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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice name you got there -- Sometimes the simplest of names are the most effective such as Wolfie's "Be the Booker"... can't be any more simpler or broad then that but it works. And to be honest, never really digged the whole Platnium thing but that's just me.

You're thread is now on it's home stretch to Wrestlemania where you have to really step it up, the weeks leading into it making new feuds and making others more personal- It's not the easiest few weeks to write, I can tell you that from experience but it's a lot of fun.

Lots of good matches already confirmed and will be made, such as Orton and Batista with the whole who really was the Evolution star can be used will be great along with RVD and Undertaker which imo should be held in some sort of gimmick match where RVD can showcase his high flying and old ECW\Hardcore maneuvers for a fun match along with MITB which is always good. I'm not to fond though of it being 8 people, too much of a clusterfuck imo and it's difficult to write let alone picture in your head, six is the most effective but that's me. Booker T and Benoit also have lots of history seeing as you can use the fact that they also did a best of series' in the old WCW (I can't remember who won that though) and that could be used in promos.

JBL should slide away from the whole Undertaker and RVD scenario and get into his own feud heading into mania and his own match, imo him facing Albright or Henry should be a good idea. And the whole Kid Kash thing can be used well to debut a cruiserweight of your'e chosing- Kash can use the whole "I am the best, I beat ever cruiser' there is around Smackdown! and anyone in the world that wants to take me on can" (makes an open challenge) and you bring someone in. debuting them. (AJ Styles imo would be epic)

Other then that, best of luck and I'll pop in again once shows are up.

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