool reading how everything was going down with regards to the mystery guys always jumping ship. Only Szumi's comes close with how he wrote the backstage happenings, but even then it wasn't as warm and fuzzy and open as AMP's imo. He's left his mark by having the best TNA thread that WF has ever seen (nothing even comes close to coming close, tbh) and that's why I think he (or the thread itself) deserves a place in the HOF." ~ Jon Power

"His TNA thread is now the measuring stick by which all past, current, and future TNA threads are now measured against. Not a bad feat, I say. He's had substantial influence to our TNA writers and continues to do so to this day even without a presence in the section. Ace." ~ Caesar WCWR

~ AMPLine4Life speaks on his time in the BTB Section and his TNA BTB ~

"A lot of people look down on BTB and think it's a lot of time/effort without much reward. They're pretty much right. But for people who don't need others to verbally blow them and they just want to challenge themselves to meet deadlines and be creative, BTB is a fun time. Granted once I finished my first TNA BTB, I took things less serious and even managed to upset some of the BTB regulars for making the section look like a joke but I know how hard people work on their BTB and how much it means to some of them. The thing about BTB is that if you're not doing it for yourself, you shouldn't be doing it. Too much time and effort goes into a really good BTB just to get a couple of "good show" replies.

I don't know how much people truly liked my TNA BTB. Some people say it's the best TNA BTB ever, others say it was really creative with the backstage stuff, and some probably think it sucked. I appreciated any and all feedback on the BTB but in the end I was doing it for myself. I wanted to challenge myself to be creative with things and I think I succeeded. When I ended the TNA: Changing The Face of Pro Wrestling BTB, I was happy with what I accomplished and that's all that mattered to me. I didn't need people verbally blowing me and telling me I did a good job. I verbally masturbated enough to always be satisfied.

In the end, I just want to thank some people and I'm keeping my list short. Spartanlax and Szumi, the original BTB Triple Threat and an idea that never came to fruition, DDMac and Homicide187 who always helped me with things, anyone else that helped along the way who I forgot because my memory sucks unless it involves MMA, and anyone who has read and enjoyed my work. Thanks my friends, thanks my guys."

For his work on Legend Presents WWE 2006

~ Comments from fellow Hall of Famers and Bookers ~

"He's earning his username, simple as that. Forgetting the stop/start booking run he's had in the last year, he probably could've been worthy of a place LAST YEAR. The fact is, he's became the #1 top dog in BTB, and rightly so. His shows ooze of originality, with different faces beginning to occupy the top spots in the thread, rather than the same old faces - and the best bit of all, it doesnt feel forced. He's legitimately creating stars, whilst churning out tremendous shows, promos and matches. Has to be in." ~ Wolf King - '05 Inductee

"I remember last year nominating Legend for the BTB class, despite the controversy that surrounded his thread at the time. With that said, Legend's thread has been one thread that I continue to keep up with despite not getting the chance to leave comments for it. His WrestleMania PPV and the buildup of Bobby Lashley has been nothing short of amazing. Since returning to BTB, Legend's thread has been on the money without a doubt. The commentary and the promos are without a doubt one of his strongest points and throughout his thread, he makes sure to point that out. With that said, Legend gets my nomination as well to this year's BTB HoF class." ~ Kid o Mac - '06 Inductee

"The name says it all - Legend. His writing style is certainly exciting to read and he certainly has a creative mind. I almost pulled him into my thread over a year ago or so as we were set to team together but it didn't work out and I'm still disappointed it didn't. Regardless, his thread has been great throughout his entire duration here as he's only progressed about six months in two or three years but still he's made it a fresh read, and fun to really read it at all times. Legend also has been an active contributer and former mod that is always looking out for the best of the section. Really, just a downright good guy overall." ~ KOP - '07 Inductee

"One of the two guys that has really influenced me to try and get better at BTB. He's mastered the art of a great promo, and he isn't half bad at the matches either. He takes careful detail into each show, trying to top the one before it, which he does many times. The guy is like the Wolf Beast of the 'new' generation, per se, as it's him at the top, and then everyone else just a few notches below him. Yeah, there are other people that are good, but this guys stuff is top notch. His name explains it all: Legend. One of the best BTBers that I've ever seen, and I'm hoping that he continues putting out stuff for a long time." ~ Perfect Poster

"A former BTB moderator, Legend's work speaks for itself. Through consistency and development as a writer, he earned the respect of fellow writers within the section and is constantly referred to as one of the best ever." ~ TKOW

"Consistently innovative and brilliant, just one of the best bookers ever to grace this site." ~ sc2004

"He belongs with Wolf King and DDMac in the WWE Big Three - the guys with substantial influence in the WWE sector of the BTB Section. Talented, great writer, and a good guy to boot. He certainly deserves to be in by my estimations." ~ Caesar WCWR

~ Legend speaks on his time in the BTB Section, his WWE BTB, and where he may be going in the foreseeable future ~

"It doesn't feel like I've been around in this section very long, so it feels rather strange to be inducted into something like this. It is especially odd considering the thread I am (hopefully) being inducted for isn't technically mine. It belongs to a guy named Deadman. I am aware that a lot of people have a problem with him, but, to be quite honest, everyone in this section seems to have a problem with everyone else, so I couldn't care less. He gave me the chance to book alongside a prominent figure in the section and helped me make my name, before eventually handing over the reigns completely when he lost motivation. Without him, God knows where I'd be. I certainly doubt I would have ever achieved the kind of attention I did.

I know I should be much further on in my thread than I am considering the length of time I've been booking. However, I don't see this as a problem. Some guys have no problem recapping great lengths of time in their threads. I don't really see the point of this; I've planned my angles and I'm damn well going to finish them. I don't care how many years I fall behind. It honestly doesn't matter.

Hopefully I can at least make it to the end of 2006 in my thread, as it would be a nice milestone for me, considering it started at the beginning of the year. I don't know if I will be able to make it that far, what with my advancing years (yes, yes, BTB is a young man's game) and the lack of attention in this place. All of the guys who used to inspired me are dropping like flies now, so I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up. I think I need other threads around me to keep me motivated, and there aren't really any at the moment. There are plenty of good bookers out there, but they are either wasting their talents on boring contemporary threads or wasting everyone's time engaging in the meaningless crap that goes in the Discussion Thread. Come on, guys, be the booker for crying out loud.

I know my time in BTB has been marred by stupid mistakes on my part, and I'm very sorry for that. My words are essentially worthless in this section, but I hope I can still chat with some of you from time to time. At it's best this section is hugely enjoyable and a great place to spend (or waste) your time. At it's worst, it's vaguely reminscent of a collection of bickering women and playground gobshites trying to act "tough". Still, it must be doing something right. I'm still here after almost four years.

Thanks, BTB. "
~ Legend

So, there you have it. Two deserving bookers inducted to the Hall of Fame for 2010. What does the future hold for other bookers who'd like to join these and other men in the upper echelons of Be The Booker? Who knows, but we'll be watching. Thanks again, guys.
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