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Friday Night Explosion Results

Pyro goes off creating a massive pop from the crowd

JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the sold out Kemper Arena here in Kansas City, Missouri and by god King do we have a show tonight or what?

King: Damn straight JR, HHH,Jericho,Angle and Benoit in a Fatal-4-Way to advance in the championship tournament, its going to be unreal!

JR: I cant wait for that matchup, but also the Rock is back and is in the WIWA. And folks we have the DOA vs Maven & Christian for a shot at the tag titles this sunday at ROR.

We are now back in the locker room of DX

HHH- Tonight boys is my chance to go on to Full Throttle, then onto ROR and get the WIWA title of Eddie Guerrero

Road Dogg- Thats right man and we are with you all the way, you know that, we got each others backs and thats how it goes down in DX

Syxx Pac- You know Im thinking of going for the lightweight title at ROR, but I need to speak to Heyman and for 4 days I havent been able to reach him

Billy Gunn- James and I were trying to get a tag title shot but Heymans no-where to be seen

HHH- Well Heyman has to be here tonight somewhere, you guys look around, and if you cant find him, MAKE an impression tonight on him.

JR: Some strong words there by HHH, and I gotta think that HHH will be all focused for the Fatal-4-Way later tonight.

King: I cant wait JR, 4 of the very best ever going at it on the same time, its going to be a dream matchup.

JR: But apparently we have got a 4 vs 4 tag matchup right now.

Match 1: 8 Man Tag
Participants: Shelton Benjamin, Shark Boy, D-Lo Brown & Konnan vs Test, Low-Ki, La Parka & Jerry Lynn

A brilliant matchup right from the start, turmoil everywhere and Shark Boy demonstrating his athleticism with a huge suicide dive that took out the entire opposition. The crowd behind team Benjamin. Eventually everything got settled down and Shelton started the match with Low-Ki. They trade right hands for a short time but Shelton clearly has a stronger punch. Shleton slammed Low-Ki down then covered him for 2. Low-Ki was helped to his feet and he delivered an enziguri to Shelton. Low-Ki puts Shelton in the corner and goes to work on Shelton then tags in Test. Test gets some major heat during this match. Test drives the knees and elbows into Shelton then gives him the snake eyes and a clothesline. Cover for 2. Shelton comes back with right hands then a diving clothesline taking Test off his feet. Shelton tags in Konnan to a huge ovation. Konnan mugs Test in the corner, and Test wobbles out into a spinebuster. Pin attempt broken up by Jerry Lynn.
Konnan tells Lynn to fuck himself with a rude gesture. Lynn tries to illegally attack Konnan but the ref holds him back, and as the ref is distracted, Konnan kicks Test square in the nuts! This is followed up by a DDT which gets a long 2 count. Konnan works on Tests arm for a while then wrenches it and tags Shark Boy. Shark Boy comes off the top rope with a sledge onto the left shoulder. Test staggers back then is caught sweet on the chin by a standing dropkick. Cover for 2. Shark Boy goes for a slam but cannot lift up the 280 pounder. Test clubs Shark Boy then delivers the pumphandleslam. Both men are down. Test tags in Lynn. Lynn walks right into and enziguri. Shark Boy tags Konnan back in. Konnan exposes the ribs looking for a double axe handle and pays for it as Lynn headbutts Konnan in the gut. Konnan crumbles to the ground gasping for air. Lynn stomps away at the gut before dropping repeated elbows onto Konnan. Konnan is hurt bad and holds his ribs, screaming in pain. Lynn tags in La Parka. Parka chops away at Konnans chest, Konnan screams but cannot stop the pain. Parka knees Konnan then delivers a hurricanrana. Cover for 2. Konnan lifts a shoulder. Parka tags in Test. Test puts Konnan in the corner and repeatedly drives knees into the ribs of Konnan.
Konnan has been worked over for some time.
Test slams Konnan and then signals for the pumphandleslam. The crowd boos. Test gets Konnan up on the shoulders but Konnan gets out and gives Test a reverse DDT. Both men down. Crowd claps Konnan on. Test tags in Lynn. Lynn goes for Konnan but Konnan dives and tags in the outstretched hand of D-Lo Brown. D-Lo cleans house with clotheslines all over. D-Lo dodges La Parka and sends him to the outside. D-Lo kicks Test in the face with a jumping calf kick. D-Lo gives Lynn a back body drop. Clothesline on Low-Ki. La Parka attacks D-Lo from behind and all hell breaks loose. They brawl everywhere around the ring. La Parka and D-Lo take it into the crowd.
Lynn whips Konnan into the metal steps. Konnan screams in agony again. Lynn and Low-Ki try to double team Shelton who knocks them both down. Shelton hits the T-Bone suplex on Low-Ki. Lynn then gives Shelton an enziguri. Shark Boy comes from up top with a crossbody on Lynn. Test then pumphandleslams Shark Boy. Up in the crowd D-Lo hits La Parka with a suplex on the floor. D-Lo runs back into the ring and gives Test the Sky High. Then he spinebusters a charging Lynn. Then D-Lo climbs up and nails the Low-Down. The ref counts 1-2-3!

