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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

A decent cardio program will help you lose weight from your entire body, which will help to gain more definition in your abs. However mixing too much cardio into your program will inhibit your strength gains. You need to find a balance where you make a decent compromise between the 2.

Depending on how heavy your weights are, how many reps, how fast you perform them, how long you recover etc you can focus on different outcomes. Strength, power, endurance, hypertrophy. Just as a very very basic and general overview.

Strength - Heavy weights (so 85-90% 1RM), low reps (4-6), controlled medium/slow speed
Power - Heavy weights(75-85% 1RM), low reps (3-5), fast speed
Endurance - Light weights (40-60% 1RM), high reps (12+), shorter recovery time (about 90 secs)
Hypertrophy - Moderately heavy weights(65-80% 1RM), moderate-high reps (6-10), slow/medium speed

You seem to be mixing around your reps + weight too much. Have in mind a program for yourself and what you want to accomplish during each exercise, for example that you'll complete 4 sets of 6 reps doing a 100kg squat. Make sure you're completing each set properly, and when you can get 4x6 done bump up the weight next session. This enables you to set goals for yourself which is a good motivator, and a good way of tracking progress. Also don't get too hung up about lack of size gains, a lot of built blokes than throw around a large amount of weight in the gym are hopelessly disfunctional. For instance if you're playing Rugby and all you do is bench press at the gym, you'll see some big gains but its useless if you can't have a functional use for those muscles (unless you're becoming a bodybuilder where you need to look big and thats it)
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