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Heroes Mafia III


The heroes and their respective friends and families decided to take a break from their busy, chaotic lives and head to the new carnival that had come to town, the Sullivan Brothers Circus. The townsfolk were amazed at the many talented perfomers and the peacefulness that seemed to be rampant throughout the carnival. This peaceful illusion was brought to an abrupt end though, with a blood curdling scream, followed by a body falling from the ferris wheel onto the ground below, with a sharp, jagged rock sticking out of the temple. A card was next to the person:

Originally Posted by sXe

Congratulations, you are Angela Petrelli, Innocent Aligned.
Another card was seen under Angela's card:

Heroes, friends and families of Heroes, you have come one and come all to the greatest show on Earth. However, due to your ignorance and stupidity, you have threatened the very nature of what this carnival stands for, and that is a place of peace and harmony for people with special abilities. We, a select group, have trapped you here and will be eliminating you one by one
A member of the crowd stood up: "Ok, we're going to have to identify this group and get rid of them to ensure our survival. Lynch someone during the day, and pray we survive the night.


1. No talking outside of the thread unless otherwise stated
2. Lynch votes need to be bolded for them to count
3. No copying your PM containing your role
4. No role claiming unless you have 50% of the vote tally
5. No flaming


This game features characters from all four seasons of Heroes

And so the game begins...

Alive Players: (9)

2. Lostfap - Edgar, Mafia Aligned - Tracker
3. Alcoholic - Micah Sanders, Innocent Aligned - Vote Alterer
7. HellFire8899 - Ando Masahashi, Innocent Aligned - Enhancer
9. Mr.Lawls - Knox, Mafia Aligned - Bodyguard
12. MetalX - Jeremy Greer, Innocent Aligned - Reviver
14. Certs - Samuel Sullivan, Mafia Aligned - Godfather
16. RetepAdam. - Lydia, Mafia Aligned - Rolecop
17. Nov - Eric Doyle, Mafia Aligned - Roleblocker
23. HoMiCiDaL26 - Mohinder Suresh, Innocent Aligned - Doctor

Dead Players:

6. NaFFaN - Molly Walker, Innocent Aligned - Tracker
21. dan_marino - Sylar, Individually Aligned - Serial Killer
22. Wesson - Ted Sprague, Innocent Aligned - The Bomb
4. Rising - Noah Bennet, Innocent Aligned - Vigilante
19. Mr.Styles - Matt Parkman, Innocent Aligned - Cop
18. .BD - Daniel Linderman, Mafia Aligned - Silencer
11. Duke Gretchen Brew, Innocent Aligned - Roleless
5. SC4L Hiro Nakamura, Innocent Aligned - Bodyguard
20. born to run Emma Coolidge, Innocent Aligned - Roleless
10. RKO920 The Haitian, Innocent Aligned - Bodyguard
13. iMac Nathan Petrelli, Innocent Aligned - President - Sylar, Individually Aligned - Serial Killer
1. Sticksy Claire Bennet, Innocent Aligned - 1-shot lynch immune / 2-shot night immune
8. DH Peter Petrelli, Innocent Aligned - JOAT
15. Doddsy Elle Bishop, Innocent Aligned - 1-shot Daykill

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Mid-Day 3
Day 3
Night 3
Mid-Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7


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