Match Time: 18m 29s
WINNERS: Shelton Benjamin, Shark Boy, D-Lo Brown & Konnan

JR: What an unbelievable matchup King, action packed opening to an historic night in WIWA TV.

King: Truly brilliant match, unfortunatley Tests team lost out but a good effort none the less.

JR: I understand that Roger Walker is standing by with the Peoples Champion, the Brahma Bull, the Rock!

King: Dont kiss ass too much Ross, your lips might get stuck there, and the Rock would hate that.


Roger- Well Rock I understand you have something to say

The Rock looks at Roger funnily and then smells the electricity in the air and listens to the ROCKY! chants circling around the arena.

Rock- Damn right the Rock has something to say and it goes a little like this............ FINALLY!!! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO KANSAS CITY! (crowd errupts) Ladies and gentlemen tonight the Peoples Champ goes one on one with a living legend. The Rock goes one on one with......... (the Rock reads the card) Tonight in front of the millions and millions of the Rocks fans the Brahma Bull goes one on one with.........Billy Kidman! HAHAHAHA are you FUCKING kidding me Heyman? What kind of debut is this. The Rock will knock the taste out of that little punks mouth. He's gonna feel the electricity rushing through him when the peoples elbow is dropped on his lightweight CANDY ASS! (crowd errupts again) IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK.....IS.....COOKING!
The Rock walks off to a huge ovation

JR: Well the Rock is confident that he will be succesful in his debut against Billy Kidman.

King: So he should be JR, you dont expect a lightweight like Kidman to be a challenge for the Rock.

JR: Well I hope Kidman gets the taste slapped out of his mouth, I cannot stand that punk

Match 2: Singles Match
Participants: The Rock vs Billy Kidman

The Rocks music hits and the crowd raises the roof off the Kemper Arena. He has got the biggest ovation in the history of wrestling here, tonight. Kidman comes out to some heat. Kidman rushes to the ring and is met with the spinebuster. The Rock then does the peoples elbow and covers Kidman for the 3. The Rock plays to the crowd for a while before leaving to an incredible ovation

Match Time: 1m 09s
WINNER: The Rock

JR: That was too easy King, the Rock dominated Kidman in just over a mintue!

King: Yep Kidman wont be too cocky for a while after that loss.


Roger Walker is standing by with Syxx Pac

Roger- Well Syxx what do you want to tell us?

Syxx Pac- Well I want soem gold around my waist, so I am challenging the winner of the Lightweight title at ROR, the following week on Explosion for the belt, and I will beat whoever it is.

Syxx walks off looking very angry

JR: Well Syxx just let us know of his intentions for next week.

King: Yeah JR, but Syxx will hav a tough time whether he faces Mysterio or CM Punk.

JR: Very true it wont be a walk in the park.

