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Re: Heroes Mafia III

Night 1 - Time's Up

The town were indecisive during the day, and they had hoped that night would not be too bad for them. Peter Petrelli, Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh were sitting around the living room of a house, when they heard an almighty scream. They rushed upstairs to find the body of young Molly Walker, her head sliced open, the telltale sign of the work of Sylar. A card lie next to her...

Originally Posted by NaFFan

Congratulations, you are Molly Walker, Innocent Aligned. You have the power of locating other Heroes. You are the Tracker. Each night you may PM the name of a player and see where they were during the night. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
As such, Sylar absorbed Molly's power and is now also Tracker. He was pleased with himself, a threat had been eliminated. He made his way through the backstreets of the town, before he past the puppet house, and was instantly pulled towards the wall. Emerging from the shadows came Doyle, with a huge grin on his face. Sylar pleaded for his life, but Doyle forced Sylar to cut open his head, and he dropped to the ground, a card falling from his pocket...

Originally Posted by dan_marino

Congratulations, you are Sylar, Individually Aligned. You have the power of intuitive aptitude, and can mimic other abilities. You are the serial killer. Each night, you may PM me the name of a player who you will set out to kill. As an added bonus, and in true Sylar fashion, you will acquire the role of the person who you kill, so in effect, you can become next to unstoppable.
You win when you are the last man alive.
A mixed result for the town, for a child had died, but the potential devastating effect of Sylar had been eliminated...for now.


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