Match 3: Tag Team Matchup
Participants: Skull & Crush aka the DOA vs Maven & Christian

It didnt take long for Maven and Christian to become annoyed by the experience and power of the DOA. Maven and Christian purposely got themselves diqualified by htting the DOA with chairs. They then mugged the DOA until the Hardy Boyz ran down and opened up on Maven and Christian.
The arena filled with boos as the Dudleyz ran down and started to assualt the Hardyz. Then out ran the New Age Outlaws! They took down the Dudleyz but then from the crowd came Psicosis and Jerry Lynn. All 6 teams were brawling when Heyman finally came out and said that he had been away, thinking of a way to stop this big tag team feud and so at ROR, These 6 teams will go for the tag titles in a Turmoil matchup. (fair pop). None of the tag teams look dissapointed except for the Hardyz who now have a 1/6 chance of winning the titles back.

Match Time: 6m 19s

JR: Another huge matchup added to the PPV card, 6 tag temas in a turmoil matchup.

King: O yeah I cant wait for ROR now JR

JR: Well guess whats next King? Its the Fatal-4-Way!

Match 4: Fatal-4-Way Matchup in the WIWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Participants: HHH vs Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

Benoit comes out first to a huge pop. Then Angle to a massive heat wave. Then Jericho and HHH got huge pops too. All 4 men just stared each other down for quite some time until HHH made a beline for Angle. HHH pummeled Angle with right hands and then gave him his signature jawbreaker. HHH pinned him but Benoit broke it up. Benoit is now chopping away on HHH and Jericho is doing the same to Angle. Jericho and Benoit whip Angle and HHH into each other and they both go down hard and roll out to the floor. Jericho and Benoit both try to lock on their signature holds but to no avail as Benoit rolls up Jericho for 2. On the outside HHH is slammed onto the french announcers table. HHH then knocks Angle down and catapults him into the ring pole. Angle is bleeding badly early on here. HHH then whips Angle hard into the steps. Jericho plants Benoit with a facecrusher and looks for the lionsault but HHH pulls the top rope down and Jericho stumbles over to the floor. HHH slides in the ring but Benoit chops him down and latches on the sharpshooter. HHH squirms and yells in pain but eventually Angle dives in and makes the save. Angle then gives Benoit a trio of german suplexes and pins him but HHH this time breaks things up. HHH picks up Angle and goes for the Pedigree but Angle counters and gives HHH a german suplex. Jericho comes back in and dropkicks Angle down. Angle is bleeding worse and worse by the second. Benoit gives Jericho an armbreaker and goes for the Crossface but Jericho rolls him up for a near fall. HHH clotheslines them both down and pummels away at Jericho. HHH then gets up and Angle boots him in the ribs and hits a back suplex on HHH. Angle wanted to pin but Benoit started chopping away at Angle. Angle reversed but Benoit grabbed his arm and put the Crossface on a bloodied Angle almost tapped but Jericho lifted his arm back up and pulled Benoit away and into the Walls of Jericho! Benoit wrives around in pain but gets to the ropes eventually. Jericho lets go and HHH whacks Jericho smack on the head with a Harley Race like high knee. You can hear the head smack off the knee and Jericho stumbles backwards through the middle ropes. Angle gets up and from behind nails the Olympic Slam on HHH and pins him but HHH kicks out to Angles shock. Angle in frustration puts the anglelock on HHH and HHH was tapping but the ref was timely distracted by Benoit. Angle snapped and gave Benoit a couple of belly to belly suplexes and pinned him but Jericho broke things up.
The match had been going for near half an hour and everyone was showing the effects of it. Jericho suplexed Angle and then nailed a lionsault on him. Jericho covered Angle 1----2----Benoit makes the save! Jericho and Benoit trade blows and it spills to the outside with both men going over the top rope. Angle readies himself for HHH to get up. Angle goes for an Olympic Slam again but this time HHH jumps off and hits the Pedigree on Angle. HHH crawls over Angle with one arm and the ref counts 1----2----3!

Match Time: 32m 48s

JR: O my god HHH will face Sting tomorrow on Full Throttle! What a win for the game!

King: That was one hell of a match

JR: We have also heard that Hulk Hogan will face Randy Savage at ROR to get back at Savage for costing Hogan his spot in this tournament. Im Jim Ross alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler and we'll see you tomorrow

Thats all folks

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